New Civilization News: The Grand Transformation    
 The Grand Transformation
picture29 Jul 2004 @ 18:25, by centrifuge

Dualistic perspectives of the non-dualistic whole
Have been plaguing my mind with doubt
The truth I’ve sought has been delivered
Yet my mind can’t work it out

Why do I live in conflicting views
Allowing my alter ego to have so much say?
How can this confusion be harnessed and dismantled
Where is the trail of breadcrumbs through this maze?

To be in disagreement with one’s self
Can be healthy to a point
But when it becomes feuding…
It must be time for change.
To be in harmony with one’s self
Seems to be the point
This is the state from which you can see
The way out of the cage

Now is the time of grand transformation
Both for the individual and the whole
Now is the eternal moment of surrendering
To the universe as it unfolds

Do I have the wisdom
To find my place in the story?
Do I have the courage
To join this divine glory?

The future is a reflection of this moment
Where the illusion of past is in-laced

The steady beating of God’s heart

Is bringing the cosmos to age.

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