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 The Reluctant Hero
picture 1 Sep 2004 @ 20:18, by centrifuge

As previously described in "The Ethno Electro Sound Centrifuge" I'm putting together a demo CD for a local radio station.

Something very interesting has happened in the process. Each time I think I have something good to give them, a contrary idea pops into my head, and I'm compelled to re-do the whole thing. It's frustrating and it's wasting time.

The fundamental aspect of the conflict seems to be a battle between Ego and Higher Self. My original intention was to convey inspiration to the community. Ego steps in and I want to be liked by as many people as possible, thinking that would be success. So the CD is done and re-done.

I've recently been inspired a bit by Matthew Fox's "Techno Cosmic Mass" [link]and feel like the concept is somewhat close to my original idea. To be successful in accordance with my original intent, others would be inspired the way I have.

Ultimately, the radio show would become sort of a ritual, both for me, as well as those who would listen to it. The format of Fox's Mass includes a "via negativa, via positiva, and via transformativa" (or something like that). Sounds much like my own idea.

The content would include music, sampled spoken word, me reading from sacred texts, and a whole slew of other material. The point would be to tap into the individual's current condition, release the mental block holding their pressure inside, and take them to a higher consciousness. To do this without addressing the impending catastrophic collapse of our social structure would be moot. Therefor, It would be about unlearning, challenging, and inspiring the community at the level of the individual.

Here I stand on the brink of this commitment, not completely sure of myself, but feeling called to do it at the same time.

I would be grateful for your feedback, because much of my inspiration also comes from this community (NCN).


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