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picture21 Mar 2006 @ 00:17, by Paul Quintanilla

And what about the true believers?

I was in the mood to listen to the Chorus of the Right a few night’s ago (there's really not much choice if you want to listen to talk radio here in Providence in the evening: it's all Hannity and Savage and the like.) So I settled down with Laura Ingraham.

What a shrieking voice she has. At least to me it sounds shrieking, perhaps because I find her words and manner shrill and offensive. And the whole thing she offers over the air is very personal. You see, that’s because you and me, the critics of the war, millions of us, American citizens, last I heard, we all, all of us, belong to the certifiable “Looney Left.” And we all think exactly alike and there no real differences between any of us. And, being the “Socialist looney left,” we are all undermining the troops and our war in Iraq because we can’t stop criticizing. We can’t stop bashing. We can’t keep our dumb flapping yaps shut. Because we all only “hate” the president. And it will be our fault if he doesn’t ultimately succeed.

Her sallies, assaults, and constant verbal lunges must be music to the ears of the faithful out there seeking balm in the vast electronic nighttime air: for it’s been a rough ride for many of them. Their Commander in Chief keeps coming up with snake eyes and the news is consistently bad. Day after day, week after week, for the past two or three years. And it has finally reached the point, indeed, where only an uncritical and powerful exertion of blind faith must keep up the trust and morale of the faithful.

What unseen powers do they pray to in the night? What all powerful force will lead them, and the rest of us, toward the everlasting Light? For they must truly believe it is there.

But we all know who’s at fault for Bush’s failures in Iraq

Yes! Ours! “The Looney Left!”

Because if the United States loses this war that failure will have been caused by those of us who didn’t back the troops. Who undermined their morale. Who didn’t offer their heartfelt support at this critical time when victory is within our grasp, if only we stay the course, pray for the president’s good health, and trust in our leaders. If only we would all go that extra mile.

And then, according to Ingraham, there are the heartless “I told you so’s,” gloating over the growing civil war in Iraq. With a great deal of passion she went after them too the other night. Those who for the past several weeks have been smugly crooning “I told you so.” Criticizing, criticizing, blindly bashing our brave president.

Why heck, I thought we had been saying “I told you so” for at least three years now. Maybe even more. But we know who will be to blame if there is a full civil war there in Iraq, don’t we? Yes. “The Socialist Looney Left!” You and me brothers and sisters. All the usual suspects!

Because every time we criticize, or even attempt to open our mouths to ask an unwelcome question, hoping for some sanity and respect, we only aid and comfort the enemy. We only encourage the Islamic terrorists to fight fiercely on. We strengthen them, and boost their resolve and morale. For they know that eventually, if they merely remain patient, our military colossus will give up. Surrender. And finally withdraw.

Wow. I was unaware we had that much influence. That by criticizing our government’s foolishness we make it possible for the “terrorists” to win battles, even wars. And that the “Looney Left” here in the United States can undermine the morale of the troops in the field to such a great extent that they can no longer properly wield their weapons to defeat the enemy. Even if they have the most sophisticated hi tech arms and army in the world.

Does this mean that each time you or I say Bush is a liar a tank get stuck in the sands? That if we criticize anyone in the administration a fighter plane can’t take off? That our doubts and criticisms and questions and concerns will prevent the immense juggernaut of our military from succeeding?

So now you know it. We have heard it. The fault will not have been the president’s. Nor the outcome the result of the administration’s foolish policies, or lies and wishful thinking, or deceit. It will be ours. The Looney Left’s.

So even now Bush wins again. Even in this, his failed policies, his gross errors and misjudgments, and, yes, his numerous unending lies, all of it had nothing to do with the tragic unfolding of this horrific insane useless war. And when the troops finally do come home they may return in defeat because we, the Looney Left, didn’t keep our mouths shut. Because we were smug “I told you so’s,” predicting long ago what would happen. If only we had boosted, waved the flag more vigorously, and had completely ignored the horrible manner this tragedy has played out then perhaps, perhaps....

But does that make any sense to you? In the world of Laura Ingraham it does. The fault will belong to the critics of the president’s incompetence, disastrous policies, and arrogance of power. Not theirs, but ours.

Yes, the Looney Left.

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22 Mar 2006 @ 21:08 by jazzolog : Deja
We went through that certainly with Viet Nam. This time it may be different though. I know the rednecks and radical right will do it, but the soldiers and folks on the street may have learned to know better. Hopefully.  

23 Mar 2006 @ 07:29 by i2i : Name calling and the politic of hatred

{link:|We and They: The Polarization of America}  

23 Mar 2006 @ 20:49 by Hanae @ : Who does the crime profit?
Interesting outlook from Orcinus, {link:|here}:

"People listen to their radios a lot in rural America. Maybe it has something to do with the silence of the vast landscapes where many of them live; radios break that silence, and provide the succor of human voices.

If you drive through these landscapes, getting radio reception can sometimes be iffy at best, especially in the rural West. Often the best you can find on the dial are only one or two stations.

And the chances are that what you'll hear, at nearly any hour, in nearly any locale, is Rush Limbaugh. Or Michael Savage. Or maybe some Sean Hannity. Or maybe some more Limbaugh. Or, if you're really desperate, you can catch one of the many local mini-Limbaughs who populate what remains of the rural dial. In between, of course, there will be a country music station or two.

That's what people in rural areas have been listening to for the past 10 years and more. And nothing has been countering it.
What the dominance of right-wing propaganda in talk radio has meant has been a relentless campaign of hatred and demonization directed at liberals, one specifically geared toward a rural audience. And it has worked, largely because Democrats have blithely done little or nothing to counter it.

The radio talkers, Limbaugh and Savage especially, feed their audiences a steady diet of venom and bile. Liberals look down on people in farm country, they are told, constantly. They don't share your values. They have nothing but contempt for you. As far as they're concerned, you all can just go extinct.

It has to be understood that rural America is hurting, and has been for a couple of decades now. Visit any rural community now and it's palpable: The schools are run down, the roads are falling apart, the former downtowns have been gutted by the destruction of the local economies and their displacement by the new Wal-Mart economy.

People living in rural areas increasingly feel that they have become mere colonies of urban society, treated dismissively and ignored at best, the victims of an evil plot by wealthy liberal elites at worst.

Liberals, largely due to their increasing urban-centric approach to politics, have mostly ignored the problem. And conservatives have been busy exploiting it.

It's important to understand that they have been doing so not by offering any actual solutions. Indeed, Republican "solutions" like the 1995 "Freedom to Farm Act" have actually turned out to be real disasters for the nation's family farmers; the only people who have benefited from it have been in the boardrooms of corporate agribusiness, which of course bellied up first to the big federal trough offered by the law. Even conservatives admit it has been a disaster.

No, conservatives have instead employed a strategy of scapegoating. It isn't bad policy or the conservative captivity to agribusiness interests that has made life miserable in rural America---it's liberals. Their lack of morals (especially embodied by Bill Clinton), their contempt for real, hard-working Americans, their selfish arrogance---those are the reasons things are so bad.

These audiences are feeding on a steady diet of hate. And as with all such feedings, they never are sated, but only have their appetites whetted for more. So each day, people come back to get a fresh fill-up of hate.

This line of scapegoating succeeds because it offers clear, simple, black-and-white answers for many rural Americans that intuitively resonates. It also provides them with an outlet for the feelings of resentment many harbor. If the prevalence of red counties in rural America wasn't evidence enough, the outpouring of contempt for the "blue states" after the 2004 election was just the most recent manifestation of how well right-wing propaganda has succeeded."  

24 Mar 2006 @ 20:00 by Quinty @ : We do appear
to have hit some kind of bottom. But whenever I (we) have said that before we have hit a new bottom. I suppose you guys are familiar with Thomas Frank's book: What's the Matter with Kansas? It may have been a best seller a year or two ago. It deals on how Kansans won't vote for their own best social and economic interests but vote instead along the lines of so-called "cultural values." These values being, of course, the kind we "elitist liberals" find maddening for being embecilic.

What can we do? I don't know. If ever there had been a time to vote a president out of office it was 2004. (Was he actually voted out?) Now the time is coming to vote out the party in power in the Congress. After all, they're strangling the Constitution and allowing corporate lobbyists to run rampant. (In the latter regard I do think the Repubs are worse than the Demos.) Since the voters didn't see the imperative in 2004 can we believe they will cast the scoundrels out in 2006? At least the polls are encouraginig. But, typically, the Democrats are playing it cautious and careful. They all ran like chickens or rabbits when Senator Feingold proposed a Senate censure of the president. Which strikes me, at least, as a rather mild gesture, considering the crimes the president has committed.  

24 Mar 2006 @ 20:33 by Quinty @ : A Laura Ingraham update

She's now touting "positive" news from Iraq. I suppose that's the administration's line at the moment. (What will it be in the future? Who can remember all its manifestations in the past?) Now this couldn't be a mere attempt to obfuscte all the bad news with a rose colored cloud could it? An attempt to deflect attention from all that's bad?

Boost! Don't nock!

Sure GIs hand out chewing gum to kids on the streets and schools are built. No one doubts that. And there are the nice smiling faces of Iraqis who like the Americans too. And the GIs (does anyone use that term anymore?) believe in their mission, most of them. (According to a poll about 85% of them believe Saddam Hussein was somehow involved with 9/11.) And in spite of the terror and violence and looming sectarian strife people still get married, children are born, and some Iraqis can still go about their daily business without getting blown up.

So what?

The real news remains the mounting civil strife. That Bush's dreamland remains teetering and no one knows how it will go. That Americans are being killed and maimed in increasing numbers. That there appears to be no "exit strategy" and that the US may become caught in a civil war.

But that's not positive, is it? Just remember all the schools that are being built. And if we concentrate on that theme then perhaps we should also remember Paul Bremmer's stewardship of the reconstruction: the boondoggle, the no bid contracts, the waste and corruption. But that's not positive either, so let's forget that.

What about showing the dead troops returning from Iraq? How about putting that on the TV screens? The flag covered caskets.

Oh, but that really wouldn't be positive at all. So let's skip it.

Pan in on that little girl roller skating. Ah, there's the shot. And now a close up on the smiling Marine who's handing her a bit of chocolate. Ah, now that's what the folks back home want to see.

Laura, you can't recognize your own intellectual dishonesty? If you have genuine reasons for fully backing this war then please offer them rather than attempting to bully, and bluster, and outshout the poor journalists in the field attempting to tell a little bit of the truth. It's not much they're doing. I admit that. They could be doing much more, such as digging up more unpleasant truths. But at least they're not attempting to replace reality with rose colored clouds.  

30 Mar 2006 @ 21:33 by vaxen : The real news...
is that there is NO NEWS! The soutions do exist to end this mad glide into infamy but those who have forgotten, educated into forgetting, that freedom and liberty and justice, beyond the ''central government' founded this nation. A nation of sovereign individuals. Know what your sovereignty is about? Certainly NOT the tyranny of 'Democracy' which always ends in the kind of chaos you see it generating worldwide.

Washington D.C. and its' territories does not represent us (We The People)! Never did and never will. The 'Constitution (By laws of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION)' was meant for THEM not us!

We are the REPUBLIC! The American REPUBLIC is, now, a largely empty house but I tell you this that we are going to fill it. There is a silent movement of awakened individual sovereigns who know the fraud that has been, and continues to be, perpetrated upon the American people. Take a good read of the 14th Amendment (makes FEDCORP slaves out of everyone), never ratified, and study the inception of the Federal Reserve Fraud (debt based economy,fractional reserve banking,creation of 'money' out of nothing!) There is NO constitutional money in USA today. The government was bankrupted in 1933! There IS NO MONEY just insurance script (security against the national debt) showing you as debtor to the creditors of the biggest fraud in history!)...

Soon you'll begin to see just how you've been duped into believing that anything that comes out of Washingtons' mouth pieces, any of them, all of them, is other than the crassest of lies meant to deceive, divide and conquer, then destroy.

Forget about them and concentrate on reclaiming what you lost. There is a way and the way was sown into their deceits that they might escape blame but...we can use the legal remedy as well for truth is the basis of commerce and commerce, not the Constitution (which one?), is the law of the land under the UCC.

War is very 'profitable' and is the oldest racket in the world. The second oldest is prostitution. The two work hand in hand. Venus and Mars. What a pair! ;)

"Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof."---Article 1, Corporate Bylaws for the UNITED STATES CORPORATION Doing Business As a gang of crooks. Congress is the new King George.  

30 Mar 2006 @ 22:22 by vaxen : And furthermore:
How the 14th Amendment
Enslaved Us All
Without a Shot Fired

by L. C. Lyon
source U.S.A. The Republic

Most Americans would agree that we, as a people, are treated by our public servants -- the judges, politicians, law enforcement and bureaucrats who are paid their salaries by our taxes -- as if we were in complete bondage to them. When we joke about being slaves to the Government, we don't realize that we are exactly correct, joke or not. In fact, all those 99% of Americans who call themselves "U.S. citizens" are actually subjects of the corporate United States Government -- not the sovereign states of the Union. The moment you uttered your first cry on American soil, you became the chattel property of the corporation known as the United States of America which, because of the federal debt, handed title (Birth Certificate) to your body and soul to the Federal Reserve Bank, to be held in the archives of the Department of Health and Human Services.  

31 Mar 2006 @ 10:37 by jazzolog : We Oughta Get A Lot Loonier
Vax' comment just above reminds me how I've had occasion to discuss with friends and colleagues these past couple days the demonstrations across France on Tuesday. Since my 14-year-old daughter is there and saw them, she remarked about her interest in the vast spectrum of Leftist opinion on display and in person in the gatherings in hundreds of towns. I tell people that and also what the French think of the American "liberal," squishy and cowering. They immediately look very afraid.  

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