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picture13 Nov 2005 @ 19:31, by Brenda McCann

2:2 SHARE A SECRET 4 The Love of God by Brenda McCann, aka Freo`7 Idaho USA Earth & Beyond all 'normal' limitations... at

I have discovered a new quicki meditation SECRET that sustains and increases the size and magnatude of each vortex of ALL MY OWN Holographic Creations!!
See a short video About Holographic Creation here!!

*STEP ONE: Can you count to seven? Simple huh? Only here's the energy dynamic trick. Take the palms of your hands and put them together. You are simply going to rub them together to the 7 count and watch them as you do so. You will have to practice at a slower speed at first so you get the feel of 7 quick rubs together of you own hands - STOP - then 7 more - STOP and when you get this 7 count rub down and functional YOU WILL NOTICE as you speed up the 7 count rubbing - stop - repeat, etc., that you have just linked and activated all 7 of your energy chakras doing this ONE SIMPLE MOVEMENT.

Simultaneously, you will notice that no matter *how you were feeling* before you did this exercise your own fire is now activated, and you are approaching the HIGH JOY feeling of life that is OURS naturally and completely without ANY limitations to ITS energy and ITS feeling of it within YOU.

*STEP TWO: Now that you 2 can do this activation energy dynamic at break neck speed , IE., AS FAST AS YOU CAN... think of ONE of your own chosen holographic creations. You know, the ones that you choose to sustain into 3D MANIFESTATION right there in your own reality?

Yes those creations... Now think of only ONE at a time. I would choose your most joyous and favorite one to do first if you were me and HEY!! We are ONE aren't we? LOL... OK...

*STEP THREE: Now that you have ONE creation in mind, GIVE IT A TAG or a symbol of some kind. In my case I allow my spirit to give me one liners that represent a whole holographic creation of mine. The tag can be an image of, or words 4, but it has to be COMPLETE so that your tag incompasses WHAT your creation FEELS LIKE as you actually have it.


*NO MORE STEPS. Just REV IT UP with your quicki 7 count hands rub + then continue the 7 count rub - stop - 7 count rub FAST AS YOU CAN with your image tag or one liner tag that represents YOUR WHOLE FEELING of HAVING (one at a time on this) YOUR OWN preferred holographic creation as it is here in our 3D (and or above.) reality.

*THAT's IT FOLKS ~ Now is the time to *ROCK & RUB* your hands together 7X7X7X7 as long as you need or want to, as many times a day as you want to, anywhere you find yourself with the time and space and desire to DO SO. And may your spirit be your guide!!

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13 Nov 2005 @ 19:41 by jobrown : Ohhh.Brenda,
you ROCK!!!heheheh....THANKS, Freedom SIs! tis' something really wonderful for us; Spirit in our Human Experience, to put to test an' see what comes. Great. and... THANKS again!  

13 Nov 2005 @ 20:21 by hgoodgame : It doesn't take much time,
the tools are always handy, and it certainly seems worth the experiment. Thanks, Brenda, maybe we can even create some sparks!  

15 Feb 2006 @ 22:00 by Ben @ : Brenda McCann
Regards! About your BEST KEPT SECRET, do you anyone who could translate your secret into Spanish language? Thank you very much in advance.  

15 Feb 2006 @ 22:03 by Ben @ : Brenda McCann
Regards !! About your BEST KEPT SECRET, do you know anyone who could translate it to Spanish language ? Thank you very much.  

16 Feb 2006 @ 23:15 by freo7 : Hail BEN, about Spanish...
You want my 7 count hand rub as posted above here translated ito Spanish?
If so, yea...I'l find somebody who can ASAP. you mean our whole website at ? If so, hey yea...that's a good idea!! or... If you mean The whole Book on Holographic Creation?? I didn't write it, Christopher Westra did. LOL I just developed a technique as written above that is now working 4 many since I have shared it!!  

16 Feb 2006 @ 23:25 by freo7 : UPDATE: 7 count hand rub technique!
I use it every day many times a day and once last week I discovered another MAJOR BENEFIT!! I was kind of in a blank moment when I noticed that I 'always lead' with my right hand. So in that moment I led with the left hand and got an amazing revelation! When you lead with the left it connects you to your Right Brain Hemisphere - Lead with the Right hand = just the opposit. It connects you to the Left Brain Hemisphere. Not sure what good it is to know this but others I know who are using this simple technique for revving up our chakra energy centers now and again all day long have confirmed that this is consistant with them also since they too have done this alternation. *The whole point to begin with was energy balancing & intensifying but now it is expanded to actually *activating the physical nervous system's electrical synaptic flow* too!! (( How do you like that word: synaptic? I just made it up. Hey, don't laugh!! Meaning = use!! ))  

10 Apr 2007 @ 08:50 by Abraxus @ : Holographic Creation
Holographic Creation  

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