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picture14 Oct 2007 @ 14:27, by Gerald Vest

Social capital refers to that willingness to step in. Communities, paralyzed by fear, are themselves a victim of violence. Do nothing and your worst fears will be realized. Residents have to become co-producers of safety. (No More Throw-Away People, Edgar S. Cahn - Creator of Time Dollars and Time Banking.)

Integrative Health Methods can provide a viable option for most persons currently referred to mental health centers and hospitals -, See our Mission Statement for the 15-Minute StressOut Program. [link]

For example our StressOut Program and Forum, reaches out to our colleagues as we make friends around the world. During this past month 39 different countries connected with our StressOut & Home Page and we average over 5,000 clicks a month by all populations around the world. We have many creative social workers engaged in advancing the use of technology through our forums, logs or blogs. I would especially recommend the New Civilization Network as another option for advancing our work. The 13,000 members share their common interests, goals and experiences with us as a network of Global Citizens who recognize that "Improvement for One is Improvement for All!" (Oscar Ichazo-Teamwork, Cooperation and Interaction Training)[link]

Case in Point-- I am interacting about the Cautions and Questions related to labeling and the DSM. Comments by participants usually include other resources to help us meet our goals. For now, I am throwing up a Red Flag!!!

Let's join together to move our profession in a healthy direction with and for those we serve as partners. This is not new, there are volumns written about the value of becoming one with your partner rather than treating them as a patient-- promoting helplessness, hopelessness and dependency. There are many alternatives to labeling and giving humans a psychiatric (#)number and a phony identity based on voting by committee without scientific evidence--reliability and validity tests.

Also, it is a human violation for mental health systems and workers to give the patient records--personal and confidential material and code numbers to others without security and protection measures. These records go beyond anyone's control and labels are rarely if ever changed, should the patient recover from their 'disorder.' When people are in pain or in need of our services, they should not have to accept our program's or system's disregard for their privacy. As one health practitioner stated: "To objectify people and treat them with such a lack of feeling is, in my opinion, a serious disorder of its own."

About Our Forums - Helps us become informed, develops our writing and reporting skills and advances our knowledge-

I have been interacting on the Newstudent forum and recently responded to a question that BT (anonymous) had about labeling his clients as required by his mental health program:

BT, I suspect that I am in the minority and have taken some abuse for stating my opinion in this forum; however, I feel that it is important for us as social workers to speak out and abandon the use of the DSM and let the Psychiatrists and Psychologists live with their unethical and harmful effects of labeling mental health clients/patients.

There are numerous articles and reports related to this subject and I have included many of them as links in my logs on the New Civilization Org. Perhaps this brief excerpt from an article will clarify some of the dangers, but it is well worth your time to visit this program:


All doctors, including psychiatrists, take the Hippocratic Oath, which states "Do no harm." I believe that the DSM-IV diagnosis protocol, itself, violates that oath.

When people are labeled in this way, it does them harm. It is a judgment on their person, their character, and their value. It is a subjective opinion that places them under the control of so-called experts and will haunt their personal record for life.

In the wake of such a judgment, clients often conclude that there is something fundamentally wrong with them. Such a message can injure self-esteem, increase a sense of despair, depress the immune system, and endanger physical health.

We are not numbers. We are not labels. Our problems cannot be reduced to lists and multiple choice. To objectify people and treat them with such a lack of feeling is, in my opinion, a serious disorder of its own.

People already know they have problems - that's why they come for help. They don't need labels, they need understanding. Since emotional issues are a whole-person phenomenon, their causes and healing cannot be reduced to single categories. In fact, labels, by falsely simplifying, obstruct the healing process.

Professionals argue that they need the criteria and a common diagnostic language in order to discuss and act on the many "cases" they have to process. This is itself an indictment of the assembly line mentality of modern health care. If specialists took the time, and treated those in their care as people - not just cases and numbers - greater healing would take place at a lesser cost, without the need for numbers and labels.



How can we trust the DSM when it is controlled by the drug corporations? It is clear that the DSM Board and the classification system is a hoax and our profession continues to support this lack of integrity. Do read this article from the "Chicago Tribune." [link]

BT, you are right to question this sick care labeling system that endangers your/our clients and places them at great risk for life. Your question shows that you hold respect for others and do not wish to harm them. We need more social, health and medical organizations with allied health professionals to come forward and prevent further abuse, neglect and disrespect maintained by these corporations and psychiatry. And, I hope students, teachers and others who blindly follow and teach these labeling practices will put themselves in the 'shoes' of their clients and experience some empathy, respect and compassion. Do No Harm!!!

Finally, this latest investigation by Congress will hopefully improve the reporting, oversight and ownership of the research that is published by scientists. And, with this report I will go on to other important health opportunities, especially those related to children and their families.

Dear gerald,

Congress has given final approval to a bill that will significantly improve the drug review process at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and hold the FDA more accountable, protecting us from unsafe drugs. Thanks in part to your calls and letters, the law includes transparency language that will shine a light on the FDA drug approval process. By opening up the drug review process and documents to public scrutiny, the manipulation of research results becomes much more apparent and thus easier to counteract.

This legislative victory is crucial to public health and safety. Last year, when UCS surveyed nearly 1,000 FDA scientists, one in five reported that they had been asked by their supervisors to provide the public, the news media, and government officials "incomplete, inaccurate, or misleading information." When the unbiased research of qualified scientists was suppressed and distorted, flawed data led the FDA to approve drugs such as Vioxx, Avandia, and Ketek, which later proved to be harmful.

This bill requires that the views of drug reviewers are heard and not suppressed or ignored. In addition, the bill also protects scientists' right to publish their research, another way to safeguard the scientific integrity of FDA scientists and their work. Unfortunately the bill doesn't go far enough to restrict conflicts of interest on FDA advisory panels. Nonetheless, the new law will improve the FDA's drug review process and set the stage for similar reforms at other federal agencies.

Transparency is the cornerstone of scientific integrity—it's vital to the work of the FDA and all federal agencies to ensure that the work of scientists is not manipulated.

We will closely monitor the FDA’s performance, tracking whether the public gets full access to the information they need. And we will again rely on your support as we continue to push for similar reforms at other federal agencies where science has been politicized and scientists have been intimidated.

UCS surveys have revealed similar problems at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NASA, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But as long as scientists and citizens continue to play an active role in the fight to ensure scientific integrity and transparency, I am confident we will prevail.

Thank you for your continued dedication to scientific integrity and all you do to help UCS work for a healthy environment and a safer world.


Michael Halpern
National Field Organizer
Scientific Integrity Program

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15 Oct 2007 @ 09:21 by jazzolog : When Harm Becomes Relative
In a society of spin, pretty soon nobody believes anything. We do no harm, but sometimes we have to hurt you for your own good...or somebody else's good. (Your 10 minutes is up.) The ultimate tough love is the end justifies the means. The bottom line is the pill got your blood pressure down, so don't complain about what it does to your liver. People don't want to "hear it." Just provide a new reality show. And do we wonder why we're stressed? Carry on, dear Gerald.  

15 Oct 2007 @ 12:56 by jerryvest : Thank you, my friend....
yes, let's do hurt others for their own good. Seems our mental health industry has continued to operate as though they had a plan, a pill, a label and a code that would help their patients suffering from mental anguish. Unfortunately, they won't take the time to followup or to see that what they do only creates more pain and suffering within other parts of the human body, family and spirit. Some of us believe that if "mental health" workers would use their time to get to know their 'patients'-- become supportive, empowering, resourceful and holistic they just might help relieve much of the pain and suffering. As it is, the quick fix pill is their solution.

Thanks Jazzo, you are the best.


31 May 2010 @ 22:10 by jerryvest : I have updated some links and also
have added lots of pictures and resources on our forum. {link:}


29 Jan 2015 @ 08:38 by Nikko @ : jbyKaFzMpMWFwIFhoQB
Hi Audrey, I have been diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder. I have alwyas tended towards binge eating, but after the terrible summer we had and the lack of sunshine, I got felt I had the worst seasonal affective disorder I have ever had. I slipped up on a diet I was on and did what I alwyas did, started to binge eat. Normally I would stop myself after a while (a cycle I was in) but because of the SAD I didn't have the emotional strength to. I found myself in a dark place, eating wise, I was frightening myself, I felt out of control so I went to my doctor to talk to him about it. He put a name on it, Binge Eating Disorder. I immediately felt relief, it wasn't me, it was a disorder! I wasn't weak, I was sick! I felt like it gave me licence to binge and binge some more. It was only when I was seeing a therapist (who was suggesting I go back to WW) that I realised myself that the only one who could stop me eating in this way was ME! Looking back on my life was helpful, but not to help me stop the destructive cycle of binge eating. That's when I found BC. I sometimes find my gremlin telilng me that I have a disorder, I have to binge, it is beyond my control, I have not choice, it is who I am. But when I pause and tune in, I have to disagree. I'm quite new on my BC journey. But I find that committing to never dieting again and the freedom to allow myself eat what I want when I want without judgement has made me feel completely differently about BED. I don't want a label to allow myself permission to eat in a way that is not good for my body or my soul. I just want the freedom to learn, with kindness, how my body is crying out to be fed and cared for. I am learning to be kind to myself. Would I be here today on this forum if I wasn't for the diagnosis? I think I would have been, but I think I would have been a dress size or two smaller. Thanks for the thought provoking blog  

29 Jan 2015 @ 17:55 by Luis @ : nZbPVZirmCsUcOcZTos
I am glad that natural meodhts to have an impact and continue to do so. That is why when I came across this new Scientific Breakthrough in Health, Wellness and Fitness I had to say yes I would share it with others. What can be more effective for our health than our own molecules replenished for our bodies to utilize and help our bodies to function at absolute 100% all over again. When the damage has been done our bodies need assistance. And the Redox Molecule can not regenerate once we have had enough damage and used them up. So replenishing them is very profound and remarkable to say the least. Science has only taken 16 years to get the process of stabilization correct. And between Stem Cell research and Redox Signaling Research, these two seem to be the most fundamental and important to our balance and survival. As science has discovered without Redox Signaling molecules to tell our Mitochondria to function we would die. Stem cells are a second importance. But, Redox Signaling is foundational and Fundamental. So, as scientists continue to research ASEA has figured out the Process to stabilize and store these powerful molecules so our body can use them and take our damaged bodies back to 100% optimum functionality once again.  

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