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picture 26 Jul 2005 @ 21:39, by Silvia M.S

I wonder why children cry at night. My mother told me that I cried almost every night when I was a baby, and my niece did the same in her first years. Babies still don't have to worry about their future, no job to do, no responsabilities... but they cry. Do they have any fear? Do they feel lost?

This simple poem was inspired one night by these thoughts.

Tell me, baby

Tell me, baby...

What's hidden in your glance,
what your eyes see
when the mist entraps you,
when the cold night
beclouds the day,
& comes close to your heart,
baby, and talks to you?

Tell me what you feel
under the soft
whisper of dawn.
The morning arouses,
the lights turn off,
and the sadness recedes
returning calm to you.

Why do you cry, baby?
if there's no loneliness
to embitter your hope,
if you're only embraced
by sweetness and love.
Tell me what you feel now,
now that the night has gone...


Dime, niña...

Qué esconde tu mirada,
dime qué ven tus ojos
cuando la niebla te atrapa,
cuando la noche fría
oscurece la mañana,
se acerca a tu corazón
niña, y te habla.

Dime qué sientes
bajo el suave susurrar
de la madrugada.
El día despierta,
las luces se apagan,
la tristeza se aleja
y te devuelve la calma.

¿Por qué lloras, niña?
si no hay soledad
que amargue tu esperanza,
si sólo la ternura
y el amor te abrazan.
Dime qué sientes ahora,
ahora que la noche se marcha...


Silvia Martinez

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26 Jul 2005 @ 23:30 by jstarrs : We come into...
..the world alone and we leave it, alone.
Maybe baby knows this.
Maybe that's why we comfort baby with a lullabye...
That's true! Why do we buy so many things during our life (car, house, beautiful clothes...? At the end we have to leave everything here, and only take with us our experience in this world and our memories.
Or, "Baby, can you spare a dime?"
Good one! :-)  

27 Jul 2005 @ 13:00 by gea : Not to dampen your philosophical view...
...nor your poetic one, but babies have gases...!
Jajajaaa... and as a famous Spanish sentence says "quien con niños se acuesta, meado se levanta" :-) How is this translated into English?  

27 Jul 2005 @ 13:16 by swan : Maybe it is
poetic philosophical gas, girlfriend. Or a hunger for philosophic poetry. Beautiful poem, Silvia
:-) Thanks, Swan.  

27 Jul 2005 @ 15:07 by scotty : Why ?...
"Why do we buy so many things during our life" .. maybe because we have an empty space that we're trying to fill ... or trying to make ourselves feel 'valuable' !

"At the end we have to leave everything here, " .. thank goodness ! Imagine if we had to trail all our worthless junk with us from existance to existance LOL !

"and only take with us our experience in this world " ... ahah !! therein lies our real richess !! ;-)
Chris, thank you for your wise answers ;-)  

27 Jul 2005 @ 19:50 by gea : Traducción/Translation
"Who sleeps with children, gets up wet"? :-)
Yeah! That's it! :-)  

31 Jul 2005 @ 17:43 by Brenda McCann @ : Tell me, baby... (Dime, niña...)

P.S. You can get your book "Excuse Me YOUR Life is Waiting" here NOW: just copy and paste
this url into a new browser window and click GO!! IT also has a companion
ONLINE COURSE with it which I am also doing NOW so scroll down to OPTION#3, K?

LOVE IS US & we 'R' us,

Brenda in Idaho USA Earth & Beyond

P.S. I have 2 spanish horses, one I am bottle raising because his mommy died giving birth to him - Diamond`EL Dorado, and another full brother being raised by his bio-horse mom thank GOD!! Sol Dorado Poco
Thank you for your nice words, Brenda. And for the link :-)
You're lucky for having horses, they are so beautiful!  

31 Jul 2005 @ 18:46 by soultruth : we are all one!!
Has anyone considered that it could be the psychic vibration of those around the baby and the world? The world consciousness doesn't feel all that good....we are all one!!
Yes, that's a good point. Babies just feel and are very sensitive, so as you said, they could be picking up the vibrations around.  

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