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picture 4 Jan 2006 @ 17:09, by Silvia M.S

A little and simple poem to start the new year. Bring a smile to your face, and it will be embraced by your soul :-)

Seeding a smile

A smile is like a plant
that is seeded in the heart,
love and joy grow it up
and it blossoms in the face.

For the happiness to grow,
seed a smile every day,
share your love with those around
and more smiles you will collect.

Let's all bring a smile
to light up our mother Earth.
Let's set up an inner garden,
smiling flowers everywhere!

Silvia Martínez, January 2006

(In the pic, my niece Lucía and my nephew Daniel starting the year with a smile)

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4 Jan 2006 @ 17:54 by judih : simply charming
a garden of smiles
works for me!

adorable kids - nice of them to smile for us

Thanks Judih. The kids enjoy so much these days!
A smile doesn't solve any problem, but at least it helps us to feel better. When I was younger I realized that if I smiled at people then they smiled back at me. Since then probably I'm one of the smiliest people in the world :-D  

4 Jan 2006 @ 18:33 by jstarrs : Too much!
It's infectious..despite my over cooked meal tonight, I'm smiling.
Good one, thanks: you're skillful at adding white stones to the pile.

Hahaha, now I'm smiling too :-D  

5 Jan 2006 @ 16:54 by EJ @ : Smile
Lovely poem, thank you.

Yes I love smiling. I have a big smilie within that always like to come out. Even when I am not smiling and think of my inner smilie, my face looks as if I'm smiling, or so I'm told.


Thank you for the link, Enocia, I've enjoyed your writing :-).
My labmates and friends think that I never have problems because I always have a smile in my face :-)  

9 Jan 2006 @ 16:53 by rayon : A smile to sow
to let other little smiles grow
is likened to an invisible arc
reaching from a sanctuary of wealth

A really beautiful thought Silvia, with peace and happiness there, Bless you.

May the smile rule the world ;-). Thanks, Nicola.  

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