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picture 9 Mar 2006 @ 14:14, by Silvia M.S

This poem talks about the flowing of life within us. I wrote it originally in Spanish, but I've also included an english translation.

I don't usually make changes in my poems after I've written them, but with this one I made an exception because I felt the need to do so after reading it again a few days ago. Anyway, this is the final version, so it will remain as it is now (well, if you have any suggestion to improve the english version or if there's any grammatical mistake, please feel free to tell me).


Air flows inside;
willful torrent exhaling
breath of restrained emotion;
hurricane that the sand stirs
in search of lost illusions.

Waves flow inside;
lonely, the energy
embraces the tree trunk;
chords of hope blossom
amidst the lyre murmur.

And poetry flows,
the path inside the soul,
echo of a verse still resounding.
Between Heaven, Earth and me
life is flowing...



Fluye dentro el aire;
torrente intencionado que exhala
aliento de emoción contenida;
huracán que la arena remueve
en busca de ilusiones perdidas.

Fluyen dentro las olas,
al tronco del árbol solitaria
se abraza la energía;
acordes de esperanza nacen
entre el rumor de la lira.

Y fluye la poesía,
dentro del alma el camino,
eco de un verso que aún vibra.
Entre el cielo, la tierra y el Yo
fluye la vida...

Silvia Martínez, March 2006

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9 Mar 2006 @ 15:56 by judih : silvia
the work is very lyrical
to play with the english would be to re-write, to change the flow...ah and such a flow.

(just take out one of the 'r's in stir)

beautiful piece  

9 Mar 2006 @ 16:10 by jstarrs : It's lovely like that...
..I wondered about putting a coma after lonely.  

9 Mar 2006 @ 16:15 by judih : hi jeff
yes! good. a comma after lonely offers a wonderful pause,
and a dive into the next expression

good call - you've made me hear it more clearly  

9 Mar 2006 @ 17:50 by jstarrs : Oh! I heard it humbly &
without thinking:
wanting to pause,
take breath between
that fleeting flow
which, anyway, might just be
a series of static moments
pearled together?
I'm happy it rang a bell for you....;0)  

9 Mar 2006 @ 19:05 by silviamar : Judih and Jeff, my fellow poets,
thank you for your insights :-). I've corrected the word 'stir' and also have added the coma after lonely. I agree that it gives a great pause, an opportunity to take a short breath to continue flowing with the life!  

12 Mar 2006 @ 00:25 by vibrani : Silvia
I like this poem, too. Life is a poem :-)

Thank you Vibrani. I completely agree that life is a poem :-)  

5 Apr 2006 @ 13:58 by Elena @ : ¡precioso!
He leído todos los poemas en español que has puesto aquí y me encantan!. Mientras leía éste me sentía muy relajada, fluyendo con la vida y con mi yo interior. No sé a qué te dedicas pero desde luego la poesía es lo tuyo, Silvia.

Hola Elena. Gracias por tu comentario. Vivo de la quimica, soy investigadora en la universidad de Oviedo, pero me gusta escribir poesia desde que era muy pequeña. Me alegro mucho que te gusten mis poemas!  

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