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9 Nov 2005 @ 15:24, by Gavin Bellis

Supply Economy existed once in the Feudal Ages of Europe and for an even longer time in the Asian cultures.
We Switched to a Demand Economy, but was that such a good thing? More in the article following...

Supply-Economy based itself on what was available, whether it was Gold, Food (of any sort), Water, knowledge (of any sort), land etc. In the Feudal age, this supply was often limited, but people made their livelyhoods by bartering goods. For a number of chickens a man could have a horse, and other trades as such, but not limited at all to horses and chickens, hehe.
The Renaissance really came about when this economy was replaced with a Demand Economy, basing money upon what people wanted, rather than what was available.
This developed trade.

For a long time, the Demand Economy was alright.
But now I believe it to be out of date, in need of revolutionizing, and here's why.
a) Advances. Because of the way our economy is situated, it would be painstaking to revolutionize that which makes most of our money, such as Agriculture, Oil and Tobacco.
This is not to say that Agriculture matches the malevolence of the two following moneymakers, but it is to say that it cannot be further advanced under this economy.
Basically, it is slowing us down, and is even making us a little bit more aggressive on keeping this dying system alive.
The best example of this is Perpetual Motion. It's a given, at this point, that it exists, often in perma-magnetic and super-conductive forms. But of course, this miracle of the mind has not been allowed to reach ear of the public, because the designers of such machines have been shot, bought or at least disproved for some unjust reason, and an even more unjust cause. There are many more problems that revolve around why perpetual motion isn't out there being put to use, and none of them are because of possibility or lack thereof, I can assure you.
b) Balance. Actually, the lack thereof. Globalization has brutally thrown off the economies of nations across the globe. Many countries are no longer able to support themselves, and poverty is rampant.
Meanwhile, we Canadians, Americans, British, Australians, French, Germans...Generally Eurpoeans and Asians, are doing gloriously well off of this. We have the choice of a thousand different sports cars. We have the choice of rice from a hundred suppliers. We have great big highways all around. We have computers and internet for every man, woman, child and dog.
Other countries, such as in parts of Mexico, and many parts of Africa, are doing horribly. Unemployment, Corruption, famine, disease and overall poverty is quite apparent.
Balance. We need to balance, and in a Demand economy, we simply can't. Some are spoiled and many are starved.
c) Contentness. Nobody is ever content anymore. They are never satisfied with what they have. Worse, they are often not satisfied with who they are, how they are talented. It is promoted that people lose weight, it is promoted that people look a certain way because they are convinced this will make them happy.
I've -never- seen that actually follw through. People would lose as much as fifty pounds when the weight lost wasn't even in the obeisity range. This is what I often call the Pencil-Stick diet.
What's wrong here is that people are overly worried of diet and not enough so of exercise. No matter how much you eat, it can always be burned off with a run or some form of cardio-exercise.
To add to the lack of satisfaction, is advertisement. They feel compelled to have the latest gadgets, jackets, chains and rings.
Finally, because we're so spoiled as a society in general, we cannot even begin to appreciate all these material possessions of ours. Nothing is personal and everything is just for show, just to say you have it. You have that car, you have that ring, you have that new computer.
'Hat's off to you, I'd say, 'but do you need any of that? Does it help you any?'
More ofen than not, this is where conversations end.

All of this is intertwined, and all of these can be solved with a slow and steady return to a Supply economy. More in later articles.

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17 Nov 2005 @ 17:20 by jobrown : Very good article!
The Big question is: which came first, the chicken or the egg; the fiat money, based on 100% artificial DEBT-based Monetary System, whose sole purpose is to benefit that tiny little group, who prints the money and who via this system keeps the rest of Humankind as their SLAVES -OR people's low selfesteem and rampant Overall-confusion about life?

To what extent are these two entwined?... How old is this problem? Is the problem deeper than Socio-political (& "economic" )? Could it rather be 'psychological' ( = the modern word for "religious" ), hence Spiritual, hence a question of Understanding, hence a question of consciousness, hence a question of energy frequency, hence a question of "Spirit"; the Old word for 'Cosmic Energy' -or "God" if you wish, a grave mis-interpretation of the NATURE of LIFE ITSELF, that needs to be corrected. At least eventually. Or at least by those who want -and are willing to make INNER change required- to align more perfectly to LIFE and Its Rules.

There are many Monetary Systems available to Humankind right now! We just have to choose one! well... so... what else is there?...
Here are some Optional MOnetary Systems:

Barter News:

Some "interesting" Propganda-like Info in this next one!

Some bitter truths/facts in this one:

Some Naked truths ab.America: *** Whoever runs America, runs the rest of the world as well, no bones about it!  

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