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8 Dec 2005 @ 07:48, by Gavin Bellis

I'm beginning to just have a disgust with society as it stands, and it's sad, because while we should appreciate what wonders we have, we should also note...its worldly cost.

I wake up at a little before noon, and on and out I go job hunting, as I always used to. Not a great time to be job hunting, as the better times are earlier in the day.
I go to a cafe in town and apply, knowing the place and liking the coffee...and knowing that its beans are not slave-collected.
And here I am, thinking of how good the coffee tastes, and then thinking....if I'm boycotting slavery-induced economy, then how will the slavers take it? Will the slaves be further punished?
Then I get to thinking, 'What the hell happened to the Emancipation act?' we were supposed to put a stomp on slavery ages ago, and what...we've let it slip. In fact, we profit off of it now! I mean, how twisted is that? We fight for their freedom, then later turn around at some other slaves and say, 'hey, it's cheap products, we can use that!'
And then what happened to good old tradeswork? Before it was all mass-produced? When all the parts were hand-made?
Look at the Victorian Era: Most everything from the victorian era is so very precious to us, so valuable and in such wonderful shape. And the work and beauty, the heart and soul placed into every facet, was wonderful.
We had an era like that in the 50's when everything was curvy, smooth, classy. When people polished your hub caps while refueling your car at the gas station.
Now it's all self service. The flashy suits those fuel servers wore are all gone, replaced by a bum in a teeshirt and oily jeans.
It's just gas now. There's no pleasure in getting it, and...they place an insane price on it and they KNOW we'll pay for it. It is, after all, cheaper than water. Water in some places is 12 dollars a litre...and this is CANADA! 80% of the world's fresh water bodies, and look...we can't even go and drink it. it's polluted, it's contaminated, it's the home of the local Empire's big dumps.
I own a home well. Free water, good water.
And if that breaks down, there's the mountain streams just a few kilos from home. It's not uber clean, but it's not contaminated by a human, so it should be alright to go have a drink of it. After all, what would we have done when we had no tech? We'd have to go and cup our hands and drink this way.
It's always cool, always fresh. I've never been let down by fresh streamwater.
What's wrong with people? They think that it'll be the end of the world when the power grid fails, or when we have food shortages or water system poisoning, or even down to when there's no coke in the vending machines, in some extreme though existent cases.
As far as gas? I'll never drive anything gas powered. I prefer a bike with only as much power as I can give it, because it's all natural.
Something about a bicycle, when cruising over long distances on forested bike paths, that is so humbling...though you can't think too hard on it or you veer off the path and die.
I followed one woman in particular today, an employee at the cafe, but she wasn't on duty. 'like usual' she said, she shopped her bank card dry for the day. She was dropping in to say hello and then goodbye, and it's only by that existence of coincidence/fate that I just found myself tagging along.
I felt like I could have gone with her right into her apartment. She gave the hint, and, having no real knowledge of who this woman was, I just gave her a good hug and told her I'd likely see her again. Not that I'd go follow her to her apartment should I have known her. See, men are like that, and often are women too...I guess it's just not on my interest list.
I attended my martial art again today, but attending an older class I used to go to. everyone recognized me and wondered where I've been all this time, but simply it was a different timing I attended. they were happy to have me back, and I had my fun. I cleaned house in all my combats.
I don't know what to credit that to...maybe i'm getting better, but I was already sore from the day before. Maybe it's just will pushing beyond skill? Mohammed Ali said something like that once...I think he might be right. I just was in the mood for it, and I devastated every opponent.
But I was merciful with those tired from previous fights. I never let all go on someone with their guard down, unless I set them up that way.
I have always striven to be one of the best fighters...and it's funny just how pacific I am, but also how ready to be a warrior (as defined in my last message) I am...but one who would use tactics much like chinese ambush teams did in World War 2. No guns. In fact, no affiliation with the Army, just, doing my own thing on my own soil.
Yeah, the Chinese weren't doing so well not too long ago. And now look: China can swarm the lot of us with its grand population.
America, same thing, not long before Roswell and Einstein and, whoever designed the first German Rockets.
Yes indeed people, if Americans weren't theives, they wouldn't have been anything. They stole the nuke, they stole the rocket, they stole the combustion engine...hell they even stole the 'first to fly' title, clearly the French in 1904, with a monoplane.
So the Americans' technology depends on the theft of other's ideas and implementing them later, then calling it all theirs.
Pretty sick...this bad economic breakdown they're experiencing might make them everyone watch out. And expect the unexpected.
Noting from Star Wars: Chancellor Palpatine, behind the lines, incited reasons for his figure self to enforce new rules, adding more power to him, until when the jedi finally found out about him, and were fought off, he made it Imperial to 'make things safer'. he also made this big witch hunt to kill all the jedi, those who opposed him in his power.
He was Emperor for 23 years.
I doubt Bush is smart enough to do something so clever as our Palpatine has...but I think it's also clear that not only Bush is running the show...something more is behind him. Whispering in his ear, possibly.
Again, we must be watchful.

I am constructing a website to be christened NEWA. It is difficult to say when it will be done, but it should not take long.

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