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picture 9 Jan 2006 @ 18:35, by Judih Haggai

when words have their own sense of urgency

nails broken, reaching the mountaintop
i slide down a waterfall of acrylic words
fast drying, sledding syllables
swishing downhill in beat spontaneity

a cloud bursts alternate harmonies
another key, another throat
empathetic discord, sky-forming habits
haiku bungee, waving hello

living a slice of epicentre
a hint of galactic infinity
a song from a symphony of always
painting the now in tools of forever

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9 Jan 2006 @ 18:59 by jstarrs : Mervyn Peake
...talked about 'this sliding second, this desperate edge of now' and I googled it but found only a desperate scribe called Quentin Crisp.
The Quentin Crisp?
Scroll down and you have the Peake poem from which the quote is taken.
I remember the line from so many years ago.
Here it is:
Is There no Love Can Link Us?

Is there no thread to bind us-I and he

Who is dying now, this instant as I write

And may be cold before this line's complete?

And is there no power to link us-I and she

Across whose body the loud roof is falling?

Or the child, whose blackening skin

Blossoms with hideous roses in the smoke?

Is there no love can link us -I and they?

Only this hectic moment? This fierce instant

Striking now

Its universal, its uneven blow?

There is no other link. Only this sliding

Second we share: this desperate edge of now.


Ah -
yes, the desperate slipping moment to moment as we mix ions for a second or two.
brilliant link - very connected
this universal shared now  

9 Jan 2006 @ 21:11 by silviamar : wonderful
"a song from a symphony of always
painting the now in tools of forever"... so powerful! Thanks, Judih :-)  

10 Jan 2006 @ 09:53 by rayon : and to follow
some thoughts here from 2001 :

Poetry assists in the realisation
of the moment one to one.
And through this process,
fine art can be made:

The plastic being the materialisation of the emotion
and a form of love enveloping the process
guided by the intellect:
A fusion marking a moment in time
at the body’s level of need and recognition,
re-informing the cycle of continuam
on a basis of virtue, happiness and beauty
- as much as can be sustained.  

21 Apr 2006 @ 18:24 by Oscar Araripe @ : About writers and painters
Invitation as a kind of congratulations / Follow the line Tiradentes Horse:
Love and sword,
Oscar Araripe  

21 Apr 2006 @ 18:47 by judih : hey, Oscar!
How funky! What a great performance. The horse is exquisite and the poetry and sound of the hummed melody is beautiful. Many thanks for linking in.


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