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 I Will Ride To Kalmykia3 comments
picture 19 Jan 2006 @ 19:17, by jstarrs

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This year, I will ride to Kalmykia

Most of its territory is covered
with the plains of the north-western edge
of the Caspian Coast depression and

I don’t know, I will ride to Kalmykia
maybe towards the end of the year
if everything fall’s into place or falls apart
or earlier would be better –
spring in the steppes, that would be good and

its geographical position is
between 41°40/-47°35/ (northern latitude)
and 44°50/ -40°10/(eastern longitude) and

I’ll see pin-points of color on an infinite plain :
some distant far-off sign
of some existence
of some godamn where

nowadays there remain the valleys
of the rivers Zapadnii (Western) Manich and
Vostochnii (Eastern) Manich,
the lower courses of the Kuma and
numerous salt-water lakes and lagoons and

I’ll dig up a golden sythe artifact
as I bury my dried up walnut-of-a-heart
before it disappears all together
Now, yes, now I will ride to Kalmykia

Image shows a Kalmyk tree sanctifying ceremony

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20 Jan 2006 @ 04:40 by judih : ah, blessed be! the Kalmykia pilgrimage
Has the sun risen over my intended goal?
Has the time arrived for a buckle and a farewell?
Kalmykia calls
o! Kalmykia, do you hear my beating heart
My well-oiled boots protected from all that would hinder
These well-travelled feet, playing with the music of road

Blessed be! The Kalmykia pilgrimage sings for thee
She sings for me
As my brother locks up his barrels of beer
Packs his donkey fair
Kalmykia radiates welcome

To those with ears, listen to the march to Kalmykia
That sounds like an authentic Kalmyky song.
My heart aches.

26 Jan 2006 @ 10:27 by rayon : Calm Nike
This is me

Hitching a ride to Calm Nike
Where the Victory angel lowered
In rest her wing tips upon the ground

A calling to the Spheres
The ever many thousands of them
Pausing in simultaneous unison

A sparkle flash of smiling
On the ground not of the earth
Like a fireside in the Sky

Calm Nike, lets plant the Tree
Of Peace to grow huge in one place
For its seed smiles to be wind-carried

NSR 25.01.06
Another heart-ache one...these will belong in the Kalmyky Kollection,
written on tough grass stems, the interminable plains wind blowing away the syllables...
Not aching but found, real, there . . .  

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