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picture 7 Mar 2006 @ 10:18, by Shimanta Bhattacharyya

Less than a year ago...

Less than a year ago
We were brimming
With concupiscent phrases.
In bright, sun-lit rooms
Riddled with holes,
We cradled our drinks
Lovingly in our hands
As we chewed on
Scrags of trivia—
Stuffing them into our mouths
Like tender meatballs

Why then—
Today as we sit face to face
In this fancy restaurant
Under the surreal flood
Of purblind lights;
With our feet poised and
Pointed towards glazed doors
And the shadows disrobing beyond
—Do we sneak furtive glances
Over our stiff shoulders
Mouthing nothing but silences?


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8 Mar 2006 @ 00:03 by redwind : Have...
time to the ulnae of frozen silence
disolve in the chill-out enviroment.
The waiter
body talk master
come as the alone beam
just to ask
One more cup of coffee for the road?  

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