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picture 15 Dec 2007 @ 11:05, by Judih Haggai


welcome class
ouch, she said
bitten by a large creature with no concerns
teacher falls down, plays dead
hoping for no more.

No more war, said Sa'adat, no more bloodshed
ouch, she said
shaken by a falling rocket
house cracks, floors falter
hoping for no more.

inside her mind frazzles
final moment brainstorm electric outtage
ouch, she said
then said no more

november 2007

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16 Dec 2007 @ 03:21 by vaxen : Matzot&Caramel
The silence is a piece of wafer.
The sky is rigged with booby traps.

So long as the silence lasts...
There is no cause for panic.

People are so used to being blown to bits these days.
Nobody mentions death by lightning.

After the explosion, the silence blithely
Resurrects itself.

The silence is a piece of wafer.  

20 Sep 2008 @ 05:01 by judih : blithely we go
tripping through mine fields
like kids on a wildfire adventure
blithely we go
if it's meant to be (carefree)
till fairytales crumble
a wafer on a cracked plate
the last cookie before the fall  

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