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picture 26 Jan 2008 @ 05:10, by Judih Haggai

whenever i get a sense of needing affirmation,
i listen to Terence McKenna, on cassette or youtube

& this is one response:

time wave zee-row

matrix-ual voice
spanning the timewaves
terence on the cosmic surf
vibrate from past to future
into the radiant sense of sublime
words echo centuries long
reaching out
caressing our minds
stretch towards understanding

judih jan/08

youtube offering: psychedelic society

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26 Jan 2008 @ 06:42 by bushman : Cool :}
Ive lisened to him on the Art Bell show, for years, he was one of the best guests Art had on the show. He kept me intrested and open minded for sure. :}  

26 Jan 2008 @ 09:04 by judih : yeah, bushman
one sentence and off goes the lid!  

26 Jan 2008 @ 09:25 by vaxen : Hi judih...
Here's a little something for you by a friend of mine that I thought might be appropos. I fail to see how Terence could give anyone a sense of affirmation but I like his stuff, some of it, anyway. A bit too stodgy for me. Shroomalitically interesting...



by Iona Miller, 5/25/00
Associate Editor
Dean of Faculty for The Institute for Consciousness Science & Technology
Board Member, Asklepia Foundation

Learn to trust the process to find a way through the wilderness,
From psychosomatic distress to natural healing consciousness.
The nature of creativity reflected in fire, water, earth, and air,
Works together in the Journey with R.E.M., to restructure and repair.
In stress, dis-ease, nightmares, and dreams we are drowned quite;
Entertaining consciousness dynamics find we dream not just at night.

The potentially healed structure is flowing silently in secret veins,
Realizing new perception and holistic healing can ease all pains.
Running the psyche’s rapids there is no need to withstand,
Like the snake eating its tail, flow with it to fully understand.
Synergetic imagination, vision and dreams help us enter the flow,
Visitations by Asklepios and Hygeia help us to heal and grow.

Immersion in the consciousness field is mentored by shaman/therapist,
Who guides and helps us to enter the fear and pain to de-stress.
Once entering that healing dreamstream with co-consciousness,
Let go and trust the navigating guide or mentor with emotional finesse.
In olden times creative consciousness appeared as a healing serpent,
The results today are the same when immersion in the field is fervent.

Escape the cage of perceptions, following leading strange attractors,
Journeying deeply ferrets out hidden variables and other factors.
The way was outlined in ancient Greece in the Asklepian cult,
Employing pilgrimage, purification and dreams to heal and exalt:
Close your eyes, breathe and relax, just fill your mind with a dream,
Walk through, going deeper now, notice and share what is supreme.

What’s happening is visceral and need not be at all logical,
Trust your imagination, feel your primal essence as literal.
Release and let go of old notions like a serpent sheds its skin,
Allowing whatever happens, nothing appears that won’t fit in.
Give in and accept those sensations, staying with it going deeper,
Even though it hurts or scares you, I’ll be with you as a waykeeper.

Stay with that energy just a little while longer and let it develop,
Become it, and in that fundamental image revel, and let it envelop.
Find the healing heart of the dream after the vicious maelstrom,
Through all the zones let those healing energies from within come.
It becomes part of you, cellular and genetic; take it in as new resource,
A renascent primal self-image forms, as a matter of natural course.

Creative consciousness may lead to reliving your conception,
With full awareness of the situation surrounding first penetration.
Some find within their journey a voyage to the reiteration of birth,
Imagery may inspire fear and terror of which there is no dirth.
Its OK to weep and wail and grieve, to let go finally and lament,
In the natural healing process it is creative, and not a detriment.

It may be alleged you exist and are therefore bad and stand accused,
Life may have buffeted you with insults which damaged and abused.
Perhaps you still feel cowed and suppressed, like a little child frail,
Out of control, depressed or rageful as those forces continue to assail.
Without intervention, symptoms and patterns persist and never rest,
All the unhealed traumas keep happening and perpetually molest.

The mentor or guide takes your lead and helps give the pain a face,
Expressing one’s weakness is safe now, and its appearance no disgrace.
Nearing the dis-ease structure, the memories and images are monstrous,
We are assailed by mighty natural forces, violent and truly furious.
But they only herald sensory memories of forthcoming dawning light,
Creative consciousness redesigns our core and brings welcome respite.

Your earliest formative conditions may indeed have been horrible,
Diving into the unknown territory may seem disorienting and terrible.
Deep knowing at the organismic level can alleviate that hollowness,
And salve the woundedness within that defended this wretchedness.
The journey moves through a spectrum of zones that leave you aghast,
And at the most intense part of the catharsis may feel like a harsh blast.

The first steps of the journey, of course, begin with pilgrimage,
A visit to another world, sanctuary of a more primal healing village.
Identifying the problem, where you’ve missed the mark, is a confession,
This is a baby step in releasing what has harmed through its retention.
Bathing in spring waters and sweating for opening and purification,
Can bring a sense of the Holy Grail’s elixer that is a healing libation.

To secure the gifts of the gods, it is helpful to profer an offering,
Something of symbolic value to you which implies a sense of suffering.
Then comes the core of the process--the ritual of dream incubation,
That starts the alchemical process, leading to concentration or titration:
Through a quantum leap of consciousness restructuring and emanation,
Followed through close attention to the serpent’s rhythmic undulation.

Zone 1 includes behavior patterns, games, rackets and symptoms;
Zone 2 is the dance of emotions and thoughts that hold us victims.
Zone 3 is the region of adopted belief systems, largely unconscious,
Zone 4 is personal and transpersonal mythology, the collective in us.
Zone 5, quantum consciousness, edge of Creation, strange attractors,
Which draw us down to 6, blank mind of Chaos’ unknowable factors.

This is the most fundamental perception, healing restructuring energy,
A dwelling place like finding Home, open to life’s infinite possibility.
Find your sanctuary there, completely immersed in deep knowing,
Not needing even to recognize the healing seeds Chaos is sowing.
The river of consciousness dynamics is a stream that’s ever-flowing,
And the natural healing process can be visited by simply freely going.

Re-enter now, come back renewed, emerging from the crucible of chaos,
Self-organizing heals; those forces that assailed no longer betray us.
Flowing with it, we have liquified, dissolved in the universal solvent,
Restructuring echoes a holographic model of evolution’s involvement.
Changes are real and permanent and entail automatic integration,
And this whole-self healing has a by-product of spiritual elation.

Asklepios knew the inherent healing power contained within the dream,
Giving mankind a chaotic winding pathway to healing, serpentine.

"Come. It is time."  

26 Jan 2008 @ 16:15 by judih : a guiding piece
sounds like a poem to represent a process
mentors come and mentors go
seems like there's a mentor where we least expect
but when we most are needful

and 'affirmation,' from terence, means to me encouragement to keep the mind open. knowledge is infinite if we open our eyes to what's around us.  

26 Jan 2008 @ 19:42 by vaxen : Ah...
yes. I'll go along with that. A little mescaline here, a little Acid there, a little Psilocybin too...mixed with a bit of an Omellette eaten at a roadside shrine on the way from Katmandu to Delhi...yeah. Once there to adjourn to the forests of great Marijuana, with plants 80 to a hundred feet high, and live in a stupe with the most beautiful of maidens anywhere...mind open and free and...lost? ;) Kidding, sort of. Love your works spite of old Terrence.  

27 Jan 2008 @ 02:34 by judih : now that sounds like a poem
A little mescaline here,
a little Acid there, a little Psilocybin too...
mixed with a bit of an Omellette eaten at a roadside shrine
on the way from Katmandu to Delhi...

Once there
to adjourn to the forests of great Marijuana,
with plants 80 to a hundred feet high,
and live in a stupe with the most beautiful of maidens anywhere...
mind open and

jan 26/08  

29 Jan 2008 @ 07:01 by vaxen : Thankyou...
so much, judih, for redacting that into a nice little poem. You're the best!  

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