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13 Feb 2008 @ 19:26, by Marissa A Spencer

the sun is out... can you tell?

My Garden Waits for Me

by Marissa A Spencer

My garden waits for me to come to her
An almost silent humming tickles my feet
Resting this long, cold, winter, she wakes
Underground the waiting is over

The wriggling, creeping, crawling things
Are once again aware, stretching and hungry!
Once again the conflict arises between us
How much for you, how much for me?

Can we arrive at some agreement, dears?
You can eat over there and I will hide
the fruits of my labors over here
Maybe you won't notice at harvest time

I will be gentle to the earth, and to you
Hopefully, you will love the weeds more?
Surely, we shall play hide and seek
And come to an standoff as usual

Me with my soapy sprays held high
And you with your tails and wings
Laughing at me as you scurry away
Come back here you!



© February 13, 2008

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14 Feb 2008 @ 03:30 by judih : making a deal
hey, i'll love you anyway
i honour your appetite
and i know mother nature has her ways
but as winter melts into a possible past
i dream of lush leaves, full and ripe
dainty sprouts coming to fruition
all to their ultimate dreams

while you, plump snails and caterpillars
crawl over to the public place
the field of weeds and sundries
lots of stuff to munch on there
grass is greener, it is, i swear

while my sleepy garden hatches.

-marissa, yes! time to imagine ultimate garden growth  

14 Feb 2008 @ 06:36 by skookum : time to talk to the ants
maybe they can talk to the snails...

can never really reach the snails....  

14 Feb 2008 @ 15:52 by judih : (snails are slippery critters)
and they assume i'll never squish them.
ants may be the mediator. i'll try if it stops raining.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:59 by Bandar Togel @ : brilliant! I would like to share this ar

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