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picture21 Feb 2006 @ 23:48, by N Marion Hage

A lonely Seer dressed in gold-laced robes still walks this earth, appearing and disappearing as he slips in and out of the in-between realm.

Once a king of men, he was selfish and cruel, but no moreso than all the kings of the earth were in the days when evil prevailed. On the eve of the destruction of the world, this king relented of his wicked deeds, and turned to save the perishing from the nations.

The world as it was could not be saved, and was nearly torn in two, but through his efforts a remnant survived and were permitted to rebuild on the new lands that formed.

He was appointed as Watchman over the nations along with a small host of others, to warn them that the very same unseen evil that despoiled all that went before, was still alive and seeking new victims.

N. Marion Hage 2/25/06

*All pictures and story lines are the intellectual property of N Marion Hage, and copywritten. Please do not use this information without permission of the author.

Pictures were taken by Susan Demko and Jim Jasterzinski. Photoart and costume were by N Marion Hage.

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1 Mar 2006 @ 13:42 by rati saxena @ : picture poetry
first time i am feelig he power of pictures in poetic style. i like them all  

21 Jul 2015 @ 06:08 by king @ : king  

31 Jul 2015 @ 03:33 by sdf @ : df  

30 Dec 2015 @ 01:24 by lili @ :
Right now convene guerrilla officers above the lecture, I do not leak to inform the gravity of the situation:" Our army is the enemy is three thousand two thousand two, one thousand two hundred people which had just defeated rush back if they can not muster morale. Our army will be in a rush that is +. But the enemy is not the best advantage. They are very hungry people, and from here raid five miles away, in fact, to seize a retreat to escape the mouth of the road when Jinshan more important thing is to aim at the idea that the army food. this fight, in fact, we are wait at Plaza, in order to keep the pending attack. Compare the total strength, we are bitter win situation. Iqe The stockade is not strong, not as entrenched barriers. But here you can stop him, surely, to play for a while, calmly retreated Weiqing temple, now put all food transported north Huo Wei Qing temple temple temple Weiqing enemy to immediately burned barn, contusion enemy confidence can Weiqing Temple tied even if confidence in the victory parade. If the situation is still unfavorable, the army retreated Huo Temple, sticking granary and protect water resources. at most two days, the West Army will return to aid the army, in the possession of the fish card to Rob Dan growing together and annihilate the remnants! 'Layout complete, the military orders, I changed to the left wing of the army! Smell Guelph army to the right, leaving only a dozen strong bodyguard and color Le, who ran with me to act. I look at the whole military deployment, the two-door red cannon mounted on front of the temple flag Weiqing pier. it is necessary to do something to fight the personnel, but also to listen to heaven. I then horde of heart, nothing Guaai, actually in the main hall in the temple Weiqing sleep a sleep. The efficacy slept far better than the top of a large piece speech, people already messed up, hear me loud snoring, settle down all of a sudden!Dawn, fish card Walled southeast desolate horn sounded twice, and then they came masi people cry. I suddenly woke up too dim in left and right wings, everything is calculated within. Just so eager to drive the enemy Bing tired of me winning, somewhat unexpected. Abucidan Rob Tibetan Tenzin given them a good general, Rob military army collapse, except his team formed a complete, showing its military forces is evident. how this reckless like a drunkard, Zhaoyan quite blindly fight but then I thought, will understand:?. Kunshouyoudou enemy, death is only the Ebucidan this desperate Jinshan I also worry when the army return to aid fish card, like suddenly swallow the army, occupied Iqe to wait at Plaza battle he fought back reinforcements, military commander taboo guilty anyway, breaking persistent difficult, so my life around in unison shouted 'Ake Village reinforcements have killed back! - - brothers kill ah '!Enemy flurry, I do not know what a commotion and barking, offensive and more anxious in my life to support the temple's two-door red cannon Weiqing transferred to, personally directed the gunner: 'It seems no need to retreat to second-line, and you my aim - and! Zhaimen a break, two cannons boom, the head lay a gun, I immediately promote you, '"the two gunners aiming and aiming, just ready, wooden village gate has been torn down flat row ! Suddenly I do not know how many horses in the dust bowl rolling rushed to the Village. In this case also, two cannons roar in unison, really a head-start fireworks, immediately rushed to the enemy soldiers and horses like wheat harvest fell one place!Ebucidan these really brave soldiers, two guns and did not deter him, stop for the moment to rush up shouting right again. I left and the right side of the commandment to divide our forces to rescue the army, while the drawn sword in command Army ready to bayonet charge. My cannon then fought SANKYO will be irrelevant. In this case surrounded Zhaoyan enemy. color Le Ben brothers from me into the Qinghai has been around with me, I had not prepared to let They fight the battle. At this point they all bow his sword into the bayonet charge.


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