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picture16 Aug 2006 @ 23:23, by N Marion Hage

We are not taught to question, "why?" We are taught to stop asking questions so that our exasperated parents can finish fixing lunch. "Will you stop asking so many along and play with your toys!"

"Why?" is in our hearts at birth, and whenever we slow down, "Why?" creeps back into our minds.

Some people are afraid of "Why?" They run from it and try to stamp it out, fearing they won't like the answer. However, if this question was stamped on our hearts, I believe it is like a treasure that calls to our spirit, "Come and find me...I am here!"

N Marion

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10 Sep 2006 @ 09:54 by Kelong Zaphok @ : Why?
Why ask why?  

10 Sep 2006 @ 18:32 by poetsong : Why should birds follow a homing device
Question: Why should birds follow their homing device?

Answer: They can't get to where they need to go until they do. Our "Why?" is a homing device that gets us closer to where the answer lies. Why should I take risks? Why should I step out of my safe box? Why should I sacrifice for this or that? Why should I care?  

16 Mar 2007 @ 14:36 by Tore Toivicco @ : Thanks for your blog...
it was good.

Tore Toiviccos comment about media:'Many times discussions or forum messages
are long and writers have used many words instead of saying something
only by using one sentence or few words,but I think that many times
many things can be said clearly without using huge amounts of

A though of a danish mind control victim:
"Sometimes Jesus maybe uses even satanists in order to help people or to do some good things?Jesus can do this, he is so powerful?"  

1 May 2007 @ 16:28 by poetsong : Thanks Torre- Interesting sub-topic
In my mind a good God would seek to use all things for a good purpose. We see this order in nature. And yet, I'd also imagine God would work within the choices of our free will.  

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