New Civilization News: Does that rock look interesting?    
 Does that rock look interesting?
picture11 Jun 2006 @ 21:56, by hgoodgame

Wait until you see what we can do with it!

One of our current hobbies is sphere making. That’s right, spheres, like tiny model planets. Soon I’ll have an entire new universe to populate. ;)

It’s a rather complex process, starting with the rough rock and then cutting that into a cube.
The rough rock:


The next step, cubing it:


The cube has to be cut down further, rounding out it’s edges until it’s finally rounded enough to put into the ‘sphere machine’, a dandy device with 3 heads that spins and grinds the finished product into a beautiful glossy shine. Ours are anywhere from 3 to 6 inches in size.

The finished product, a nice shiny sphere (approximately 5.5 inches):


From my trip to South Carolina, I had found this interesting specimen in Vaxen’s backyard. It looked like an orangey quartz aggregate and large enough to actually create a sphere worth making. There it was, sitting covered with leaves by the side of a path, and there I was, out for my morning stroll thru the woods; it said, pick ME, pick ME! ;) And so I did. I added it in a box that already had several smaller bits of stone Vaxen had collected before my arrival, and hauled them all back home; this is how one turned out.

The outer edge of the rock..


The finished sphere.


The orange color was only on the very surface of the stone. Inside was a lovely smoky quartz with lots of patterns and images to ponder. It’s energy is quiet, soft and peaceful, like something very old and wise is resting deep within. Holding it is an instant flashback to that time and place and how it presented itself to me.

What I really like about the spheres is the energy I can feel in them. Each has it’s own unique vibration, qualities of hidden beauty. The collection is growing! We’ve made 11 of our own and also bought a few at gem faires.

A bit more of the collection (these are all ones we've made).


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