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 Power of the Sunlight: first steps to the New Civilization4 comments
7 Aug 2006 @ 16:30, by Sergey Chujko

On August, 2, 2006 has started the project of creation of Power of the Sunlight as " patrimonial place " of the Absolut-Versions of the New Civilization which can be named the Absolut-Civilization, the Civilization of Spirit, the Civilization of Harmony - Freedom - Efficiency, the Civilization of the Open Society, the Open Civilization. To members NCN, probably, it will be interesting to observe of how this process is carried out, as we to ourselves see civilization prospects that we are going to do that by 2015 results of our initiative were felt on all Planet. This article} contains the most general structure of our approach to start civilization process

As any building constructed forever including the Temple, should have the strong base, our Power starts to create the base of the New Civilization. It should be reliable, steady and mobile to keep pace with requirements of time, whose run today is steadily accelerated. Therefore and a design of the base intricate enough (I shall remind, that Meta means definition, that the determined term describes old concept to which the new contents creating elevating force of an eminence of the person from an animal condition through human to the Image and Similarity Divine is added):

1. A basis of it two MetaPlatforms, the Global MetaMarket as set the market of new generation on which four basic figures, the Consumer operate only, the Expert, Logistic both the Manufacturer (CELP-Market), and the Global MetaPolis as a network of territorial communities and again constructed settlements of university type supporting ideals of the New Civilization.

2. Two cross-section beams pulling together between self of the MetaPlatform and providing creation of a global infrastructure of direct synthesis - interaction of the consumer and the manufacturer (MetaStructure), on the one hand, and global system of MetaProtection of planetary community from a wide spectrum of threats, first of all infectious, switching pandemic the "bird's" flu, on the other hand.

3. At last, the volumetric design connecting the base of the New Civilization as which the MetaSystem of perfect commodity, author's and private FondoMoney acts which nucleus is the MetaBank

It - the purposes. But the road to them will be laid by practical organizational designs which already start to be formed by Power and its supporters. It - the following priority organizations:

1. Movement of mutual social development « Gold Section », uniting all those who is interested or in Creation of the New Civilization, or in the decision of concrete problems with use of potential of the economic concept of Power.

2. A corporate Metaalliance in which the diligent manufacturers are invited, ready to reconstruct the activity under interests of consumers, instead of sellers and other intermediaries, accepting rigid standards « from the Consumer » for the decision of the following of the important problems for the manufacturer:

a. expansion of a commodity market as a result of a combination of system of direct sales and systems of direct purchases;

b. formation of the market of direct crediting the manufacturer «from the Consumer»;

c. development of investment cooperation, including - in a mode of consumer capitalization of means of production.

3. Metabank, and first of all - GuaranteeFondoBank as a nucleus of global system of consolidation of guarantees and guarantees « from the Consumer », providing extremely possible minimization of risks during consumer capitalization of means of production in a combination to extremely possible escalating liquidity of tools of the property of the consumer on means of production

At the initial stage of becoming of the economic base of the New Civilization creation of conditions for the decision of the following strategic problems is provided:

1. Replacement on periphery of technological development of all spectrum of unproductive intermediaries (bureaucratic, commercial, bank), increase on this basis of efficiency of public social and economic system of Power.

2. Creation of global system of workplaces of new generation in-home, serving processes of becoming, functioning and development of the MetaMarket and creating for the owners the following basic opportunities:

a. to be engaged in the business as profitableness of starting workplaces can be comparable in the long term to profitableness of serious business - structures, thus the tasks solved by participants of the project, immeasurably it is easier in comparison with the tasks solved by business - structures, and are quite feasible for the person, having an average educational-business level;

b. to create conditions for occupation by the business of rising generation (including as a result of creation of family, communal, patrimonial, club and other education-business communities);

c. the statement of culture of positive interaction of participants of the program, mastering by them by elements of the culture « the Person to the person - the Friend, Comrade and the Brother » with gradual refusal from prevailing today anti-culture « the Person to the person - the wolf ».

3. Preparation (through development of an infrastructure of MetaBank) global process of consumer capitalization of the means of production, marking itself finding by members of planetary community of the "feeding" property and freedom basing on it from the obvious and latent slavery in relation to authority and business. And creation on this basis of originally democratic free community of Power.

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