Geral W. Sosbee: Tracking Device Implant, a Follow-up *Report    
 Tracking Device Implant, a Follow-up *Report
5 Dec 2006 @ 20:38, by Geral W. Sosbee

From Brownsville, Texas
December 5, 2006

Over the past several years Sosbee has tried unsuccessfully to have medical doctors, dentists and others to assist in locating the tracking device. All efforts have been disappointing; in some instances the doctors or the dentists become angry, offended, or they just continue the fbi's modifications of or adjustments to the tracking device implanted in his skull. [For example, after Sosbee discovered the location of the tracking device the fbi contacted Sosbee's former dentist in Brownsville, Texas, Dr. Manfred L. del Castillo--See evidence of subsequent related suicide of Castillo at:

who put Sosbee to sleep in the chair during a root canal treatment and then turned Sosbee's body over to the fbi ]. So, as of today the fbi may have implanted Sosbee with another tracking device, the latest implanting incident not causing mastoid effusion .See update of August 1, 2010 at:

Sosbee now concludes the following with regards to the original implantation of tracking device :

The dentist , Stefan Zweig, in San Marino California, [see:
[link] ]
first placed the device into Sosbee's skull at the following location:
Just behind tooth # 31, in the muscule area, deep into the fluted (or grooved) fiber muscule section in the lower right jaw. When Zweig performed the implantation, he caused the mastoid effusion which then aggravated the transverse artery and set into motion a serious disruption of the nerves leading around the skull; this in turn caused the facial numbness in the left head and necessitated doctor's attention. Please see the six page report from Dr. Gandhi at:'sreports.html#docletterr

see also:
and see:

Also, note that neither Dr. Gandhi, nor any other doctor, addressed Sosbee's repeated questions regarding the cause of and the implications regarding the right mastoid effusion. Indeed, Dr. Gandhi was most elusive in response to Sosbee's concern over the mastoid effusion; she simply stated that Sosbee should seek counseling. So, the present report is partially conjecture necessitated by the complete failure of negligent or cowardly doctors who refuse to attempt to address the issues presented by Sosbee.

Also note that without the occurrence of the mastoid effusion, Sosbee would probably never have understood where the tracking device was located and he perhaps would not have suspected *Zweig of the dastardly, dirty and potentially deadly deed. All statements represent the opinion and carefully considered judgement of Sosbee.
[ Note,however, the following additional evidence that points to Zweig as the culprit:
Sosbee visits the office of a Dentist on Wilshire Blvd., Loas Angeles, California, for a routine check up and cavity ailment; the dentist (after the second visit to his office) refers Sosbee to an Endodontist (Zweig) to address a root canal issue; clearly the fbi asked the dentist to refer Sosbee to Z W E I G. Zweig performs his macabre art, and Sosbee subsequently discovers that he is 'tailed' by the fbi every minute, at every location. Sosbee returns to Zweig's office for a different dental issue, but Zweig states that Sosbee's insurance does not cover the service and that, therefore, Zweig cannot perform the work. This statement by Zweig is completely false; The insurance was in effect and was the same insurance that the FBI agents use across the country. The name of the insurance company that covered (and covers today) all of Sosbee's needs is SAMBA (Special Agent Mutual Benefit Association, an fbi group). Finally, Sosbee recalls that during the last visit to Zweig's office, Zweig seated Sosbee in a dental chair for about 45 minutes prior to examination; during that time Sosbee noticed that Zweig had placed on his wall a notice to patients that reads as follows:
"keep your mouth shut"; the picture was in the form of a joke, but under the circumstances Sosbee could not help but interpret the notice as a warning to him. Finally, Zweig's own receptionist commented to Sosbee as follows when Sosbee reported to her that Zweig falsely stated that the insurance company would not pay the bill:
"Why would he (Zweig) do that ? "].

*[ As of September 12, 2007, I am sure that the tracking device is used to direct the energy assaults 24/7 which cause sleep deprivation and possibly death from heart attack or stroke]. Meanwhile as of 1-29-08, the fbi torturers and calumniators continue to torture and slander Sosbee. Doctors, dentists and lawyers seem to generally welcome the slander; after all, these professionals operate under the implied consent and protection of the federal and state authorities.

As of today, June 25, 2008, the directed energy assaults continue uninterrupted and are painful both physically and emotionally; also note that future Targets will experience adverse state action to terminate drivers license privileges due to passing out at the wheel from severe sleep deprivation].
From Brownsville, Texas
December 6, 2006

Shortly after Sosbee wrote the above Follow-up Report (dated 12-5-06) the fbi visited as shown in the site meter entry at the bottom of this report. The site meter entry suggests a preposterous conclusion subliminally. Sosbee hereby affirms categorically that he is in good health (except for back injury in Vietnam), and that anyone who cares to can contact Dr. Lowe (location shown at...:
[link] )
and others at:
[link] confirm this statement.

**The tactic used by the fbi in the image shown below reflects the desperation of the fbi and the cia in their efforts to justify torturing and killing this Target. The site meter entry:
The link was removed by the fbi; throughout this website all or most of Sosbee's articles have been hacked by the fbi thugs to prevent documentations.
Sosbee has routine medical exams on a recurring basis and has done so for the past twenty (20) years ; all medical evidence to date suggests that he is in good health and is free of disease. Sosbee will continue to document his medical clearances as appropriate to dispel the rumors and innuendos fomented by the fbi and the cia.
Sosbee also suggests that the United States Congress review the medical records of Sosbee; then the Congress should take a long study of the *medical records (particularly hidden records on mental/personality disorders) of all fbi/cia agents, operatives, handlers, assassins and thugs globally. Sosbee's records are far more pure than those the Congress is likely to find in such a study.
As for the twerp/fool who caused the above site meter entry, Sosbee says, tell us all your name, your profession, your reasons for making the libelous suggestions documented herein, and your apparent mental problems (or bias) that unjustifiably lead you to seek to harm this Target. You, little one, exemplify the decadent heartbeat of the slovenly and cowardly intelligence community of the uSA.
For more on the health of this Target , vis à vis the fbi/cia efforts to kill him, see the image (at the bottom of the following link) which the intelligence agencies have come to accept as most representative of Sosbee's war time character [and good physical and mental health] which is currently employed against them:
Also, see Medical Clearance 2007 at

See also:
and see the original medical clearance dated in 2002 at:
For more information on this the tactics use by the fbi/cia to torture the Targets see:
Inner Voice, Target Tracking, and Behavioral Influence Technologies
John J. McMurtrey, M. S.
For more evidence on the virtually invisible tracking device used by the fbi/cia to terrorize the Target see:

From Harlingen, Texas
August 1, 2010

This update is partly speculative and is based upon additional evidence and symptoms of which I am now aware .

My previous report that the apparent suicide of Dr. Castillo (Dr. C) was the result of his cooperation with the fbi assassins appears to be correct in most respects;
I also reported that the fbi may have implanted yet another tracking device in me during my visit with the late Dr. C. See "Special Notation" at:

Today, I surmise that the fbi in fact placed a new tracking device in my skull during the above referenced treatment by Dr. C. Here are the bases for my current suspicion:
When I learned of the location of the original tracking device...
...I contacted many doctors in efforts to find a way to remove the tracking device; I would not give up in such efforts.
Indeed, I later began trying to remove it by myself and with a friend [one method that seemed to work in this regard was the use of a sonic pik which stimulated the gums deep behind tooth # 31 and at the same time the pik partially dislodged the device. A small piece of the device exited during one of my dislodging attempts.]

The new tracking device was apparently placed deep in my left sinus, possibly behind or near the optical nerves as other persons have reported; for the past one or two years I have experienced a near constant drainage from the left sinus. Also, the psychoeletronic assaults have intensified over the same time period, so that I am at times completely incapacitated from exhaustion and from the effects of the induced sleep deprivation. The corner of my eyes are now permanently blued (and painful upon application of slight pressure) with swollen and puffy skin under the eyes, from the sleep deprivation and a doctor recently documents an unusual asymmetry to my face, confirming my observation of an indentation of my left facial area beneath the left cheek bone.
For more on the original left facial numbness
Also, extremely painful headaches often cause me to stay immobilized for moments in place without movement until the pain passed. For more symptoms see:
Finally, the fbi could not risk the removal of the tracking device, so the thugs made sure to put one in place that could not be reached or located:
The recent MRI brain scan shown in the above link did not interrupt the functions of the tracking device.

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