Sleeping Muse21 comments
picture21 Feb 2004 @ 23:53

From The Dream (Lord Byron):

...Sleep hath its own world,  More >

 all which isn't singing is mere talking3 comments
picture20 Feb 2004 @ 15:33
Lone figure and tree in stormy sunset
E.E. Cummings, Oil on canvas
No date

all which isn't singing is mere talking
— e. e. cummings

all which isn't singing is mere talking
and all talking's talking to oneself
(whether that oneself be sought or seeking
master or disciple sheep or wolf)  More >

 The Muse Apprentice Guild1 comment
picture17 Feb 2004 @ 18:50

Harnessing The Internet to Bring You The WORLD Of Letters And Exploring New Directions for Future Generations, the Muse Apprentice Guild (MAG) is an International Literary Review with co-editors/liaisons in over 45 countries and hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide:  More >

 The Passionate Eye0 comments
picture16 Feb 2004 @ 19:40
Big Space
Suzanne Vega
(Days of Open Hand)

He said you stand in your own shoes
I said I'd rather stand in someone else's
He said you look from your direction
I said I like to keep perspective
 More >

 Chrysalis0 comments
picture13 Feb 2004 @ 18:38
As I walk
down the park,
I see them,
And I watch them,
And fluttering about.  More >

 Fantastic Planet0 comments
picture12 Feb 2004 @ 11:10
The movie (a 1973 Czech/French production) is based on Stefan Wul's allegorical novel Oms en serie ( Oms by the dozen—probably a play on word from the French, hommes.)

The symbolism of a powerful technological culture subduing a (literally) smaller one, then thoughtlessly underestimating and abusing its people, is clearly nonspecific enough to apply to almost any situation of political inequity:

"On one level, it can be interpreted as an allegory of the struggle of one culture against another (at the time it was conceived in the late 60s, Russia was in the process of invading Czechoslovakia) a concept that is still very relevant today as mass media threatens to homogenize the entire world.  More >

 DreamLight4 comments
picture8 Feb 2004 @ 14:00
Saturday morning, February seventh, Two sets of dreams.  More >

 The Many Faces of Go1 comment
picture8 Feb 2004 @ 01:56
Art: Bruce Jensen ©

Go is a ballet of complementary patterns intertwining across the board.

 More >

 Creative Programming0 comments
picture5 Feb 2004 @ 13:53
"…the intention was for NCN to have many different nodes. Many local groups and many servers that facilitated people's communication…The weak point is that there isn't multiple servers controlled by different people, and a system in place so that the network communication continues no matter what part of the network drops out."

Ming The Mechanic - 02/22/2002

 More >

 Are you a computer?7 comments
picture3 Feb 2004 @ 14:36
It is likely to be only a matter of time until a machine can truly act and behave as a "ditto" as imagined by David Brin in the previous post, and take over some of the tasks we now handle ourselves (those of us who don't have a personal assistant, that is), at least via some media.
While researching the previous topic The Musing Muse happened to stumble onto this related article that was introduced some time ago on NCN's Newslog, The Musing Muse also ran into the following piece about the Turing Test by David Joerg:  More >

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