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 The UN Picks A New Leader4 comments
category picture13 Oct 2006 @ 21:51
Not really a democracy, the UN on Friday 13 October 2006 announce that a new UN leader from Korea will take over from the disgraced Koffe Annan. Ban Hoo will take over as Secretary General of the United Nations.  More >

 Perceptions of Jews by Well-Known Gentiles25 comments
category picture5 Oct 2006 @ 18:41
Some people like the Jews, and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are, beyond any question, the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has appeared in the world."  More >

 Glimpse of India2 comments
picture3 Oct 2006 @ 19:05
I have been back several months now from spending the last few years living in India. India to me, is like no other place I could imagine living in the 21st century. So old, with written history going back over 25 thousand years and modern hi tech too. For thirty years I had poor health condition of the disease of diverticulitis. that caused me pain almost daily. I had gone to hospital many times because of the severity of attacks. I learned over the years to control it with strict diet, exercise and disciplines like not eating four hours before I went to sleep. Also I had to eliminate many things from my diet like seeds, nuts, corn of any kind. Strawberries have seeds and so I could not eat them. I did not eat popcorn for 20 years. My tomatoes had to be deseeded. In my last two months in India before I returned to the USA I observed that I no longer had the attacks of diverticulitis which are similar to extreme indigestion accompanied with stomach cramps. I no longer had the pain of awakening and tiredness of fighting it off. Gradually I began testing my condition by eating foods that were forbidden to me. Slowly I came to realize that the condition that one US doctor had told me was in a terminal stage was gone  More >

 Nazis and Islamic Militants28 comments
category picture14 Sep 2006 @ 22:41
And where do we even begin in compiling a list of comparisons between radical Islam and Nazism?

(A) Virulent anti-Semitism: Nazism hated Jews to such an extent they carried out the "Final Solution" in the form of the Holocaust. In Islam, the Qu'ran tells us that the Prophet Mohammed slaughtered hundreds of Jews at Banu Qurayza and at Khaybar. Anti-Semitism is sanctioned in the Sahih Bukhari Hadith (the Hadiths consist of sayings and traditions of Prophet Mohammed that form the basis of Islamic Sharia Law) Volume 4, Book 52, Numbers 176 and 177: "The Last Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stone will (betray them) saying "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

(B) Both ideologies condone the mass slaughter of disfavoured people. In Nazism, "inferior races" were referred to as the Untermenschen (subhuman beings). Today, radical Islam refers to non-Muslims as the Kafir (infidels). Nazis exterminated Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals and the physically disabled. Islamic supremacists have been responsible for the extermination of Armenians, Hindus in India, Sudanese Christians and animists. Whereas the Nazis forced Jews to pay $1 billion reparation costs following Kristallnacht, in the Islamic Caliphate, Dhimmis were forced to pay Jizya in order to live as "protected people". Whereas Nazis developed a pecking order of the world's "races": from the Aryans at the top to the Blacks at the bottom, a similar ranking system exists in Muslim countries for categorising various faiths:. In Saudi Arabia for example, there is the concept of blood money in which a Muslim woman is valued at half the worth of a Muslim man; Christian/Jewish man and woman are worth 1/3 and 1/6 of a Muslim man, and a Hindu man and woman are worth 1/15 and 1/30 of a Muslim man. Nazism forbade the mixing of the races. In Islam, a Muslim woman may not marry a non-Muslim man.

(C) Both ideologies believed in supremacist ideology. Whereas Nazis considered Aryans to be the "master race," radical Muslims today consider themselves as the "master faith" that must eventually dominate over all mankind. In Sunan Abu Dawud Book 37, No 4310, it is written that "He will fight the people for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill the swine, and abolish Jizyah. Allah will perish all religions except Islam."

(D) Absolute rule of a charismatic leader whose authority cannot be questioned. In Islam today, we have the concept of "Mohammedprinzip": the authority of the Prophet is final, is enshrined in Sharia Law and backed by stonings, hangings and amputations.

(E) Both Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists persecuted and killed Homosexuals. Examples: [1], [2], [3], [4]

(F) Human life is considered cheap and expendable. Suicide bombings are an approved method of waging war against the infidel. Saudi girls were left to die in a burning building because authorities feared they might be seen unveiled.

(G) Xenophobia: Foreigners are a scapegoat for the ills for both societies. The scapegoats for Islam today include the Jews, Americans, westerners, Hindus, and all infidels in general.

(H) Both Nazism and radical Islam believe their community has been humiliated by outsiders, leading to the development of an honour mentality and a grievance industry. Both ideologies favour vengence upon its enemies in order to restore lost honour. For Nazis, the Treaty of Versailles was the primary scapegoat; whereas for Muslims, it include the creation of Israel, the cartoons of Mohammed by Jyllands Posten etc.

(I) Both ideologies attempt to unify the chosen people under one national entity. Nazis created the Third Reich, whereas in radical Islam, Dar al-Islam (the House of Islam) must be united under a single Caliphate practising Sharia Law (as opposed to "man-made law") and be in constant warfare with Dar al-Harb (the House of War of the infidels) until the latter ceases to exist.

(J) Both ideologies desire for more living space for the chosen people. Nazism enacted the Anschluss andthe annexation of Sudetenland. In Islam, we are currently witnessing insurgencies in the Philippines, Chechnya, Kashmir, Thailand and numerous places, the goal of which is to establish Islamic states and the implementation of Sharia law. Non-Muslim inhabitants are routinely driven out through killings or through systematic repression - this occured / is occurring to the Pandits of Kashmir, the Russians in Chechnya, Christians in northern Nigeria, Sudan and West Papua.

(K) Glorification of martyrdom and the sacrifice of the individual for the ideology: Nazis exploited the "martyrdom" of Horst Wessel and taught their young to be fearless in order to be ready to sacrifice for the Reich. Islam glorifies "martyrs" such as Ahmed Yassin, Rachel Corrie (etc). Suicide bombers are immortalised in huge murals in public squares for general public consumption, and are a pervasive element in Islamic indoctrination.

(L) Organised book burning: Nazis outlawed freedom of the press, and ordered the SA and Hitlerjugend to burn books written by "degenerate" (usually Jewish) authors. Muslims burned the Satanic Verses and threaten its author with death. Theo van Gogh was assassinated for making the film Submission. The publication of Jyllands Posten cartoons led to the torching of western embassies, and the authors of those cartoons were subjected to death threats. Critics of Islam are also routinely threatened with death (Examples: [1], [2]).

(M) Persecution of intellectuals

(N) Obsession with militarism. In the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and in other places, pre-pubescent children are taught military drills and how to handle deadly weapons in large training camps in order to physically and mentally prepare them for Jihad (Examples: [1], [2], [3]). Children are routinely used in warfare. Whereas Nazis sent 12-year olds to man anti-aircraft batteries and to defend Berlin in the closing stages of World War II, Palestinians recruit children as suicide bombers. Children as young as 12 have been sent to the front lines to march through mine fields by Ayatollah Khomeini's regime the Iran-Iraq war. A 13-year old was also used as a suicide bomber against an Iraqi tank in that war.

(O) Disdain for the arts. In Islam, artistic depiction of humans is banned, and music is outlawed. The Taliban destroyed ancient statues of Buddha in Bamiyan Valley in 1998. Currently, Egypt's pre-Islamic culture is under threat by Islamists seeking to purify the country from influences of idolatry.

(P) Disdain for education and the emphasis of physical training over intellectual pursuits.

(Q) Women are considered to occupy a strata in society below men. Whereas Nazism propagandised the notion of "Kinder, Küche, Kirche," in Islam, women are forbidden to leave their homes without the permission of the male household. Education for women is not considered necessary, leading to massive discrepancy between the literacy levels of the sexes. Women were forced to leave their jobs in Afghanistan and in Iran following the Islamic Revolution.

(R) Both movements employed foregeries in the media as a Propaganda tool. The Nazis used the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to "support" their theory that Jews were usurping control of the world. Today, the Protocols are taught as historical fact in the Arab world (as opposed to the forgery which it has been proven). Hezbollah and Palestinians use digitally-manipulated photographs and staged photographs/videos to demonise Jews in the media (Examples: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]).

(S) Mass propaganda: Nazis banned all media outlets except those approved by the Nazi Party. Censorship is prevalent in numerous Muslim countries today. In Iran for example, web blogs that are critical of the ruling regime are banned. Arab state newspapers and television channels systematically incite hatred against Israel, the United States and the west. Cartoons in Arab newspapers caricature the Jews and Americans in a manner indistinguishable from the Nazi era (Examples: [1], [2]). Both movements have dedicated propaganda ministers: for Nazism, propagandists included Joseph Goebbels and Lord Haw Haw, whereas for Islam, there is Mohammed al-Sahhaf, George Galloway (etc)

(T) Indoctrination of youth in massive organised youth movements: The Nazis outlawed all youth organisations except the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) where HJ leaders taught them with Nazi racial ideology. Hezbollah and Hamas deploy youth groups in military settings for the purpose of training the next generation to fight with the Jews (See: Palestinian child abuse). The Saudis provide billions of dollars each year to the contruction and maintenance of Wahhabist madrassas in various Third World Muslim countries teaching virulent hatred of America and the west.

(U) Both movements used slogans for group identification. Nazis employed "Sieg! Heil!" and "Heil Hitler!"; Muslims use "Allahu Akbar!"

(V) Both ideologies have a sacred text written by its charismatic leader. In Nazism, Hitler was the author of Mein Kampf - a book which became compulsory reading for children of the Third Reich. In Islam, the sacred text is the Koran written by Prophet Mohammed - a book which provides the philosophical basis of that ideology.

(W) Identifiable symbols: Nazis employed the Swastika whereas Islam employs the Crescent.

(X) Both movements use the stiff-armed salute for group identification. Examples of its use by Muslims can be found in [1], [2], [3], [4] and in numerous other places.

(Y) Both ideologies used paramilitary organisations to intimidate the citizenry and to enforce its policy. The Nazis established the Sturmabteilung (Storm Troopers) and the Schutzstaffel (SS); whereas in radical Islam, we have the Basij (Iran), the Department of the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Afghanistan), the Muttawa (Saudi Arabia) and other organisations that serve as paramilitary organs for Islamic states.

(Z) Nazis sought unsucessfully to make nuclear weapons. Will radical Islamic states now acquire them?

 More >

 The New Civilization # 20 comments
picture13 Sep 2006 @ 19:07
A new civilization model community that is started with the realization that the community will be self sustaining. A community set forth to bring together individuals who are willing to dreate a new and better way to live to be an example to all people of Earth that we can all share a new and better future existence.  More >

 The New Civilization #113 comments
picture23 Aug 2006 @ 22:12
Since I started writing these entries on creating a new civilization model community and discribing ways to finance, fund this project, I have received many emails and internal mail here at NCN. So much that over these last months I have become an authority on this subject.  More >

 The Proposal for Profit46 comments
category picture17 Jul 2006 @ 21:40
I have written a number of blog entries about the Newciv Gold Project and funding for a Newciv model community.
Originally what I proposed and have done now is create a company formation that is dedicated to discovery and devopment of gold mining in northern Neada, USA.

I have had a long and extensive experience with finding gold bearing properties, registring them and then proving them up.
I have taken an opportunity in 2006 to form the Majestic Discovery company in California to collect and register and devopment a gold ming property with proven reserves in Nevada. Gold is minded and milled in a variety of ways. The easiest types of gold to process is placer gold , that found near stream beads in gravel and quartz. There are many new high tech solutions available

I know a number of properties by personal experience and have kept in correspondence with technical people as to the most advantageous ways to develop these propeties.

I suggested all of this here at NCN to give some members opportunity to invest and receive a huge return on their investment in the form of this discovery company. It was my thought before making this proposal that of the 10,000 membership there should be qualified investors among the membership. People who have made investments in the past or are presently invested. Investments in things like mutual funds, stocks, commodities or even some members might have the knowledge and skills to play the market by observing the changing values and making puts andcalls. Or just investing in currencies. I have gained no knowledge of such members here.

From the responses that I have recieved to my various blog entries on these proposals and even my idea of using some of the profits to further and fund a model newciv community, I have had very little response. So I have taken the original proposal and presented it through several financial markets and there is interest in gold stocks, gold bars and precious metals that can be mined especially when the land can be restored after the mining.

So even if there is no direct participation by NCN members who don't or can't recieve profit I hope you wish me and these rojects well. I did and do want NCN members to profit from this experience. Even if there is little or no interest in individuals here possesing gold for keeping or for changing into goods or money. I still have some thought of benifiting members here whee I have been a long time NCN member. Maybe I will give each member one share of stock at the time when that happens. Would NCN membes accept a share?  More >

 Explosions in India 7.11.067 comments
picture11 Jul 2006 @ 21:50
Today in Mumbai, India, in the city once called Bombay, trains blew up and hundreds may have been killed. A short few months ago I was living there and saw first hand the contrasts between the Hindu and Muslim's way of life. Hindu's are a happy peoply who love their unity and harmoney.
Muslim women are covered from head to toe and masked. Muslim men for the most part wear distinctive clothes that sets them apart from other Indians. Muslim's lives are dictated to by Koranic rule. All life actions are referenced by one book. There are over 800 million Hindu's and 200 million Muslims in India. In 1948 Muslims were able to chop off part of India and call it Pakistan. Many Muslims emigrated to their new country and Hindu's came back to India.

The real contrast is that Muslims came into India in the form of Arab raiding, migrating, conquering. It was from these Arabs that took over Hindu temples and made mosques of them is how Islam came to India. Muslims who are influenced by Iran Shia are coming in conflict with the native Arab Muslims.
Both sects have a revisionist historical perspective of India that is not shared by the Hindu majority. Thus clashes.

The filthy violent eruption of explosions against innocent passengers on trains today is an example of extremism taken to the final measures by Muslims. These people who did this want to threaten Hindu's into submission to their policies,historical perspective, doctrines and dogma. More over the perpetrators of crime against humanity want to dictate India foreign policy, tax Hindu's and control Hindu religious sites. They also want another part of India broken off to form yet another Muslim country.

It is not going to happen. The trident of Hindu religion is sharp and Hindu's are not afraid to use it. In India there is rule of law. Not Sharia law. I think that the world will see that India has good police and a strong military who will swiftly bring these perpetrators of violence and murder to justice. Can Allah really want to embrace Muslims with the blood of innocents on their hands and in their heart?  More >

 Investors Want Ownership9 comments
category picture14 Jun 2006 @ 18:31

An economy in a new civilization model community should not interfere with the present day existing economic systems. A new economic system should be integrated and exterior to the present economy. Credits for work performed can be spent within the community or transferred to integrate banking systems. Some people are natural savers of a part of their incoming money. Most are not, relegating credits to pay for necessities, entertainment, transportation, communication etc  More >

 GoldX12 comments
category picture1 Jun 2006 @ 19:09
This is the height of the mining season in Northern Nevada. Most of the scheduling of leased heavy equipment is over. The claims and properties for the Newciv gold project are centered in the area around the town of Winnemucca, Nevada. The Humboldt River runs through the town of about 8 thousand people.
The main industries in the area are cattle, agriculture and mining. Nevada, known as the Silver State because of the huge deposits found and mined in the 1800’s. Found too were large deposits of gold. Within a fifty mile radius of the town are probably 100 working gold mines which run from small claims working drk stream beds to hard rock digs with rock crushers. The last I heard, one of the biggest mines, the Baron Mine, made a 70 pound “button” of gold every week on its extensive properties.

I have spent a lot of time there in Pershing County in the nineteen eighties and I acquired the rights to a lot of properties in that time period. I promoted, developed various types of gold mines. Along the way I got a real good education in the gold mining business so I have kept my eye out for places that worked for the most production done in the easiest way. That way is to find placer gold deposits that are found in gravel or quartz rock in some dry or wet stream beds. This type of rock and earth can be separated by machine or by using water to screen and separate. After the mining process is over and the ores being milled away from the mining site, the mining site can be restored of reformed. The land is reclaimable. Even when doing chemical processes it is possible after the chemical and electric milling is complete the land can be made biodegradable again. So it is possible to take vast wealth from the land and restore it to its former pristine condition. If you know where it is, register your rights to it and know how to mine, mill, smelt the processed ores.

On one property that I favor a lot I have an old mining engineer report that states there are reserve deposits of a half a million ounces of gold in the ground. At five hundred dollars an ounce that is two hundred and fifty million dollars. It would probably take about five years to get all of that and then restore the land to an even better state then it was before. There is room enough and water there for a community of several thousand people. People who could create a model community of a new civilization way of life. Not a utopia but a productive community based on pragmatic actions based in wisdom. I have offered to fund the infrastructure and create pay for members. I must know who is interested in participating. Will you help?

.  More >

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