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 Mind and Soul Control20 comments
category picture24 Jan 2005 @ 01:43
I edited this but most of the links point to on going technolgy created by the major powers to mass control minds and worse trap our souls at body death. A lot of it is disturbing reading because it is so horrible to contemplate
governmet machines issuing waves or rays used to mass manipulate our minds and our very existence here and now and in an afterlife.

Check out the links if you can stomach it. Haarp and GWEN actually exist.  More >

 The Human Spirit is immortal29 comments
picture21 Jan 2005 @ 22:22
I have watched as the Peoples Republic of China has persecuted millions of members of the only organized Chinese religion - Fulan Gong. Practicionars of Fulan Gong celebrate the existence of body, mind, spirit. That is something the opaque communist government fears. Control this life - each life belongs to the State is their motto.

So they broke this man.  More >

 Happy New Year - 2005 -9 comments
picture26 Dec 2004 @ 21:13
What will history remember of the year 2004?
From an American perspective:

•Former US President Ronald "The Gipper" Reagan, dies (May he rest in peace)

•Michael Jackson goes on trial for being a sick freak...again

•Bush wins election in landslide, causing a mass exodus of democrats to Canada

•Teresa Heinz Kerry, her big mouth & how many times she put her foot in it

•The UN is found to have been further labeled as useless and corrupt as info on how many opponents of the war in Iraq were found to have recieved bribes (mostly oil bribes) by Saddam Hussien

China goes into Space.

•France, as usual, has been found hopeless

•A school having been occupied by terrorists and the end resulting almost 300 dead, most of whom were children, making the Moscow theater incident look small in comparison in catastrophe by the reaction of Russian law enforcement

•Putin taking advantage of school attack so he may strengthen his power to create a new USSR

•Putin's KGB pals attempting to kill Pro-Western presidential candidate in Ukrainian elections so that KGB -backed candidate may win, thus giving Putin a new territory to expand the new USSR

•An oil company in Russia with a scandal making Enron look like a minor indescretion

•Arafat dies (no big loss really)

•Dan Rather giving CBS a black eye & giving other news networks hope

•Bush Time's Man of the Year 2004

•"Blogs" becoming latest fad (not to mention 2004 Word of the Year & making an impact on news reporting)  More >

 Bent Leather4 comments
picture5 Sep 2004 @ 06:27

Bent Leather  More >

 Got Milk?15 comments
picture3 Aug 2004 @ 20:56

GOT MILK  More >

 Earth8 comments
picture2 Jul 2004 @ 21:04
Well, this blog will take a different tack now. To present time USA 2004. I’d like to thank all of those NCN members who restrained themselves from commenting on my Saint Hill, Sea Org and Commodores Messenger Org(First Messenger) stories.

With these next entries please feel free to comment. The Earth we live on is precious. She nurtures all needs.  More >

 A Conversation With L Ron Hubbard6 comments
picture29 Jun 2004 @ 01:33
This story that I have been writing in this blog took place in the late nineteen sixties. I have skipped ahead of the last sections that I have written. I want to display an in depth conversation with L Ron Hubbard. Later in this story I become a member of LRH Commodore Staff, CS5-Ethics. Then I worked closely with L Ron Hubbard in his office every day and had hundreds of conversations with him.  More >

 Call to Action3 comments
picture25 Apr 2004 @ 04:27
I was sleeping in the top bunk of my student cabin when Bill Robertson woke me saying, “Come on, get up, you’re going on a mission.” “But I’m a student.” “You’ve been selected to accompany me on an important mission.” He said  More >

 OT3 - All the way through2 comments
picture24 Apr 2004 @ 02:40
In those days when I was going up and over the Scientology bridge I put a lot of intensity and focus in first getting my case handled then going Clear. I wanted to be an Operating Thetan. I learned that to keep that state of Clear OT, ethics would be a deciding factor.  More >

 OT3 and Yesteryear in the now1 comment
picture22 Apr 2004 @ 03:11
OT3 was called the Wall of Fire. It was a broad level. I learned to focus on what I needed to do to get through it and do it. Doing the auditing as I found more of me I found that I had more self control. Focus and determination.  More >

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