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 Future Day - Global Challenges for Humanity
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Thrilling last 24hrs around Future Day. Future Day. Jerry Glenn announced this only about 3 days ago, a joint effort of 6 Future Societies to make Journey around the globe, - or see the APF announcement:
Same like we did in the Global Learn Day in the 90ies with CISCO and later TALKING COMMUNITIES. 24 one hour sessions in a row with the sun at high noon!!
So I was all ears, and eyes and have dropped everything. Just getting up after hours in the cockpit and remembering what links I had promised to some of the participants, and why I had really joined !!

So what we did was a google hangout "on the fly". As you know it is all recorded and maybe later well documented, so only here my duty to open doors and crash gates where necessary .
enjoy later these YouTube recordings and come back when the documentation is on the Millennium Project website.

I have done recently a time-line of virtual conferencing exercises, maybe milestones !? of this very recent possibilities - I come exercises around e-learning and e-communication from 1981-today. Timeline.

In 2010 in Geneva at the Global Youth Conference (GYC-2010) [link] I had presented also about Dialogue and Deliberation ways and means, Structured Dialogic Design and how Issues, or Challenges, Problems should be seen in their deep connections, and so the next year this was the central issue for the Rio+20 preparatgions and recommendation (GYC-2011) The youth was excited to learn about History, Embodiment and Multi-track Diplomacy and Peacemaking, how through deliberations and influence voting we can jointly find hidden meanings and drivers. The title was: A DEMOCRATIC APPROACH TO SUSTAINABLE FUTURES and the DIGITAL PETERS (synchronoptical worldhistory):

I can only reference to the Wisdom of the People, invite to check 2 interviews with Christakis in EUROPEsWORLD and to check the GlobalAgoras [link] and the 21stCenturyAgora [link] background websites. Here the publication just hitting the streets: [link]
Another good departure is my report about the 40th Anniversary of the WFSF last year: Futures Studies - something for a Special & GLocal Interests Group (SIG vs.GIG)

Interestingly by collegue and "brother" Reynaldo had the same idea, maybe even earlier (serendipity - or it was too obvious for people knowing the Millennium Project) to adress like we proposed and worked with Youth in Eastern Europe to structure the MDGs to also do it for the 20 years collection of Challenges to Humanity, or as we discuss it now in the ECOSOC OWG process to check the connections between the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Check the slides as below.

As so many issues have been raised during the 24hrs and I always have adding in the chat links to pages in this blog on issues like SMART DATA, Wisdom of the People, Earth Day and Rober Mueller, Tagore and Einstein, WFSF, 9d and cognitive panorama, augmented realities and jusion, metaphors and interface design (Anthony Judge) [link], maps, models, sign systems, supesigns and superstructures, [link], Ekistics and General Planning and the EcoCube called Pointers to Possibilities (Anthony Judge) [link], flutes, jam sessions, merging, morphing, schemas, orders and fusion (workshop on: Computation for Metaphors, Analogy and Agents (1998) in Aizu [link] ....
I recommed to check yourself some of the entries at Quergeist (not Weltgeist or Zeitgeist): [link] or wait for the Millennium Project GFIS [link] and docu comming soon.

Well as you know I argue for GLocal Challenges (WIKIPEDIA - Hitory of the Concept [link] - but such is life... Words are always in the way, and meaning gets lost between the words and the lines when out of context. So let us remember T.S. Eliot: "make words solid..."

Meanwhile maybe check the new publication: "Connecting Dots and Space ..." and these two books about tackling the Problematique and the mentioned Strategic Articulation by Reynaldo, Bethnia New Books: Strategic Articulations ... and Democratic Approach ... and A SOCIAL SYSTEMS APPROACH FOR GLOBAL PROBLEMS
or start here: Big Smart Data - Small, Smart, Wise Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom ? or see the original OAC, Chania slides of our presentation with Christakis and Laouris from the Future Worlds Center: [link] Slides as in the figure below.

I now have to check for our ANNA LINDH SALON brunch - every first Sunday every month, so when planning to come to Berlin do not forget that Sunday.... Here an example and the website: [link]

NOTES: GRAVEL PIT - will be later deleted


- test no need to go through the ones listed as test videos…

UN AMR 2008 [link]
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A personal re-collections or inquiry for WIKIPEDIA entries by Heiner Benking check: [link] and WIKIPEDIA and picture= 10.000 words.



Cathedrals of Culture - towards Co-Creation and an Emergent Collective? [link] and the book on the new book on the "Cultured Monkey"

I also mentioned the ALS Muscel Nerves Disease ALS and the adding and exchange of senses and capabilies. Hawkins has also ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
here the bed-keynote slides with VIDEO-CLIPS - BERLIN_ TURIN

and what we did about senses and intelligences: some of this is here: NEW RENAISSANCE 3 2009 (PDF) Harmonising Spirituality, Nature and Health
Sharing Commons in an Embodied Covenant

Exploring the digital Future

Encycling Problematic Wickedness for Potential Humanity
Imagining a future Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential


Learnings from the past?
Requisite craziness?
Problems, problematique and wickedness?
Ensuring identity through property and possession?
Global "world", or requisite topology of higher dimensionality?
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Encycling rather than Encyclopedia: dynamic vs. static?
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Encycling Problematic Wickedness and Potential Humanity?

Adoring Learning (Lernschwärmen)

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