For my NCN friends4 comments
12 Feb 2002 @ 01:23
When one finds a friend
One finds the greatest wealth
That we may know.
Friends trust,
And entertain us.
Gems and jewels
Without the sun
are the same
as people without friendship
there is no sparkle

Echoes of Love.
There is:
only one planet,
only one atmosphere,
only one sea,
only one life,
only this moment.
We are the ability to know
And understand this.
There is only one binding force
In the infinite,
The spark of love.
We are but reflections
Of pure and perfect love.
When we become lovers of all,
We begin to live,
A life of understanding.  More >

 For the moment1 comment
12 Feb 2002 @ 01:21
The moment is magic,
Filled by imagination.
A crossroads
Where what is
Is created
By what has been
and what will be.
Eternally changing
Patterns of living,
Fear of this
Is emotional friction
Between the dreamers,
And the blind.

A rock in roll fantasy
The secret of eternity.
Surely our earth dances,
Rocks and rolls
Through forever thank God.
Rolls to give us day and night,
Rocks to give us summer and winter.
It is a slow dance,
But sure.
It is the dance of material
Creation.  More >

 Some wee verse5 comments
7 Feb 2002 @ 02:57

To have a vision
And move toward it
Is what we all need
In our sad sick lives
So squashed with greed
But cosmic knowledge is ours
to share.
We carry the light,
It is our joyful delight
At seeing and being
In a beautiful garden.
Our imagination will create
A walless realm,
And we will dance,
Children in the sun
Again free to relate
In open honesty.
Doing what is needed
The message of the heart
Again heeded.

Every where eye looks
Life free to be.
A joyous salute to the sun
Sustaining power.
The green vibrations stopped
In growth.
The bees know,
greater symbiotic beauty
their taking gives life
to flowery growth
Cooperative hive,
A picture of efficiency.
The birds too,
Play and sing a freedom song.
A perfect playground could be,
Except for you and me.
Like jealous Gods we rant and rave
Destroying all that we might save.
In our garden playground
Does love abound
In knowledge shared,
‘cause none has all.
Except of course for peace
Of mind.

Of Rainbows.
Even the golden light
Is not pure,
Or so it seems
For rainbows play
Throughout our dreams.
Splitting the light
For our fortunate eye,
A sign of creation
To fill the sky.
A gift from the heavens,
Comes as a vision
When one encompases
A right attitude.
Magic moments created
By play of consciousness
In its relentless drive,
The archers goal
A world where man has time
To share the beauty
That is the rainbow.  More >

 Tobin's teazer's4 comments
7 Feb 2002 @ 02:51
Grinning Rhymes.
To ease the dis ease
Juggle these,
Long may they tease.
So some rhyme,
And some attempt to stop,
Before they rhyme
The past contains the present,
We dream of the future
While attempting to relate
For I have seen
the midnight sun
and all that might
is now begun.
The garden is magical,
To perceive possibilities
Beyond the realm
Of any one person
We are collectively
Acting as God,
For the planets destiny
Is in our hands
Only the tip shows
Icebergs melt
When warmed
Therefore be
Aware of differences
Which are bound
To exist.
whilst individuals
bind themselves to being,
self concepts
You are everything,
Because everything is now.
And you are here now
aren’t you?
It is a game to play
If you have a taste
for the real world.
Bizzare but quite beautiful.
Appeal to your creator
And you will find
Your path.
Is a shedding
Of burdens
And a gaining
Of response ability.
The pearl I found
So small and round
A natural jewel
A life entity,
Beauty created
Because it iritated.
**  More >

 Some reflections on possible future direction4 comments
20 Jan 2002 @ 17:40
A concept for the future
A Vision
Rather more than a Dream
A Collective Footprint
A bold step in cooperative hope into a future
Sanity and hope
For health well being and organic integrity
This alone
with a ‘no poison’ -Zero tolerance-
for that which is not in balance.
With regards to agriculture and health.
Pharmacutical-Medical conspiracy, Ignorance
And a desire to monopolise the food chain
On the part of certain Corporates
Has created a percieved need for GE.
Manipulation of the DNA is a crime against Life
A God like act
Without God like Wisdom
Created by a certain attitude
Generated by Greed
ONLY our ignorance allows ill-health
Humans who are a-tuned and empowered with the knowledge of this age
Have no need to experience dis-ease or de-stress.
Un-contaminated by generation of abuse patterns
We are divine beings
To tamper with the divine pattern is an abuse
This will not happen in an eco-nation.

Involves making changes at a DNA level
This is the same level that the divine pattern
(I AM manifest as you)
Has been created in a moment of divine love
This is the moment of creation
The moment of divine love.
If there was an abusive pattern of dominance and control
Manifest at that time then the pattern my be somewhat
less than divine.
However our own divine intent to live in light and love as ONE NATION
Will transmute any inherited wrong
Do we trust the scientists and corporate system
To manipulate our divine organic ecosystem
And risk our future now for all the generations to come.
Its common sense
Add your support to an

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