Naked in New Orleans1 comment
picture 22 Sep 2005 @ 00:17
It is there for all to see. Agenda clear, no matter how the tragedy is unfolding we are here to profit ourselves and our friends who support us. We may appear to turn our backs on our own BUT they will do fine behind the scenes. And be very sure that at every turn we will hesitate only as long as we mustto determin that our profits and interest will be taken care of. A Brown Root has a contorted tree that it feeds, you can be very sure of that.

One needs to be very blind not to recognise a naked emporer strutting his stuff. Shakespeare had it though and we all have our en-trances and our exits, it is how we strut our stuff in the moment that matters in the grand unfolding comic drama.

Read more of the 'dirty deeds done dirt cheap' the changes are rockin' and arollin' in Trad Jazz land!!  More >

 Scape Goats Anyone?1 comment
picture 18 Sep 2005 @ 11:10
Maybe they did not want to save anyone after all?

It seems more important who you know and not what you have done, rather what you claim to have done seems to be enough as long as there are friends in all the right places (see how they run away when the mud gets between the toes).

Until the manure hits the ventilator!!!! But then its merely time to be the sacrifical donkey (hey is that a tail you are pinning on me) and move on to even greener pastures. (I guess back to the Arabian Horse Association is one option!)

It would merely be a big joke if not for the millions dispossesed experiencing very real earth changes to help them remember the need for a greater harmony on the planet. And then along comes the Duct Tape Expert to finish the job?

As long as people feel so disempowered that they seek to control the rest of the world before seeking their own inner light /dark balance (integrity = internal integration), then we will continue to experience the balanced force of the oneness as beyond us and not to be understood. The Creator has not yet finished the work of creation and we humans are the engine of the dominant (domination and dominion have the same root) vehicle currently in fashion on Gaia. One wonders where this journey may take us next.

The lessons are like a massive layer cake piled one on top of the other, however, I sense that in the chaos of these events many will forget that there is no real nourishment in cake, but it tastes good while you reflect on the needs of the moment and ask the only (IMHO) real question that emerges, "What is for the highest and Best good of All" and we is talking about more than human needs now by George....

Read the Articles....  More >

 Shame, Blame or a Sham?5 comments
7 Sep 2005 @ 09:57
At a distance all appears peaceful to the peace-filled heart.

Did I hear the alarm go off? I must have slept right through it!!
A very interesting little article I stumbled accross may add something to the soup to bring out another flavour.
It would be a shame to harp on about the essense of this present non-sense, it would break hearts open and allow a flow of the healing waters; perhaps to remove the contamination of polluted places and activities. BUT oh dear I believe we will create more deception before the redemption. Read on to get an English journo's take on this tragic event. This was published in the local New Zealand Herald. Can any sense the tounge in cheek and hear the unspoken words, do not let it vex you the V*X has a worthy answer, be careful however not to choke on it before the cruel joke of it.  More >

 Sacred Now11 comments
picture 14 Jul 2004 @ 15:21
Or is it scared now?

**** Think before you speak and be open to dialog if conflict arises. And most importantly KNOW THYSELF. This is mastery and the only way a New Civilization can happen.*****

And we must all practice what we preach if we are to walk in integrity!!!!!

I have been witness to all sorts of DRAMA in my life time. The games that go on in the wake up process are profound.
I have often refrained from commenting or entering into certain relationships as this was my way of taking it higher (choice with that which I resonate!!), and I have honoured a request to disengage when that was made. But now, profoundly amused, I find myself playing with blocks in the playground for the first time. And having seen words ex-pressed felt need to comment, so coming up against a block am here to respond.
This is a first, but always change is good, we will see where this goes to.

"I AM" as always seeking to remain open as a vehicle for SOURCE expression in the SACRED NOW.

Blessed be to all you awakening ones, may you shine brightly with your essence, true in Relation-ship NOW?  More >

 In honouring Gaia and the Changes2 comments
24 Apr 2004 @ 20:01
A Guiding Star Through the Apocalypse
A Perspective on the Millennium
©Richard Leviton

more from Richard Leviton

As this article is copyright I provide the link only here. I would recommend this as very interesting reading in view of the concerns expressed by a number of the NCN members (and perhaps of interest to many who are not also) regards the 'light' 'dark' polarity and the changes as Gaia and we her childern (we who are also the vehicle for the divine 'I AM" expressing in the material realm) birth the New Civilization and return to the 'promised garden paradise'.  More >

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