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 The Gifts of the Earth - Time to Reflect3 comments
12 Apr 2003 @ 20:51
Like many before me I became so embroiled in massing trophies, that I lost sight of what was really important in life. I cannot say in all honesty that I am still not a little too focused on the material side of life but I have come to appreciate the gifts that we receive daily.

The gift of a truly beautiful sunrise
The gift of an equally beautiful sunset
The singing of birds
The blue of the sky
The magic of clouds
The blessing of rain
The splendour of animals
The warmth of a hug from someone you love
The majesty of a beautiful tree
The struggle of a small sapling to grow tall
The blessing of flowers whose colour brightens even a grey day
The sounds of children laughing

No matter what befalls me these are gifts that are with me everyday. Gifts that money can not buy. Gifts that greedy corporations and governments can not take from me no matter how they try. They are gifts of love, of peace and abundance.

I treasure them more each day.

Written By Salama (April 2003)  More >

 Innocence Lost2 comments
20 Mar 2003 @ 12:52
With the bombing yesterday our world changed. I believe that peace is the way forward but accept that sometimes we have to take action to liberate people from oppression. Regardless of whether we stood by and let the people of Iraq continue to suffer under the regime or whether action such as started yesterday was taken, someone was would lose. Perhaps this is the sacrifice that some have chosen to make to achieve true peace. I am torn whichever way it goes.

This morning we were advised that an early warning system is to be tested on the Sydney Harbour Bridge today. We were told not to panic – that said our world has changed..we have been advised to take caution traveling in our underground road and rail tunnels…our world has changed..I can not express in simple terms my sadness.

I pray for the souls that will lost - I pray for peace..  More >

 Why Are We So Selective?5 comments
15 Mar 2003 @ 16:50
I watch with curiosity as millions protest around the world demanding peace and no war against Iraq. I certainly do not want war - who in their right mind does BUT and there is always a but, why do we turn our eyes from the suffering of others. Why do we mass in our millions to protest over Iraq and we fail to speak out against other practices and horrors? Is it because we have become so desensitise that we fail to feel? Is it because we are becoming 'popular' cause people and therefore it is 'trendy' to jump on the Bush, Blair bashing road show?

I read this morning in an UK newspaper a feature story on the life of a British Nurse who is living in Kenya working with abandoned babies. Small souls cast out to die. Dumped on rubbish tips and even more shocking sold as voodoo sacrifices. Why is this not on the front page of every newspaper around the world.

It broke my heart to read of a baby dumped on a rubbish tip in a cardboard box immediately after birth. The poor little soul had lain there for hours, perhaps days and a wild dog had tried to devour him. He lost a big toe and part of his face in the attack. He was thankfully rescued and he will have surgery in the UK to fix his face at some time. Other babies are not so lucky and some in fact are buried alive.

As I said, why is this not and many other stories of similar experiences not on the front page of every newspaper. Top of line on each TV news program. Why are the millions not protesting about this. Why Are We So Selective? Where is our Compassion?  More >

 In This Time Of Turmoil0 comments
15 Mar 2003 @ 16:14
I would like to share with you a verse from a poem by P.B. Shelley - 'The Clouds' - this verse has sustained me and given me hope and courage when times have been tough.

I am the daughter of Earth and Water.
And the nursling of the Sky;
I pass through the pores of the ocean and shores;
I change, but I cannot die.
For after the rain when with never a stain,
The pavilion of Heaven is bare,
And the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams,
Build up the blue dome of air,
I silently laugh at my own cenotaph,
And out of the caverns of rain,
Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from the tomb,
I arise and unbuild it again.

What ever besets us over the next few weeks, we will arise stronger and more united, Let us pray that commonsense prevails.

 The Burning of the Earth5 comments
14 Feb 2003 @ 21:57
I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts. I wrote this back in December 2001. It is true today as we continue to battle fires in this beautiful place that I call home.  More >

 I Dream1 comment
14 Feb 2003 @ 21:41
I dream of a world where each can live their life without judgement, without harm and pain.

I dream of a world where we are one and all things are truly connected,
I dream of a world where we can communicate as equals with living creatures and the earth.

I dream of a world where we recognise the value of all that is around us, where we can draw upon each other be we human or animal or object and heal and grow and learn;
I dream of world without hate.

I dream of a world of plenty where to share is encouraged and where each is a winner.

I dream of a world not scarred by war, where children can be children, where the old are respected and loved.

I dream of a world where the colour of your skin, the shape of your eyes and the way you dress is honoured not the subject of hate and ridicule.

I dream of world where love and harmony are diamonds, where money and greed do not exist.

I dream of a world where music and the living landscape are the 'drugs' that sustain us.

I dream of a world where a beautiful sunset and sunrise free of pollution is revered, so each of us has a picture worth more than any Picasso of our wall of life.

I dream of a world where the trust and love shown to us by our animals is given back to each and every one of them.

I dream of a world where a beautiful tree can live its life in majesty, where the sight of a mighty Oak is the altar on which we worship.

Yes, I dream…..


At this time of turmoil I pray that peace and harmony will reign in balance with all. May peace and love over come.  More >

 Not Alone1 comment
14 Feb 2003 @ 21:32
She sits on a bench; she is alone in this world, life has dealt her harsh lessons.

Her clothes are rags her hair is matted, she carries her possessions in a plastic bag.

She was once beautiful, life held many exciting challenges, She was wanted and needed and loved.

She was not to know that life could be so cruel, that her world could turn upside down without warning.

Many rush past with nary a glance, absorbed in their worlds,
they have little time to reflect and ponder.

They have business to attend to they have family to care for, She has none of these things. Some stop and snigger point and laugh, she maintains her dignity.

She knows that her true friends are the trees, the animals that scurry around her feet. For they do not ignore her, they do not mock her, they accept her for what she is. They love her and they need her. For they at least recognise we are one.

Her spirit soars…..for she is not alone.

Salama  More >

 The Inspiration of Life5 comments
8 Feb 2003 @ 21:39
As I gaze from my window I see the world that surrounds me in all of it's beauty. Whilst the earth is parched and brown due to the lack of rain, the trees still stand tall and proud. The birds still frequent my garden looking for food and their song is an inspiration.

A gentle breeze blows and I smell the warmth of the earth and I feel the energy that surrounds me. All is right with my world.  More >

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We are each part of the other.  May we join in friendship and love. 


For each of us expression is such an important right.  To share our views and to have the ability to learn from each other a privilege that many of us take for granted.  Our quest is peace.  May we unite in that cause. 

Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul. Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.

Jawaharlal Nehru - Indian politician (1889 - 1964)



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