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 The Abolition of Rights0 comments
23 Oct 2005 @ 04:19
How coincidental is it that we are hearing more and more with respect to the so called ‘spread’ of bird flu across the world just at the time when a number of governments are introducing new laws based on the lies of the threat of terrorism?

Is this a deliberate attempt to divert our attention from what is taking place in removing our freedoms? I suspect so.

Lets face it, we as individuals (on mass) haven’t fallen apart over the possible threat of being blown up. In fact most people are very philosophical about this issue. Many are also now questioning why we have to have anti-terrorism laws. As the voice of the people increases (over this issue) those who seek to drive the mission of the New World Order create yet another diversion – increasing the anxiety over the possible spread of Bird Flu.

Some interesting facts to ponder

Hundreds of thousands of people in Asia come into contact on a daily basis with birds. Yes affected birds at that. Yet the deaths from bird flu are less than that of normal flu. How interesting - does this sound like SARS all over again.

Over a 30-year period the IRA carried out numerous acts of terrorism across the world and in particular in Britain and Northern Ireland. Bombings and shootings claimed hundreds of innocent lives. The governments of the day at no time envisaged the abolition of habeas corpus (the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to legal defence), so why now?

By what God given or elected right do leaders such as Blair, Bush and Howard have to start acting like dictators in abolishing the rights and freedoms (our ancestors) have fought so hard to gain and retain for us. Have they asked us what we want? No they haven’t.

Do NOT be diverted from the real threat. It isn’t terrorism, it isn’t bird flu it is our elected leaders of the ‘free-world’. Over the years we have one threat after another – and in recent history the PLO, Hitler, IRA and on each occasion we have beaten that threat. Why should it be any different now.

 The Light Movie2 comments
16 Oct 2005 @ 01:40
I found this inspiring and yes a little emotional. It touched my heart and today of all days I needed to receive this message. Thank you to my froend who sent this to me. Now it is my turn to share with you.

In these troubled times when it is so easy for us to lose our way to be remindered of the value of our connection to light is so very important. It is what life is about and it is the very essence of our being. Blessings Nemue.. [link]  More >

 Massive Earthquakes in Asia9 comments
picture 9 Oct 2005 @ 02:34
Yet again Mother Earth has unleashed her fury on the people of the earth with massive earthquakes in Pakistan, Kashmir and India. All reports indicate that the death toll will be in the thousands many young children.

By all reports this most recent earthquake was the biggest to ever hit the Asian region and I fear this will not be last.

Our cousins in Guatemala are also suffering with 1400 people reported killed in mudslides. We are still recovering from the recent hurricanes in the US where once again hundreds of people perished or are no left with nothing.

The questions am now asking myself are – are these events linked? Is this part of the wake-up call for mankind and will these events get even more relentless if we don’t start changing our attitude. Are we manifesting these events ourselves as part of our ever-increasing behaviour of suspicion, hate and self-absorption? I’m OK stuff everyone else this goes for people and the earth. Or is this just part of the grand plan of self-destruction? .

[link]  More >

 Government Announcement0 comments
11 Sep 2005 @ 02:54
This is doing the rounds at the moment. Says it all in my book.

Today the government announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a "condom" because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

Damn! It just doesn't get any more accurate than that now does it......

Seriously, we can laugh about this, but you see this happening all over the world. The raping of our lives and our futures for what? A better world? I think not.

 Illusion2 comments
picture 24 Jul 2005 @ 05:23
Not sure why this resonated with me particularly today but it did so perhaps it will also resonate with you.

"You are Multidimensional Beings, functioning within many life contexts at once. Oneness is your touchstone, a place of reset and renewal. You have the ability to make each reality seem like it's own "objective" world. When you are invested within some frame of consciousness, it almost seems as if that world is All That Is! This is the gift of physicality, neatly administrated by your ability to hermetically seal each "movie" with an appropriate beginning, middle, and end. But really, there is no end. Every story plays on and on, forever! Each Cosmic Video can be checked out and enjoyed by anyone, anytime. And they are all YOU--home movies of the Oneself, recording each stage of Our soul's eternal exploration.

Many there are who would like to dismiss physical reality as mere illusion. But this is only partially true. What is seen in physical context is quite real, and it is also eternal. It just isn't complete, that's all. The "illusion" of physicality is its implication that what is seen in any reality context is ALL THERE IS that exists in that particular space. It suggests that what is transpiring in front of you is moving toward some end, a "conclusion" that will give meaning to the experience. But, in the expanded sense, there is no beginning, and there is no end. There are only individual patches, that are sewn together into a wall-hanging--tapestries of experience that you hang upon the walls of your mind and heart. You take a piece of reality, and you sew its seams onto another piece. And SO IT SEEMS to be moving and alive. And for you, it does live! Do you understand this?

If the world that you know was a custom-made coat, it would be the stitch work of a Divine Tailor. If the infinite possibilities of All That Is and All That Could Be were laid out like fine cloth--your eyes and your ears would be as His shears--cutting from that fabric a piece of space and time."

[link]  More >

 We Were ARE Not Afraid3 comments
picture 12 Jul 2005 @ 11:48
Whilst there are those who serve to damage our world there are many more who are now standing up to counted. I heard about this site this morning and decided to take a look. As you can see the site managers’ state that 4-milloion people have stopped by to take a look. Many hundreds have also posted their message to the world stating they are not and will not be forced to hide in fear because of mindless terrorists.

Tomorrow I will also post my pledge – please come join me in getting the message out for all who wish to see. Blessings Nemue
[link]  More >

 London Rocked By Bomb Blasts0 comments
7 Jul 2005 @ 14:06
Yet again innocent people are torn apart by bomb blasts this time in beautiful London. There has been multi attacks with both a bus and the underground hit. The latest reports say that perhaps 15-20 people have died and the injured numbers many more. These were innocent people on their way to work. One has to ask the question yet again what does this achieve except misery, pain and more dangerously hate.

It saddens me to read many of the posts on various web sites to night where people are venting their anger against Muslims and various other groups. This serves nothing other than propagating hate of one group by another. Little has been said about the pain and loss of those impacted by this tragedy. .

I pray for those who have left this earth and I would hope that their passing (yet again) has not been in vain. I also send prayers to the families who have lost their loved ones as a result of the senseless act.

More shame on the human race.

 Lions Rescue a 12-Year Old Girl2 comments
picture 25 Jun 2005 @ 13:31
The animal world never ceases to amaze. We talk often of angels and angels can take many forms. In this case the angels took the form of three wonderful lions.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- Police say three lions rescued a 12-year-old girl kidnapped by men who wanted to force her into marriage, chasing off her abductors and guarding her until police and relatives tracked her down in a remote corner of Ethiopia.
[link]  More >

 Breaking News4 comments
15 Jun 2005 @ 09:32
Short but sweet.

It has just been announced that Australian hostage Douglas Wood has been released. This is not only great news for us Aussie's but also I suspect American's as Mr Wood and his family live in the US. This was a joint effort.

Of special note is the role that our local Australian Muslim leaders and in particular Australia's Mufti Sheikh Taj Aldin Alhilali played in securing Mr. Wood's release. Sheikh Alhilali made two trips to Iraq in an effort to secure Mr. Woods release. This does more toward bridging the divide than any posturing that comes from our so call political leaders.

One small step and so on and so on...  More >

 Nigeria's Oil War1 comment
2 Jun 2005 @ 10:06
The war in both Afghanistan and Iraq has drawn the attention of the world to the conspiracy that surrounds the control and take over of the world’s oil resources. Take over by oil conglomerates aided by government administrations such as the Bush administration. The thrust of the powerful to increase their wealth as the expense of the poor!!!

It was therefore with some fascination that I watched a story on Foreign Correspondent ABC Australia this week covering the little publicised Oil War in Nigeria. There were three aspects to this story that were of note. First and foremost we have a despotic local government in cohorts with the US Government and US and European owned companies exploiting the resources of 3rd world countries. Secondly is the impact left on the landscape as a result of the rape of the environment? The pollution of the waterways is breath taking, to say the least. Pipes regularly explode setting off fires. They showed tracks of forest razed to the ground. The land will never recover when this happens. This has a significant impact on
agriculture and therefore the ability of people to feed themselves.

The practices of companies such as Shell, Exxon to name but two would never be tolerated in developed countries. The most damming of all is what is happening to the people. The story showed dozers demolishing the only shelter (shanties at that) that thousands of locals had. They left children, women and men with nothing and why? For more oil wells!!
The people of Nigeria get nothing – foreign companies and government officials both local and as mentioned US take the lot. This is world we live in.

The saving grace is the Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force. See link for story. I think when you read this story you will see why the American Govt. is so interested in gaining control.

I watch with interest at the developments.

[link]  More >

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