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 Burma - Forgotten Land2 comments
picture 29 May 2005 @ 02:45
Burma the little country which the world at large has conveniently forgotten. More importantly the self professed saviours of the modern world, the champions of the peace process and architects of liberation (said with tongue in cheek) from them nary a word is spoken.

It is 15 years since the people of Burma elected the National league for Democracy with a whopping margin of 80% and in doing so appointed their leader Aung San Suu Kyi to lead their nation. As is the wont in Burma it was only a matter of days before the generals overturned the result in one of most sadistic and genocidal acts of terror in our history. Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest ever since. This is 15-years held a prisoner and her crime she won a democratic election!

Human rights abuse in Burma is breathtaking. Children used as slave labour, people used as human landmine detonators. The peoples of Chin, Kachin, Karenni, Mon, Karen, Arakan and Shan exterminated, women and children raped and why – because they have the temerity to want to retain their culture, nothing more, nothing less. These are peoples who live in the deep jungles but of course the jungles are rich in teak and it would be no surprise to discover that the generals who wreck such havoc on the lives of the peasant tribes have made them multi-millionaires. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. Just another country and another corrupt regime.

When did you see this story on the front pages of the newspapers or on the TV? Well you don’t. American doesn’t care, we down here don’t care, the UK doesn’t care in fact no one cares. Burma used to be part of the British Commonwealth but as Frederick pointed out London is silent. The point of the story is this. If Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction (as we are now told) and the free world only invaded Iraq because Saddam was a despot (but sorry we couldn’t tell you this before we went it) and the free world was liberating the people why are we not invading Burma to set their people free? After all the democratically elected leader of Burma was overthrown and is now held prisoner and she has been for 15-years. I would have thought our self-professed saviours of the modern world; the champions of the peace process and architects of liberation would be in there is a flash.  More >

 Japan to Slaughter Humpback Whales2 comments
14 May 2005 @ 08:48
Japan will go to a meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in June asking to extend its quota of about 440 minke whales a year to humpback whales - an endangered species. There are only around 4000 humpback whales and this number has only been reached after years of banning the slaughter of these majestic and magical creatures.

Japan should be condemned at the highest levels if they proceed with this application. This has nothing to do with research (which is their excuse for slaughtering minke whales). This is all about consumers and the restaurant trade in Japan.

The Australian Government should also be condemned for the soft stance they are taking. Although in their defence the Japanese do not recognise Australia’s sovereignty over the waters of the Antarctic.,10117,15280845-2,00.html  More >

 Shame.Shame..Shame..1 comment
picture 29 Apr 2005 @ 10:15
It seems we have been fighting this battle for years. How can any decent person subject these beautiful little animals to such a cruel and senseless death.

"Nearly 1 million baby seals will be clubbed or shot to death in Canada in just three years. Shockingly, the hunt is subsidized by the Canadian government!"

When we wll learn this ISN'T the way..this brings nothing but shame of the Canadian Government and those people who are involved in this practice.

Please sign this petition...This just breaks my heart... [link]  More >

24 Apr 2005 @ 02:26
(This picture above was taken onboard a ship during transit from Australia to Asia)

I have been reading a number of horrific articles (and reacquainting myself with previous articles) this weekend with respect to the treatment of animals:

Animal death camps in Europe. When animals are put to death in the most appalling circumstances and where they suffer unbelievably cruel deaths

Live animal transport trade from Australia to many markets overseas. I urge you to NOT eat any meat that is transported live from Australia. Better still just don’t eat meat period...

Dog and cat farming in Europe. The vanity of people who think it is fashionable to wear fur

Animal testing. One of most vile exploitations and invasions of animal rights. The lies that are told about animal testing are breathtaking.

I thought this was a goodtime to promote the following. Until we learn to respect other forms of life we will never learn to respect human life. We are all connected and what pain and cruelty man inflicts on defenceless animals we inflict on our own kind.

Article 1:
All animals are born with an equal claim on life and the same rights to existence.

Article 2:
All animals are entitled to respect. Man as an animal species shall not arrogate to himself the right to exterminate or inhumanely exploit other animals. It is his duty to use his knowledge for the welfare of animals. All animals have the right to the attention, care and protection of men.

Article 3:
No animal shall be ill treated or be subjected to cruel acts

Article 4:
All wild animals have the right to liberty in their natural environment, whether land, air or water

Article 5:
Animals of species living traditionally in a human environment have the right to live and grow at the rhythm and under the conditions of life and freedom peculiar to their species. Any interference by man with this rhythm of these conditions for purposes of gain is an infringement of their rights.

Article 6:
All companion animals have the right to complete their natural life span. Abandonment of an animal is a cruel and degrading act.

Article 7:
All working animals are entitled to a reasonable limitation of the duration and intensity of their work, to the necessary nourishment and to rest.

Article 8:
Animal experimentation involving physical or psychological suffering is incompatible with the rights of animals, whether it be for scientific, medical, commercial or any other form of research. Replacement methods must be used and developed. Alternatives to animal experimentation should be prepared.

Article 9:
No animal shall be exploited for the amusement of man.
Exhibitions and spectacles involving animals are incompatible with their dignity.

Article 10:
Any act involving the slaughter of the animal is biocide, that is, a crime against the life.

Article 11:
Any act involving mass killing of Universal Rights Universal Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948 Universal Declaration of the Rights of Animals, October 15, 1978 wild animals is genocide, that is, a crime against the species. Pollution or destruction of the natural environment leads to genocide.

Article 12:
Dead animals shall be treated with respect. Scenes of violence involving animals shall be banned from cinema and television except for human education.

Article 13:
Representatives of movements that defend animal rights should have an effective voice at all levels of government. The rights of animals, like human rights should enjoy the protection of law.

International League for Animal Rights

 More >

 The State of the Earth0 comments
17 Apr 2005 @ 02:36
There are more and more stories appearing around the globe about possible eruption. Even down here in Australia scientist are watching a number of places that millions of years ago were active volcanos. These sites have been ‘dead’ for millions of years – so it begs the question why the concern now? Should we be worried?

The following is also a story of interest.


Beneath the serene surface of Yellowstone Lake, where death from hypothermia comes within 30 minutes, seethes a boiling underwater world.

And like a pot too long on the stove, it could boil over, says U.S. Geological Survey geologist Lisa Morgan, Ph.D., of Colorado.

She and others from the USGS have been studying the hottest hot spot in the 7,731-foot elevation lake, a spot which Morgan has termed an "inflated plain." It lies south-southwest of Storm Point near Mary Bay, in the northern end of the lake.

Morgan, representing both the USGS and Yellowstone Volcanic Observatory, is in the process of mapping the lake floor with seismic reflection images. She uses a sonar system that emits sound waves. Morgan has taken 240 million soundings in the last four years.

She has found that temperatures along the inflated plain have been recorded at about 85 degrees 60 feet down, where the plain bulges up about 100 feet above the lake floor. (Park spokesman Cheryl Matthews says the lake rarely reaches more than 66 degrees at the surface by late summer, and is much colder deeper down.) The inflated plain stretches 2,100 feet - about the length of seven football fields - across.

"We think this is very young," something that occurred in the last few years, Morgan said.

"We're thinking this structure could be a precursor to an hydrothermal explosive event," Morgan said last week. "But we don't think this is a volcano."

 Alien Collaboration3 comments
picture 16 Apr 2005 @ 06:53
I have yet to reach a conclusion on this but I thought it was interesting enough to share.......

On going extraterrestrial activity is taking place in ISRAEL since 1995. Alien medical teams from other realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums alternative medicine clinics. Patients feel strange sensations during the treatments (itching, heat or cold, increase or decrease in gravity sensations and many more) and some even see and communicate with the Aliens medical teams. The number of clinics has increased steadily and presently ( 2003 ) there are 50 clinics in ISRAEL and 464 in the USA, (according to the Aliens) [link]  More >

 Human Multidimensional Consciousness0 comments
picture 11 Apr 2005 @ 10:40
Reverse engineering extraterrestrial UFO communications systems provides clues to human multidimensional consciousness and existence


 Earth Day March - April 22nd0 comments
picture 10 Apr 2005 @ 05:42
Join the Earth Day Virtual March. Say "NO" to oil drilling in America's wilderness!

If you cannot be there is person please join the 'virtual' march. Please send this link to as many of your friends and family as you can.


 An Analysis of its Exopolitical Implications1 comment
picture 3 Apr 2005 @ 04:51
I was doing some research today and came across this article. Thought I would share.

Exopolitical Comment # 27 - Teleportation Physics Study - An Analysis of its Exopolitical Implications

A special study commissioned by the US Air force on the viability of teleportation was recently released for public dissemination. The "Teleportation Physics Study" was the result of a subcontracted study performed by a Nevada based company, Warp Drive Metrics, for the United States Air Force Research Laboratory based at Edward Air Force Base. The Study focused on different modes of teleportation and analyzed their viability for widespread military and civilian applications in communications and transportation. The Study distinguished between different forms of teleportation. These modes included the classic Star Trek version, called sci-fi teleportation ('sf-Teleportation' ); teleportation of an objects 'quantum state' or 'unique identity', called 'quantum -' or 'q-Teleportation'; and a psychic form of teleportation called 'p-Teleportation'.

[link]  More >

 Killer quake hits western Indonesia2 comments
picture 29 Mar 2005 @ 09:11
Killer quake hits western Indonesia
16:52 AEDT Tue Mar 29 2005

The latest death toll figure is 2000. Please say a prayer foe these people.

AP - A powerful 8.7-magnitude earthquake has hammered Indonesia's west coast, collapsing homes and burying sleeping residents inside and sparking panic across Indian Ocean countries still traumatised by the tsunami disaster three months ago.

Death toll estimates varied widely, from about 200 to ten times that number.

While fears of another tsunami catastrophe faded when no waves appeared in the hours immediately after the overnight quake, the force of the temblor brought down 70 per cent of the buildings in a market district in a town on nearby Nias island, officials said.

"It is predicted - and it's still a rough estimate - that the number of the victims of dead may be between 1,000 and 2,000," Vice President Jusuf Kalla told the el-Shinta radio station in Jakarta on Tuesday morning.

He said the estimate was based on the number of buildings damaged when the quake hit about an hour before midnight Monday, not on bodies counted.

Hours later, Information Minister Sofyan Djalil said that initial reports from the island indicated that between 100 and 200 had perished. Local officials reported nearly 300 dead, and said they were pulling bodies from the rubble.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono postponed a planned visit Wednesday to Australia and said he would fly to Nias to assess damage. The timing of his visit to Nias was not immediately confirmed, nor was a new date for Yudhoyono's Australian trip.

"The president would like to find out the extent of the damage and casualties," Presidential spokesman Andi Malarangeng told The Associated Press. "It is certain that the visit to Australia has been postponed."

Early reports suggested the town of Gunungsitoli on Nias, which lies off Sumatra's western coast, was worst hit.

"From the window I see very high flames," the Rome-based missionary news agency MISNA quoted Father Raymond Laia as saying by telephone. Laia was stationed about 3km from town.

"The town is completely destroyed," Laia said, adding that reports said thousands were injured.

Thousands more fled to the island's hills and remained there Tuesday morning.

"It's difficult to get information - all the government officials have run to the hills because they are afraid of a tsunami," said presidential envoy T.B. Silalahi.

The United States, Japan and Australia said they were ready to send troops to the stricken island to help with the cleanup if Jakarta asks.

The earthquake - which occurred along the same tectonic fault line as the massive 9.0-magnitude temblor that caused the Dec. 26 Indian Ocean tsunami - triggered panic in several Asian countries when governments issued warnings that another set of deadly waves may be about to hit.

Coastal residents from Indonesia to Thailand to Sri Lanka fled to higher ground, before hearing hours later that no killer waves had materialised.

In Banda Aceh, capital of Indonesia's Aceh province, which was hardest-hit by the December tsunami, thousands of people poured into the streets, most getting onto motorcycles or into vehicles to flee low-lying areas.

"It was horrible, the only thing on my mind was how to get out of the house immediately and save my 3-and-a-half month baby girl," said 27-year-old Marlina. "I ran outside with my husband to our neighbour's house and sat there for about a half-hour, and prayed that the tsunami won't come again because we have suffered enough."

In Sri Lanka, warning sirens blared along the island nation's east coast and President Chandrika Kumaratunga urged people to evacuate. The government later withdrew its tsunami warning.

"It was like reliving the same horror of three months ago," said Fatheena Faleel, who fled her home with her three children.

On Nias, about 70 per cent of the houses and buildings in the market area in Gunungsitoli town collapsed from Monday night's quake, local police Sgt. Zulkifli Sirait said.

Another police officer, who identified himself as Nainggolan, said rescuers were trying to pull people out of the rubble and struggling with a lack of electricity, and that more rescuers and medics were sorely needed. Many people were panicking because of aftershocks, he said.

A quake of 5.7 magnitude struck the area Tuesday morning, the Hong Kong Observatory reported.

Dave Jenkins, a New Zealand physician and surfer who runs the relief agency SurfAid International from the western Sumatran city of Padang, said he feared for the safety of about 10,000 people living on the tiny Banyak Islands, close to the undersea quake's epicentre.

He said he was departing for the islands in a boat carrying enough medical supplies to treat 10,000 people for three months.

"We're sending two doctors and two nurses. I'll get up there myself," he told The Associated Press.

Nias, a renowned surfing spot, was badly hit by the Dec. 26 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that killed at least 174,000 people in 11 Indian Ocean nations. In that quake, at least 340 Nias residents perished and 10,000 were left homeless.

Indonesian officials said the epicentre of Monday's quake was 90 kilometres (56 miles) south of the island of Simeulue, off of Sumatra's western coast, and just north of Nias. It was felt as far away as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

©AAP 2005  More >

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