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 Serious Questions go Unanswered in Mental Health Movement10 comments
picture3 Jun 2007 @ 21:56, by jerryvest. Medicine, Healthcare
Serious Probems Continue in MH -

"Simply understanding 'reasons' for our fears in an attempt to control them only strikes at the symptoms, not the cause. The real source of fear lies in our minds--adding more thoughts and concepts only supports the pattern of fear. We need a different approach. (Tarthang Tulku, Openness Mind, (p. 22)

I don't know how many of you notice that almost daily we have some serious reports in the news media about mental health treatment: over-diagnosing; drug research is flawed; psychiatrists and researchers taking money from the pharmaceutical industry; "stressed out moms receiving poor MH treatment;" failing to provide early MH care;" persons diagnosed with bipolar disease improperly treated and misdiagnosed;" colleges struggle with mental health crisis; and, the list goes on.

If you wish to visit these articles and read them, they are available on my forum. [link] I will post some links and headlines here so that you can quickly review the articles:

Psychotropic Drug Prescriptions For Teens Surge 250% Over 7 Year Period

Science Daily — "Psychotropic drug prescriptions for teenagers skyrocketed 250 percent between 1994 and 2001, rising particularly sharply after 1999, when the federal government allowed direct-to-consumer advertising and looser promotion of off-label use of prescription drugs, according to a new Brandeis University study in the journal Psychiatric Services."

A Battle With Depression and Suicidal Tendencies

"A decade ago the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice accused Dr. Faruk Abuzzahab of a reckless, if not willful, disregard for the welfare of 46 patients, 5 of whom died in his care or shortly afterward. The board suspended his license for seven months and restricted it for two years after that."

UC struggles with mental health crisis
29 students killed themselves in 2000-05, panel says; officials strive to find money to hire more counselors. By Richard C. Paddock
LOS ANGELES TIMES Article Launched: 05/31/2007 03:04:41 AM PDT" [link]

The mental health crisis that isn't
Statistics don't support fears of a psychological emergency on our college campuses.
By Mike Males, MIKE MALES, former sociology instructor at UC Santa Cruz, is senior researcher for the online information site [link]

US: Bipolar Spectrum Disorder May Be Underrecognized and Improperly Treated

Older Patients with Major Depression Live Longer with Appropriate Treatment
Older patients with major depression whose primary care physicians team with depression care managers are 45% less likely to die within a 5-year time period than older adults with major depression who receive their care in primary care practices where there are no depression care managers. This study, conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, appears in a recent issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.


US: New Details in Schizophrenia Treatment Trial Emerge
Posted by Gary Holden at April 3, 2007 11:43 AM [link]

My personal experiences with mental health programs have shaped my feelings and interest in change.

I have many fond memories of working with my colleagues in designing, developing and administering a comprehensive MH/MR Program in Pittsburgh, Pa during the early 70's. I also have some pretty strong feelings about the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) that serves as the classification system for Psychiatry and Psychology, primarily because these labels stick with most patients for a life time; there is no serious effort to change or expunge them when conditions change; and, our core values as a profession (and for medicine) is to support our clients with dignity and respect by offering "best practices & scientific research," including followup.

Some questions we might ask our colleagues to review and for psychiatry and psychology to repond to: Why do you accept money and samples from pharmaceutical companies? Why do you continue to define, categorize, and label your patients with a system that can not stand the test of reliability or validity? Why do you prescribe drugs that are not thoroughly tested by outside resources and without vested interests? Why won't you protest the practice of pharmaceutical companies doing their own research on their drugs? Why won't you explore and incorporate integrative health practices from many traditions that have demonstrated success over many centuries?

Furthermore, why have our health professionals accepted the concept of "Mental Health" as their focus, when, in fact, what affects the body affects the mind, emotions and spirit? Mind-body-spirit are integral and every thought or physical action represents a movement and change in relationships with our whole being. Thus, "mental health," is a misnomer--our whole being, its relationships and interactions are engaged in the process of change, health and well-being.

Unfortunately, many social workers have also jumped on the 'band wagon' and have wrapped themselves around this labeling system without fully understanding or appreciating the dangers and lack of validity and reliability of the entire system. It is particularly evident to me that MSW Licensing Exams & Licensing Boards for social workers have embraced labeling and the disease model with their tests and have accepted this system as their best source of understanding of our clients' problems. Medicine and social work have always maintained that their motto is--"Cause no Harm!" We consider ourselves scientists while offering little scientific evidence of the efficacy for diagnosis and treatment for mental health concerns. Yet, there is growing evidence that much of what they offer their patients is a scam. These reports that I am posting clearly show that "humpty dumpty-mental health is about to have a big fall."

Surely, after reading my earlier log on the DSM and with the inclusion of these recent articles showing the dangers of the MH System it appears to me that this system should be bulldozed and everyone working in the mental health industry should roll up their shirt sleeves and get to work cleaning up their ACT. I have many friends and colleagues in this industry and I know that many of them would like to see some radical changes; however, they also may not recognize the dangers, are fearful about speaking out, and are not encouraged or supported to present their views. Our universities throughout the country are also very timid about raising the Red Flag in regard to the MH system as many journals, accredited courses, grants, scholarships, and many sources of funding could be endangered should they speak the truth.

This log is really just an addendum to my earlier log showing how dysfunctional the MH System of America really is. It is very hard for me to have to put such a negative slant or picture on a whole network of mental health programs and activities. But, as long as social workers and allied mental health professionals adopt the psychiatric/psychological model of sick care, we will continue to enable a failed system and be a major part of the problem.

I encourage those of us who have the strength, courage and willingness to improve health services for individuals, couples, families, groups and communities, to begin adopting ecological, holistic or integrative health practices; applying, teaching and empowering our clients to maintain balance with daily health practices or routines that include our whole being--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; and, focus our efforts on primary prevention, improvement of schools, living conditions and on parenting skills. When basic human needs are ignored in our society, for the most part, the deprivation, abuse and neglect are the leading cause of mental illness.

Finally, I hope, the mental health movement and professionals will move out of their private offices and into the wider community, promote whole health, and get over their fear of physical interaction (touch) Perhaps the MH movement is failing, in part, because they have failed to recognize that every human being - therapists included, "...needs to touch and to be touched." See, Montagu, A. (1986). Touching - The human significance of the skin. NY: Harper & Row.

Also, do read this important contribution to medicine, psychiatry, psychology, social work, nursing and to others who fear touch. The following is an unsolicited website by Dr. Ofer Zur offering free articles that make more sense than much of our current mental health practices, theories and dogma. [link]  More >

 WOUNDED HEALER20 comments
picture20 Apr 2007 @ 02:40, by sprtskr. Medicine, Healthcare
My name is Spiritseeker, a screen name I gave myself when I started using the internet. This name has played a very strong part in my life. I am a Chippewa indian which makes this name even more important. I have lived my life like a champion for the poor,neglected and abused but not as well as I could have. In 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had one chemo treatment. I read many articles about it on the net and found that chemo and radiation is a steady killer that will kill you faster then the cancer. After refusing more treatments I became healthy and stronger then I had been in a long time. Well this wasn't to be the end of my cancer. It showed up last august as bone cancer. I was told the cancer had traveled through my blood and caused this along with lung cancer. The next stop could be brain cancer but I'm hoping to beat it. Every month I have became stronger in my positive attitude that the cancer levels have lowered with each blood test I got. There isn't anything I did that should of done that. The will to live is still the best cure out there. I do take vitamin B17 which gives me alot of energy when I remember to take it. Outlawed by the FDA because they couldn't make money from it and chemo makes over 7 million a year. You can get it from the internet with Mexico or Canada. It does cost but its worth it to me these last few months. I do get the zometa for bone growth to heal the holes the cancer eats away at. I grew two inches from it which they said I would. A nice bonus I suppose but now my pants are too short. An numerologist said I was a WOUNDED HEALER by the number it got from my name. I knew my path was to be a healer in this life but didn't know how I could be when time was running out. Well I just might have more time then I thought.Everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, the amount is up to 45 for normal and anything above will mean cancer has mutated and is attacking normal cells and causing them to become cancerous. The lack of oxygen is what causes cells to do this. We need a way to increase the oxygen in the cells. Just taking in extra oxygen through a tank or deep breathing exercises isn't enough. There are ideas out there that can help prevent and cure cancer normally and without harsh chemicals. Chemo is nothing more then poison that kills cells in its path its not aware of which ones are cancerous or not. This form of so called healing causes other parts of your body to be attacked with this poison and wreck havac on your other organs. The most you can get is 8 sessions of treatment. One out of three patients die from chemo alone. It averages 5 years for chemo to kill a patient and 5 years for cancer left untreated. Where is the cure in this? Like oranges help prevent scurvy apricot seeds 7-9 daily will prevent cancer. But how do you get apricot seeds from a government agency that bans the packaging of apricot seeds? B17 has the vitamin that apricot seeds has its called latril. Clean water especially oxygenized water will clean out your body better and healthier then tap water. Most people know tap water is very dangerous to drink because of its chemicals. Chlorine in our water during a shower causes it to enter our pores when their open from the hot water. You can buy a filter for your showers and I recommend everyone do that. Food has added chemicals that also are cancer causing agents in them. Every year there are more people getting cancer. Make a wise decision and read all you can. So don't wait til cancer is found growing in you help prevent it now.I spent time thinking about what I'm about to tell you that I have come not to the answer but to the question. Its not how I got cancer but why I chose to have cancer. I believe we choose to get sick to a certain degree. During this last three years I've delved deep into my psyche in deciding do I want to die or live. Of course I want to live but to what degree of life will I live. Slowly declining in health, growing pain levels and not being able to clean myself,eat or walk. Would it be better I die quick so I don't live a long time in pain and my family won't have to take care of me and do the things for me that I can't do for myself. Bathe me,change my diapers maybe,hear me cry in pain. Now I may live longer but putting death just farther down the road and to start all over again with accepting it. Its time I stop sitting on the fence and really decide to die or really LIVE. Unless I do I won't be able to heal myself for long until I start to decline again. What we believe becomes our reality if done long enough and if we want it strong enough. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I am retired now living on a disibility check which is a nice sum of money but I would rather work then have all this pain. I hope to come back here and give another good report of my progress. So until then keep on keeping on.  More >

 Request for help ..
picture 19 Apr 2007 @ 13:55, by bimbo. Medicine, Healthcare
Dear friends,

Fighting Breast Cancer needs your help! and it is free... it won't cost you a cent !








*Image - Lumpectomy
Woman with lumpectomy.

A dark area indicates tumor

B light pink highlighted area indicates tissue removed at lumpectomy

 The TRUTH is that HEALTH Unites ALL Life
17 Apr 2007 @ 17:33, by a-d. Medicine, Healthcare
... just like ILLNESS separates -and eventually destroys ALL Life!

For your consideration: Death By Medicine -Do We Have A Choice? /// By Steve Bhaerman

Note - These 5 Paragraphs From The Story That Follows Are The Core Of The Destruction Of Our Health Freedom -

"The goal is simple: through a "Guidance" about the regulation of "CAM" (which they conveniently define as "Complementary and Alternative MEDICINE') the FDA hopes to serve the interests of Big Pharma by eliminating all CAM practices and products. ALL of them.

Here's how this deadly game is played:

1. By using the term "Medicine" rather than "Modality" for CAM practices, the FDA sets the stage so that anyone who is not a licensed physician is breaking the law by using these modalities since they are therefore 'practicing medicine without a license'.

2. By using the term "treatment" rather than "therapy", the FDA limits those who can perform these practices to licensed physicians and, again, anyone who is not a licensed physician is breaking the law by using these modalities since only licensed practitioners can treat. So people using these modalities are therefore 'practicing medicine without a license'.

3. By using the terms "Medicine" and "treatment" instead of "Modalities" and "therapy", all substances, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, co-factors, etc., automatically become untested drugs since they are being used to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure disease states. Such use can only legally take place with FDA approved drugs. "

4-16-7  More >

 Insane Meme Hunting: The Cutting of the Umbilical Cord38 comments
picture16 Apr 2007 @ 15:58, by jhs. Medicine, Healthcare
Life presented me with an interesting Meme, a Meme which I never questioned myself until now; the cutting of the umbilical cord.

We, Heloisa Helena and I, have been discussing this Meme for many hours now and I will summarize some of her revolutionary ideas on this topic soon in a separate posting.

Much to our surprise we found NOT ONE SINGLE reason to do this violent interference with the newborn.

The recent counter-meme is called Lotus Birth, a fancy name for a non-action. After all, the cord disconnects by itself after a few days after all nutriments rich in staminal cells passed from the placenta to the newborn. In short, it is LESS work, with LESS risks involved, even members of the medical profession say this now, and they gain substantially from childbirth, as are the hospitals which are selling placenta and cords to the pharmaceutical industry, which in turn, oh well...

A meme, or an image, which we personally held, was that it was necessary to cut the cord in order to disconnect the mother from the child. This image is false. Placenta and newborn disconnect during birth from the mother, the newborn is only connected to the placenta and there is no reason in the world why it should be cut off from this supply with a knife.

Some photos that may change your perspective:
A Lotus Birth Picture Gallery

So we were asking us the following questions:

From where in Heavens and Earth is this insane Meme of cutting the umbilical cord coming from?

Is it the non-confront of the male of the placenta and blood of mother and child during birth?

Is it a religious-based superstition?

Is there a connection to the agressivity of the Western civilization in comparison to indigenous cultures who are practicing "Lotus Birth" (not cutting the cord)?

How could this Meme be reprogrammed to restore the right of the newborn to a non-violent birth?

To whom does the placenta belong if not to the new human being?

How does the Patriarchy of our times fits in with this insane script?

Is there a link to the archetypical script of Sophia, the birth of the Universe, according to early Gnostics?

The picture in the sidebar is chosen from Wikipedia. It is not as aesthetical as most other pictures here on this site but I chose it to illustrate the brutality of the cutting of the cord and the indignity of everyone involved.  More >

 Use of people for profit…3 comments
picture 20 May 2006 @ 04:54, by nemue. Medicine, Healthcare
The question of vaccination, the worth of and the impact of has been a question that has concerned me for sometime. Of late I have ‘parked’ this vexing question because I have been too busy. That said, I have read and researched a lot of material in the past. As a result I am firmly of the view that rather than aid mankind that ‘forced’ vaccination programs serve a different purpose. That ‘forced’ vaccination programs and many vaccinations in general rather than assisting and helping mankind have the opposite effect and I am firmly of the belief that most of us are ignorant to the fact.

This is not to say that many of do not hear of or read stories about the impact of ‘forced’ vaccination. There has been any amount of material published with respect to the outbreak and spread of HIV/Aids within the gay community in NY and the massive outbreak in Africa. The link to vaccination is frightening to anyone with a logical and questioning mind. Generally however the impact is within a select community or in a third world country. The impact on our families and us generally too far removed. We perhaps care initially, take interest for a flickering moment and then get on with our lives.

Now I don’t live in America as many of you know, but if I did and if I had children, I would be taking a very active interest in the following story that surfaced on the Care2 site. It is about_

A08761 Summary:

SAME AS Same as S 5794-B




Amd SS2164 & 613, Pub Health L

Requires immunization against pneumococcal disease of every child in this state born on and after January 1, 2008 beginning with enrollment in any public,private or parochial child caring center, day nursery, day care agency, nursery
school, kindergarten, elementary, intermediate or secondary school; authorizesthe commissioner of health to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization, surveillance and testing against pneumococcal disease.

See link below for full report of the Bill.

In Australia we haven’t as yet moved to mandatory pneumococcal vaccination for children before they are permitted to start school. That said a free program was announced 1 January of this year. The information available to parents in Australia is both scarce and misleading.

Please read carefully the vaccine ingredients. This is what is being pumped into the bodies of our children. This is absolutely terrifying.


Vaccines contain ingredients such as antifreeze, phenol (used as a disinfectant), formaldehyde (CANCER causing and used to embalm), aluminium (associated with Alzheimer's disease and seizures), glycerine (TOXIC to the kidney and liver - can cause lung damage, gastrointestinal damages and DEATH), lead, cadmium, sulphates, yeast proteins, antibiotics, acetone (used in nail polish remover), neomycin and streptomycin. The ingredient making the press is Thimerosal (more TOXIC than environmental mercury, a preservative still used in many vaccines - it is NOT easily eliminated and DOES cause SEVERE neurological damage as well as other life threatening autoimmune disease). Vaccines are grown and strained through ANIMAL and/or HUMAN tissue - such as monkey and dog kidney tissue, chick embryo, calf serum, human diploid cells (the dissected organs of ABORTED FETUSES), pig blood, horse blood and rabbit brain!!!!! THERE ARE *NO* LONG-TERM SCIENTIFIC STUDIES PROVING THE SAFETY AND/OR EFFECTIVENESS OF VACCINES! WE ARE BEING *FORCED* TO INJECT THESE POISONS INTO OUR FRAIL BABIES AND INNOCENT ANIMALS, WHILE USING ANIMALS AND CHILDREN AS EXPERIMENTS!!!!!

The article goes on to state


“Think about it, since the rise of the mass-vaccination schedule ALL childhood disease is rapidly on the rise and countless new diseases are surfacing. Scientific studies prove that the polio vaccine started polio outbreaks and they have linked that vaccine to CANCER. Just before vaccines became mandatory, society became more sterile and clean and THAT was when disease became less horrific, not b/c of "vaccines".

The medical associations and congress sit on the pharma boards and hold more financial stock than anyone. This is a trillion dollar industry and these people are pocketing BILLIONS of dollars every year at the expense of our children and animals. Conflict of Interest. Our animals and babies are experiments. Our community has decades of scientific proof and evidence yet it keeps getting covered up.”

I haven’t copied the full story, just the relevant parts.

In closing I will say this. The human body is very tough however we are weakening the ability of our body to work effectively because over many years our bodies have been pumped with rubbish such as that listed above. It is bad enough that our food supplies are full of ‘foreign’ chemicals but at least with our food we do have some choice and we still have some control over what we eat. This is getting harder of course. Now children face the possibility of having no choice, if they want to go to school they have to be vaccinated as part of the Pneumococcal Vaccination. I intend promoting this story to the best of my ability. We need to have this out in the open, to have this issue debated and for people to hear the truth. It is up to us; if we care then speak out. It is no longer acceptable for either animals or people to be used in such a shameful and destructive manner

This isn’t Africa (not that this should matter if it were, in fact Africa requires even more help as for many there can not stand-up for defend themselves) this is happening in America and as is the want you can bet your life at some point vaccination will become mandatory in my own country. This has got to be stopped.

I have added a number of links, there are hundreds but I hope the attached at least sparks your interest to look further.








[link]  More >

 What is MCS? A second time around -
picture12 May 2006 @ 21:01, by hgoodgame. Medicine, Healthcare
Before I continue with my 'tales of travel', it seemed a good idea to re-address an old issue, that of my fight with MCS. While many of the long-time members of NCN have already seen this, it may be of interest to new members.

This challenge added another whole layer of complexity to the trip taken.. And as I unfold the tale, it will explain some of what my reactions were caused by.

So. without further ado, here's the old log entry.  More >

 Update on Safe, Skillful, Loving Touch with Elders13 comments
picture7 May 2006 @ 15:20, by jerryvest. Medicine, Healthcare
What’s happening with our 15-Minute StressOut Program with Elders? An Update -

We are generating interest, relaxation and support for our Las Cruces Health Promotion Team with Elders. During the past 2 weeks, our organization has given over 100 individual ‘stressouts’ with elders in 3 of our health settings. Our New Mexico State University, social work students, senior volunteers, staff members of Munson Senior Center and Home Based Services, joined with us in giving healthy, loving touch with our elders.

It is very ‘touching’, pun intended, to observe and experience the relief of stress, anxiety and depression of our elders who participate in our weekly chair type massage programs given in our community centers also offering diabetes testing and blood pressure exams. Professional students enrolled in my course on “Social Work Practice with Elders” have contributed greatly to this effort and have learned to incorporate safe, loving touch and integrative health practices into their professional practice with this population. [link]

I have enjoyed giving our ‘stressout program’ to elders as well. All of our participants have evaluated their experience as positive and relaxing and most have returned for a second massage. Because of the huge response to this program, it is necessary for us to do more recruitment for healthy elders and other volunteers to administer the program and meet the demands for the service. For example, during the next few months, we will be giving demonstrations in co-op food services, social clubs, public schools, university classes and other resources.

As a global touch project designed with our New Civilization Network, I appreciate the feedback and messages of support from our members. Thank you.  More >

 Learning to Give Safe, Skillful and Loving Touch13 comments
picture29 Mar 2006 @ 14:53, by jerryvest. Medicine, Healthcare
We are very pleased to update and report on our Global Touch Project using our 15-Minute StressOut Program to support the health and well being of our Elders. [link]

On Friday, March 17, 2006, our newly formed Las Cruces Health Promotion Team with Elders conducted a county-wide workshop for caregivers and professionals interested in learning how to give and receive “safe, skillful and loving” touch. We had over 50 participants attend our 3hr. workshop and established a core team of volunteers to become certified and to administer our ‘chair type’ massage program.

Following our workshop, our administrative team met to review our project and to plan for follow up workshops in nursing homes and other resources and to conduct regularly scheduled meeting with elders interested in reducing their stress, anxiety and depression. In our city, there are three sites established to give diabetes examinations weekly as this disease has reached epidemic proportions here in New Mexico and West Texas. In the US it is reported that there are over 21 million people who have diabetes.

Because of our successful 'Best Practice' research related to using touch to reduce blood sugar levels and to promote health and wellness of this population our new volunteers are preparing themselves to administer our stress management program weekly in these diabetic centers.[link]

I am hopeful that NCN members and other communities will join with us in developing and administering our healthy touch program for elders on a global scale.  More >

 The So Called War On Bird Flu
picture 22 Mar 2006 @ 03:36, by jmarc. Medicine, Healthcare
Well, the milestone has been reached.
100 now dead from bird flu.  More >

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