New Civilization News: The So Called War On Bird Flu    
 The So Called War On Bird Flu
picture 22 Mar 2006 @ 03:36, by Jose Overalles

Well, the milestone has been reached.
100 now dead from bird flu.

Let me take the opportunity at this milestone of death and destruction to state the obvious.


Yes, it's a quagmire we've gotten ourselves into here, no doubt about it. It's enough to make me to put on a dingy T- Shirt and go protest in front of the president's ranch. Code chicken I'll call my group.

And don't even get me started on the Depleted Tamiflu™ they've been using to combat this horror.

Just this morning I looked outside and there were two mourning doves pecking away at each other, and I realized, it's not because their bird society condones such behavior are they doing this. No. They have been driven to this behavior by US! All of those mass killings of "so called" infected birds has rubbed off on the poor birds and the tension WE caused is getting to them.

See, we've started a bird civil war because of our meddling. I know because I saw them myself.

They were outside my window.


Didn't this whole thing start somewhere in South East Asia?

Vietnam, I'll bet.

Anyway, I think we should all call our congresspeoples and Senators and ask, no DEMAND!!!!!!!, that they end this war on bird flue, before the death toll rises even higher. It's obvious to me that it has been an abysmal failure.

There are some who will say things like, "If we stop looking for a cure, if we stop the research, if we stop using the Depleted Tamiflu™, that even more people will die. Well, I say it's not any of our business how the birds lead their lives, and that we are just exacerbating the problem by taking this gung ho approach of fighting and the mass slaughter of birdies.

abird ghraib
Above picture was snuck out of the imfamous Abird ghraib prison.

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