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picture 20 May 2006 @ 04:54, by Salama Shaquana

The question of vaccination, the worth of and the impact of has been a question that has concerned me for sometime. Of late I have ‘parked’ this vexing question because I have been too busy. That said, I have read and researched a lot of material in the past. As a result I am firmly of the view that rather than aid mankind that ‘forced’ vaccination programs serve a different purpose. That ‘forced’ vaccination programs and many vaccinations in general rather than assisting and helping mankind have the opposite effect and I am firmly of the belief that most of us are ignorant to the fact.

This is not to say that many of do not hear of or read stories about the impact of ‘forced’ vaccination. There has been any amount of material published with respect to the outbreak and spread of HIV/Aids within the gay community in NY and the massive outbreak in Africa. The link to vaccination is frightening to anyone with a logical and questioning mind. Generally however the impact is within a select community or in a third world country. The impact on our families and us generally too far removed. We perhaps care initially, take interest for a flickering moment and then get on with our lives.

Now I don’t live in America as many of you know, but if I did and if I had children, I would be taking a very active interest in the following story that surfaced on the Care2 site. It is about_

A08761 Summary:

SAME AS Same as S 5794-B




Amd SS2164 & 613, Pub Health L

Requires immunization against pneumococcal disease of every child in this state born on and after January 1, 2008 beginning with enrollment in any public,private or parochial child caring center, day nursery, day care agency, nursery
school, kindergarten, elementary, intermediate or secondary school; authorizesthe commissioner of health to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization, surveillance and testing against pneumococcal disease.

See link below for full report of the Bill.

In Australia we haven’t as yet moved to mandatory pneumococcal vaccination for children before they are permitted to start school. That said a free program was announced 1 January of this year. The information available to parents in Australia is both scarce and misleading.

Please read carefully the vaccine ingredients. This is what is being pumped into the bodies of our children. This is absolutely terrifying.


Vaccines contain ingredients such as antifreeze, phenol (used as a disinfectant), formaldehyde (CANCER causing and used to embalm), aluminium (associated with Alzheimer's disease and seizures), glycerine (TOXIC to the kidney and liver - can cause lung damage, gastrointestinal damages and DEATH), lead, cadmium, sulphates, yeast proteins, antibiotics, acetone (used in nail polish remover), neomycin and streptomycin. The ingredient making the press is Thimerosal (more TOXIC than environmental mercury, a preservative still used in many vaccines - it is NOT easily eliminated and DOES cause SEVERE neurological damage as well as other life threatening autoimmune disease). Vaccines are grown and strained through ANIMAL and/or HUMAN tissue - such as monkey and dog kidney tissue, chick embryo, calf serum, human diploid cells (the dissected organs of ABORTED FETUSES), pig blood, horse blood and rabbit brain!!!!! THERE ARE *NO* LONG-TERM SCIENTIFIC STUDIES PROVING THE SAFETY AND/OR EFFECTIVENESS OF VACCINES! WE ARE BEING *FORCED* TO INJECT THESE POISONS INTO OUR FRAIL BABIES AND INNOCENT ANIMALS, WHILE USING ANIMALS AND CHILDREN AS EXPERIMENTS!!!!!

The article goes on to state


“Think about it, since the rise of the mass-vaccination schedule ALL childhood disease is rapidly on the rise and countless new diseases are surfacing. Scientific studies prove that the polio vaccine started polio outbreaks and they have linked that vaccine to CANCER. Just before vaccines became mandatory, society became more sterile and clean and THAT was when disease became less horrific, not b/c of "vaccines".

The medical associations and congress sit on the pharma boards and hold more financial stock than anyone. This is a trillion dollar industry and these people are pocketing BILLIONS of dollars every year at the expense of our children and animals. Conflict of Interest. Our animals and babies are experiments. Our community has decades of scientific proof and evidence yet it keeps getting covered up.”

I haven’t copied the full story, just the relevant parts.

In closing I will say this. The human body is very tough however we are weakening the ability of our body to work effectively because over many years our bodies have been pumped with rubbish such as that listed above. It is bad enough that our food supplies are full of ‘foreign’ chemicals but at least with our food we do have some choice and we still have some control over what we eat. This is getting harder of course. Now children face the possibility of having no choice, if they want to go to school they have to be vaccinated as part of the Pneumococcal Vaccination. I intend promoting this story to the best of my ability. We need to have this out in the open, to have this issue debated and for people to hear the truth. It is up to us; if we care then speak out. It is no longer acceptable for either animals or people to be used in such a shameful and destructive manner

This isn’t Africa (not that this should matter if it were, in fact Africa requires even more help as for many there can not stand-up for defend themselves) this is happening in America and as is the want you can bet your life at some point vaccination will become mandatory in my own country. This has got to be stopped.

I have added a number of links, there are hundreds but I hope the attached at least sparks your interest to look further.









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21 May 2006 @ 03:53 by jobrown : Some Authenticallly 'Scientific' Study
on any vaccine ( by a third party/no vested interest; hence 'objective' party - or so it is considered!.... ) has NEVER been done! This IS the truth! One can ask "why"/"how-come"...
It is still to be reseached by someone what is the Common Denominator among all Autistic Children world over what drug made them autisitc.Every case I know, the child wasin the hospital prior the "outbreak" of signs of autism, and in every case the child was treated for some serious illness/infection; heavily medicated. On the other hand; all autism showed up some three months ( most commomly allocated time distance) after the "obligatory" PDT vaccination! I am expecting the shit hit the fan with this issue alone - not to mention the fabricated AIDS thing, lab-made HIV virus! Might as well not come with manditory vaccinations on top of it all!

Then around comes a guy (like Bill GAtes) and in making his aching conscience any better) he lovingly and willingly does his CHARITY in form of a 100 million dollar Donation "of his own cash" towards a MANDITORY IMMUNIZATION Program in a Third World Country of 'all the children' there! (and the Phu-phus in America 'uuuuh's 'aaaahhh's how fantastic and generous that Bill gates is! )...

As far as forced immunization against pneumococcal disease of kids here in the US goes -or almost any other Nation, for that matter; the governm. sees all children as their PROPERTY, because that IS how they made the LAWs visavi the citizens: Born in a hospital; given soc.sec.-nr and now you are a STRAWMAN /a corporation thatis owned by the Gov.They can do whatever the want with things that belongs to them -just like we with the little Brick & Brack that we happen to own. ( Anything bought with a Bank loan does not belong to us -unless both Principle and Usury/Interest is paid back in full! Did you know that? ) Ask Vaxen more about these things. And read the links he'll give you! : )

Yupp, Nemue, I'm with you; this all SUCKS and we need to not fight it but sidestep; NOT give it any credence anylonger and start making other -more Life-affirming choises! THAT is our prerogative. The Bankers know this and respect it and we SHOULD know it as well -and respect ourselves enough to make the new choises!...
Love you -and your Work!/ Astrid  

21 May 2006 @ 06:03 by jobrown : Dear Nemue,
this is appr one hour later, from the time of my first comment. I just ran into this an article that might give us reason to think and believe that the bankers have changed their mind about "allowing" us to say No to them when we know "how to do it in accordance with the Laws they've written for us all but intentionally kept secret from us. So, if this is correct what is stated in this article/link, then we have another even bigger issue at hand.... and to overcome!... But in reality it's not that hard at all!... certainly not as hard as these dorks think they made it to be!... Life Itself, is always BIGGEST and STRONGEST! All we need to do is side with Life Itself - especially sience 'these guys' ; they side on the side of their own War-technology, their weapons of Mass-destruction. Sure... that's all good and dandy... but in the end: they are nothing without Life Itself; that One thing they despice 100 %!!! Go figure!  

21 May 2006 @ 06:57 by nemue : Thank you
Just read the article, thank you. In my own small way I endeavour not to 'owned' for that very reason. I will not have anyone jab needles into me, I will not take manmade drugs, I don't have a bank lone. I agree with you it is not all that hard to walk away from the game and the control. If only more would realise that.

Blessings. Nemue  

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