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 A doctor's report from Jenin0 comments
2 May 2002 @ 01:09, by ming. Peace
This is an e-mail from today, from a friend of a friend who's with "Doctors Beyond Borders", who just spent 5 days in the West Bank in Palestine. A stream of consciousness letter about his experience. Very powerful stuff. There's still hope when there are people like that.  More >

 Peace movement growing in Israel0 comments
picture18 Feb 2002 @ 04:23, by ming. Peace
It appears that the peace movement is gathering momentum in Israel, despite general expections, and, well, despite the Israeli government. See article in the London Observer.  More >

 George Harrison, 1943-20011 comment
picture30 Nov 2001 @ 20:17, by ming. Peace
Ex-Beatle George Harrison died yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles of cancer. It is very refreshing to see the tremendously positive outpouring in all the media about it. As part of the Beatles he changed the world. And he was always the quiet, spiritual one. As a member of his family said: "He left his life as he lived it: conscious of god, fearless of death, and in peace". Here are some links: CNN - CNN Special - BBC - albums, songs and lyrics  More >

 New opportunities for treaty banning space-based weapons0 comments
picture17 Nov 2001 @ 20:57, by ming. Peace
WASHINGTON, D.C. - When President Vladimir V. Putin and President George W. Bush meet again in Russia in 2002, they will have the unique opportunity to establish "a new framework for security and cooperation" and a "new space paradigm" on earth by banning space-based weapons. A World Treaty Banning Space-based Weapons is forthcoming.  More >

 Thousands of Scandinavians and people from around the globe light a candle0 comments
picture16 Sep 2001 @ 03:13, by fleer. Peace
People from around the world light candles on a scandinavian portal So far more than 328.000 have done so on Sunday september 16th noon GMT
Light a Candle pÃ¥  More >

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