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 what is peace part II10 comments
picture19 Apr 2003 @ 01:45, by unity1. Peace
well my dear and loving is my interpretaion of what peace means to me

peace is standing strong in my truth
peace is spending my hard earned dollar in supporting ethical and environmentally sustainablity consumering

Peace is for me...finding out who owns what so that i am not indirectly supporting war or toxic chemicals with my hard earned $

peace is no longer indulging anyone in their support for what is unsustainable and un ethical bussniess practises or consuming

Peace is trusting that the common demoninator within all of us, ...our hearts will overcome ignorance...

peace is not indulging ignorance....we have a 2000yr old history to draw past experiences on now there is no excuse for ignorance....

peace is being true to that way i can serve others authentically

peace is not driving to the dairy in my car...if i had one :)

peace is standing up for justice for everybody not just the fact peace to me now means taking the blindfold off goddess justice so she can truly see

peace means standing strong and standing firm within integrity and compassion

peace means no longer indulging others in their victimhood

peace means to me self love......when i can love myself authentically then i will experience authentic love

peace means exposing lies and deciet when i come across it

peace means turning my back on corruption lies and decit knowing full well that they exist and turning my attention to those things that are ethical, life supporting and life nurtering...

peace means loving my friends as myself

peace means sharing knowledge and ideas of alternatives to the status quo

well thats a start....  More >

 late night musings on life20 comments
13 Apr 2003 @ 04:14, by unity1. Peace
what is peace ?

what are all the people asking for when they march for peace... it didn't stop the US going to war and making a killing in more ways than one what does peace mean then ?

if life is lived in a similtaneous moment then right now, the amazon is burning, a mother is giving birth to a child in ethopia who will in some future time be one of those starving kids that we are asked to donate money to..the taliban will beat up another woman, Mugabe will kill some white farmer. right now there are milita in indonesia, fighting in the jungle, drug runners fighting with the cops in some far off place.....well i guess by now you get the picture....

while all eyes are on Iraq and the illegal and higly visible lies the UK USA devised as a pretense in invading...while millions scream peace.....I ask what the hell is going on

some people hide behind the cross of god, you know the one they hung that dying murdered brutally tortuerd man on... the one they seem to think is a symbol of life....some people hide behind the justifications of their book of god ...others think their spirituality will somehow sheild them from the horrors of everyday life...yet others will spend till they drop in some kind of massive retail any case each and every one will have some kind of monstrous justification for doing the action they have chosen...and sometimes i think i want to throw up .....yeah just puke on the entire world

is this a nightmare i am waking into or what....

it has occured to me that we selectively pick and choose our 'peace' topic.....and in a way that is wise cos living in a similtaneious world ....theres many to choose from ...which one will it be next long as it dosn't distrub my lie to much...i mean hey....

as if the war is not enough there is SARS....Sickening And Repulsive Scam to bring the fear of death or the fear of god or the fear of life to a tv or news outlet near you.......bring on the virus the planet needs a cleanse

UK USA now means United to Kill US All according to a 60 yr old Iraq he right....if not with a war then with a virus conjured up in some USA lab or in some other country with some USA ingridents....sooner or later...hell everything you buy has some connection to the US...look at that it spells and against against the world....hmmm how symbolically correct

there is nothing left to do now...the global scale is visible its ingrained and its everywhere....its been growing like a cancer for over 100 years and we cannot stop it although once apon a time i naievly beleived that together we could.....but now i see that it is to entrenched....they have the weapons of Mass Deception and Dectruction at their finger tips, they have the police as their thugs and they have the might of a grand army of willing but stupid marines, soilders trained to insane is that....if any one of us should step out of line, well....if any of them should step out of line we would never hear about it....lady justice has been blindfolded....kept in the dark by a race of men for a long time now...if she where to take off her rag she would be shocked at what blind justice has created....who blinded goddess justice orginally ?

I look around me and I see ego centric spirituality, massive consumerism to fill the void that arises within ....that sense of hopeless ness that one wishes to conceal by any means ...drugs sex, crime, violence, videos, shopping, food, ..yes it is a hopeless case...this just pick a peace cause to scream justice about .hell you might even be able to make some money out of others suffering or the environmental degradation of our planet....worth a go aye...

does this mean that ive given just means that ive woken up and had a good look around..... hell im gonna get a car and drive aimlessly around and use up as much oil as i can whilst similtaneously polluting the atmostphere we all breath...and pretend i live in a different world than this....finally ive gone insane

that world is a world of fear, and all of fear cannot live in that world....although the seeds are there in embryo...nothing will come of them in such a barren landscape....the seeds of love can no longer grow in such a delisiounal world...

my insainty says i must move away turn my back in full consciousness and mover towards another world.. to stop giving my energy to this full deprive it of my oxygen my energy and my life force which it is sapping...  More >

 A Prayer Vigil for George Bush0 comments
25 Mar 2003 @ 21:39, by revdonnacv. Peace
A Prayer Vigil for George Bush

They explained that there is so much energy against President Bush that we are not helping him make decisions for the highest good of every person on the planet. The more we focus on what we don't like, the more it increases. They suggest that we See him as God would, and focus on the Light in the President, thereby amplifying the Light. The children believe that if hundreds of thousands of people do this at the same moment, then the effect on his consciousness would be profound. I have to agree.

Therefore, we have decided to conduct an mergency "Great Experiment IV" and are asking all the Spiritual Peacemakers around the world to join us in this important project.

Here are the details:

April 1, 2003, 11 AM New York time, 8 AM California Time (determine your own time zone based on this) Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, will join together for fifteen minutes as one mind and pray for President Bush (and all those who influence his decision making) to make all his decisions based on the highest good of all beings on earth. The Children suggested that we begin by imagining him as a little boy, and use our energy to empower his heart. They say that the boy is still within him, though he is very afraid. He doesn't need to be attacked for what he is doing, but loved, not for his actions, but for the Truth within him. We call this: "Seeing as God Sees and Loving as God Loves." If possible, gather with other people during this vigil, and please pass this E-mail on to as many people as you can to help spread the word.

Hundreds of people will be joining together in Washington, DC to anchor these important prayers. We are in the process of securing a permit for a location as close to the White House as possible, and will have children present a section of the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" at the White House that same day. (The Children's Cloth of Many Colors is over one-third of a mile long, and is made up of pieces of cloth that have been infused with the energy of peace from tens of thousands of children from around the world. It came from the original "Cloth of Many Colors" peace project I started in 1999 which has been presented at the UN in New York, the US Capitol, the Pentagon, and many other places around the world. For more info on the CCMC, go to .) If you live in the Washington area and would like to join the group praying near the White House, send an E-mail to: You will receive a reply as soon as the location has been secured.

The Children wanted me to stress that this has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with President Bush in regard to the war in Iraq. They say that in order to be Spiritual Peacemakers we must release our judgment and focus only on the higher good. George Bush has the power to effect the lives of so many people, and we pray that he will do so with compassion and peace. The intention of this vigil is to break down the walls of fear and increase the love in his heart. It is the gift of the children. Please join us.

Once again, April 1, 11 AM EST, fifteen minutes sending George Bush all the love you have in your heart. And tell the whole world.

In Peace, James Twyman  More >

 The Last Chance for Peace3 comments
16 Mar 2003 @ 23:09, by ming. Peace
Below is an e-mail today from Paul Von Ward, posted with permisson. Paul is a former U.S. diplomat, and he's been around.
Would-be emperors must now assume they are naked. Sophisticated analysts exist on all continents with the information and capability to discern when someone attempts to pull the wool over the world's eyes. Cross-cultural communication has dramatically increased the sharing of insights that pierce the veil of secret transnational agendas. They expose oil profiteering by covert supporters of war. They identify lucrative business connections (arms dealers and defense contractors) that will benefit from war regardless of who wins. They describe hidden conflicts, like the US-European competition over the role of the dollar versus the euro in energy markets. They point out the power of personal vendettas and egos in political decision making. The US is in a fishbowl.
 More >

 When Will You Remember? (A Poem)1 comment
17 Feb 2003 @ 18:42, by ambika. Peace
Dear All,
This is my poem in protest--I found that I was becoming all consumed for the last few days and now here it is. And I shall now recover and return to my jolly self. Interestingly, tomorrow poets are speaking out all over the country. Sing the good songs and feel the positive prayers in you reverberating all over to all peoples of our amazing universe...
With my love and my warmest hugs -- Ambika

When Will You Remember?
--Ambika Talwar

I am a stranger to your page, to your heart
I am but words spinning in all directions
I shall pretend then to be your sister in verse
I am your sister
I am your betrayed sister
I am the sister you violated with your language
and then with your creations.

You destroyed a part of you and I am still.

I am your great-great grandmother
and I have borne you grandparents, parents
I have borne you sons and daughters
I have borne you grandchildren
and your tears of salt, that too, I am.

I am your child--that once was robust.
When was the last time you held me
in your arms and showed me the rainbow
and told me stories of all our lands? Instead,
you steal my food and give me a bloating belly,
bulging eyes, and uranium bones.

I am the window to your mortality.
You come from me and find the light
and learn the wisdom of the darkness.
You swim in my waters and feed on me.
You climb my pinnacles and claim victories.
Throughout all our histories you dance
with bandy old legs and look for fame.

I am not your fame. Nor am I your fortune--
But. All these came from me --
the tree you climbed as a child--I am that,
the puddles you played in--those pudding
pies--mudchocolatemanna in your
gurgling hands--I am that,
those rivers you sailed reminding you
that you never see the same river twice--that
too, I am--Each moment reveals the wonder
of you--I am but your mirrored moments,
a spectrum of human emotions--joy and terror too.

Am I still a stranger to your page? To your heart?
Am I a sister betrayed? A brother? A grandmother?
Who shall contain you when you die?

I am your sexing--your pleasure giver
across all lands. The stories of your birth
come from me--all kisses eternal, both life
and death, the river of torment, the anguish
are all borne of me--All religions, races and gods
are borne of me-- And right now
I am very very angry. Even in my anger,
I am fragile. Even in my anger, I am
enormously beautiful. Even in my anger
I am your destiny. And I shall not let you
destroy me, for I shall haunt you till you,
a spectral waif, beg for mercy. And no one shall
be here to forgive you if you push all the buttons.

I am your destiny--Better so in life, in sweet pleasure.

So hear my anger or you shall grow blinder.
See my supersonic cloudburst that my eyes
can no longer contain--these tears, hot and sad.
This hatred of my body, you who were borne
of my insides, borne of my tremors, passions,
loves, ecstasy, tears, laughters, digestive juices you.
You salt of the earth! Hear, how long will
you move in your hatred of sweet pleasures
that bring you to fruition? What lies and deceits
must you weave, and pretend that you are men?
Wise men know better. Women, too.

So what have you forgotten? Why?
When will you remember that I was made
for you to protect me, to love me, to enjoy me
to nurture me, to dry my tears, to feed me,
to drink of me, to be proud of what you made of
your time with me--so I can do the same for you--
So that you can be proud
of the stories that you wove with me?

When will you remember?
I am womb. Mother of All Peoples, All Life.
I am all Womb Against Mass Destruction.
This, my proud and angry river,
I spill on the pages of your consciousness.
On the contents page, I am titled "Humility."
Come to your knees.

Read me--I am the story of all generations.

(the web site is still under repair--but do keep the link for later on)  More >

 Check Mate in Iraq
29 Jan 2003 @ 17:19, by sharie. Peace
I grew up playing chess. I was a Chess Champion when I was just eleven years old. Recently, I've begun teaching the game to my six-year old twin daughters. There is a strategic move in the game of Chess known as the "fork". In this strategy, I position one of my men to simultaneously jeopardize two of my opponent's pieces. In this way, no matter what my opponent does, I will capture at least one of his powerful men with little or no loss to myself.

This is relevant in the war strategies which no doubt military leaders are well-trained in.

Today, while reading through more of the war positioning against Iraq, it struck me that there has been a "fork" created. No matter what Iraq does now, their opposition (GW & associates) will bag billions of dollars.

GW and his highly-experienced father, along with their co-conspirators Dick, Donald, Henry and the others own stock in the weapons companies. They profit from the wars they wage. The weapons are paid for by american tax dollars, but these men have created a way to profit for the nearly $500 billion dollars of tax dollars allocated each year which ultimately goes to themselves.

They also provide "Foreign Aid Packages" which include weapons paid for by American taxpayers, with the *retail value* listed at 100 times it's cost, so that the Associates' investments will have a high return.

A $40 billion dollar Foreign Aid Package, for example, may be weapons which cost just $1 Million, with the difference between the actual cost and the sale price going to the weapons company stockholders (guess who).

These men have also been creating a long series of Committees and Programs with funding in the billions and billions of dollars. Henry's 9/11 Investigation Committee, for example, had a price tag estimated at $35 billion. Of course this money labored for by Americans and taken from their paychecks is going into the private pockets of GW & his associates.

So all the war expenditures, no matter who wins or who backs down, results in personal profits for the men in charge. Even if they don't get Iraq's oil, they profit from all the weapons sales in order to prepare for the war against Iraq, including the sale of oil to the military for the ships, planes, trucks and so on.

Strategically, this is a "fork" which they have created. They win - they pocket billions of dollars - no matter what happens.

Dick Cheney personally pocketed over $30 Million off the Gulf War - and that's just the known profits.

Oh what a web they weave.

 Message to George Bush3 comments
picture29 Jan 2003 @ 13:05, by unity1. Peace
Dear Mr President


You are using gods name to justify a sensless war for your own profit and agenda.

over half the world knows it and sees you for what you are .. a puppet to a corporate agenda whose faces and names will be known in due course

George did you not know that war is easy any fool can make war. The challenge is peaceful negotion. anger and hate are easy....tolarance and compassion are your challenge.

However I have to say that I honour you for the way you have galvinised over half the world to recognise that peace is the way of our future. You have, unbeknown to you and your cronies, instigated the begining of the end and out of the rubble that you will most assurdedly create around us, another way will arise, and like the phonix we the people everywhere, will arise ever changing and ever free. You will stand in history as the new example of how not to be in our world.

We see you and your true motovies mr pesident just stop using gods name to advance support for your selfish foolish agenda  More >

 Happy Holidays2 comments
picture 24 Dec 2002 @ 04:01, by ming. Peace
Merry Christmas!
Glædelig Jul!

The picture is from last winter, having a picturesque time in Denmark. Fresh snow was falling almost every day, which was rather lucky, and perfect for feeling in a christmas mood. We were visiting some in-law family out in the country, in Fuglebjerg (Bird Mountain), living in a farm house, with horses. We barely got the car back out of there again, as another 15cm of snow fell while we were inside for coffee.  More >

6 Nov 2002 @ 06:47, by spiritseek. Peace
We invite women around the world to join in a week of daily activities for the purpose of preparing ourselves internally and energetically for the Gather the Women event on March 8. Proposed daily activites are outlined below. We ask that you devote about an hour each day, if possible, to participate in these or similar activities with a circle of at least two other women. Soon we will be listing resources for the daily activities that participants can use, if needed, to help enhance their experience of each day. This is a co-creative endeavor, so we also welcome your input. If you have resources to share, please email them to

March 3: A Day of Prayer and Meditation

On this first day we invite women to form a resonant field of energy by joining in prayer with millions of women throughout the world as we prepare ourselves to gather on March 8. (Soon an interactive feature will be added to this website for women to post their prayers.)

March 4: A Day of Introspection, Reflection and Contemplation

On this second day we invite women to take an inward journey, examining how you've arrived at this place in your journey, reflecting on your contributions and the contributions of untold millions of women who have helped pave the way to the creation of this moment in time, and contemplating the power of billions of women joining their spirits and their energies to create together a world where all life is appreciated and held sacred.

March 5: A Day of Healing and Forgiveness

On this third day we encourage women to take all the pain from their inward journey— all the pain that women and children and all humanity has endured throughout the ages—and bring it into a healing circle of love and forgiveness. Without forgiveness for what is past, we cannot move forward in the spirit and energy of creating positive change in our future. Let us acknowledge our grief, mourn for what has been, release the past and move powerfully forward from a place of love for our planet and all humanity.

March 6: A Day of Connecting and Visioning

On this fourth day we invite women to set aside time for sharing from the heart, storytelling, listening to one another and being heard. Let this be a day when we open our hearts and feel our oneness with all women around the world, and from that place of oneness, envision a world in which all life is held sacred—a balanced world of harmony and peace. (An interactive feature will soon be added to the website to give women the opportunity to post their visions of the new world we are creating together.)

March 7: A Day of Purposeful Action

On this fifth day we invite women to take some action that will plant the positive seeds of change we wish to see in the world. (Soon an interactive feature will be added to this website to enable women to post their planned or suggested actions to create positive change.)

March 8: A Day of Gathering, Inspiration and Celebration

On this sixth day women worldwide will gather in groups large and small to inspire and to be inspired and to celebrate the dawning of a new way of world leadership, a new way of being, Harmony's Way. (Soon an interactive feature will be added to this website to enable women to post information about their planned local Gather the Women events.)

March 9: A Day of Gratitude and New Beginnings

On this seventh day may all humanity bask in the energy of gratitude for the healing that has begun during this historic week and to move forward together from a new place of being—a place of empowerment, commitment to positive action, partnership, love, compassion and joy. This is the first day we begin living Harmony's Way.  More >

 Only Love Prevails: A Divine Idea for Peace Whose Time has Come!!0 comments
5 Oct 2002 @ 20:11, by stardream. Peace
We create our world by our thoughts, intentions, feelings and actions.By using collective conscious intention we can change the world in which we live. 80,000 people are asked to join in the intention of Peace and Freedom with the thought and affirmation "ONLY LOVE PREVAILS"  More >

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