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 The Wedding of Humanity and Nonviolence22 comments
picture11 Aug 2006 @ 05:13, by mre. Peace
Our Unity-and-Diversity Global Assembly Dialog will begin in September. By now readers of these pages will know the outline of the Global Assembly process. We will start with two or three networks, each with some 150 to 750 email addresses. The online dialog will alternate between “unity” and “diversity” rounds where in the unity rounds, all the participants together will write and rate each other's messages to select one message representing all the participants, and in the diversity rounds each network will in like fashion select its own message in parallel. The intent is to bring in more and more networks until we are truly representative of humanity, all the while debating best practices for growth and action.  More >

 To Inspire an Adequate Response...7 comments
picture2 Dec 2005 @ 19:49, by nednednerb. Peace
This is a paper I wrote for my First Nations Literature class.

I haven't been around on NCN for a while and thought I should show my face and contribute something. Hello all!

I hope you appreciate the thoughts!  More >

 I'd Rather Be Grateful, Thank You!6 comments
15 Oct 2005 @ 10:16, by vector8. Peace
Recently for three days in a row, the Internet was down at the library where I usually post my work. The library staff said we should all complain. I said it was not my style to complain, which I believe negates the excellent service I always receive. The library staff insisted that they are supposed to provide efficient service all the time. They believed their IT department was not going to take the problems seriously unless more people complained. Someone shoved a complaint form in my hands. I took it with me and dumped it in the bin.  More >

 Denying the Holocaust By Elliot Chodoff22 comments
5 May 2005 @ 20:15, by bkodish. Peace
Tomorrow is Yom HaShoa- Holocaust Remembrance Day. After 60 years nonsense about Nazi crimes is still widely broadcast while antisemitism (in the guise of anti-Israelism) remains rampant and many people remain just plain ignorant about what happened to the Jewish people then and what continues to happen now. Elliot Chodoff of Middle East Outpost has written the following piece which anyone who doesn't wish to be afflicted with this nonsense should read and ponder.
--Bruce Kodish

Denying The Holocaust by Elliot Chodoff

"Today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, sixty years after the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny and genocide, we reflect on the murder of six million Jews at the hands of Hitler’s Germany and its all-too-many allies.

Not everyone, however, chooses to remember these horrible events. There are those who deny the horrors of the Holocaust, preferring to continue the work of the Nazis in a different form, under the guise of objective scholarship or political criticism.

There exist two types of denial of the Holocaust: the outright, blatant contention that the Holocaust is nothing more than a Zionist hoax, and the accusation that Israel is continuing the policy of the Nazis in its conflict with the Palestinians.

The first, blatant as it is and obnoxious as it may be, is failing miserably, except in the Arab world and among the world’s neo Nazis.

The second, subtle and insidious, is based on the safe assumption that most people are ignorant of at least one of two subjects, the Holocaust and the Middle East Conflict. It effectively denies the horrors of the Holocaust while painting Israel with the brush of Auschwitz.

 More >

 Snowtree10 comments
picture21 Apr 2005 @ 04:57, by koravya. Peace
There is a path they call peace, and they think of it as a place as in a destination, while another way of looking at it, is as a path, which extends limitlessly without destination. Who passed by in your world today?  More >

 A Message from One American to the World6 comments
picture6 Nov 2004 @ 16:59, by quinty. Peace
The following was forwarded to me and others by a fellow alumnus of Rhodes Preparatory School in New York. Since it so eloquently expresses how many Americans feel today, following our presidential election, I thought I would take the liberty to share it with the world.


------------  More >

 A Modest Proposal11 comments
19 Oct 2004 @ 17:27, by gsosbee. Peace
The next vote should be cast globally, by each and every human being alive on the face of the earth, as though one nation encompasses all ; the issue to be decided may be framed somewhat as follows: Please vote 'Yes' or 'No' to the following proposition:
End by moratorium all war/conflict/violence on earth now and for all times , with no exception, no strings attached, and no room for negotiations.

Each person must let his/her vote be made public and each child is given the vote of "Yes" by the universal recognition that if not corrupted by parents, teachers and governments no child would vote in favor of torture, imprisonment, death, or war.

Please remember that our Maker (& Sons and Daughters of the Holy Spirit)
require that each of us, consistent with our capacity and experience, stand up to and intellectually confront with love in our hearts and with a brave soldier's resolve, those persons who torture, imprison or kill our Brothers and Sisters everywhere on this earth; we may not,for the most part, simply hide under the image of the Great One whom we pretend to worship and thereby presume to live eternally in God's graceful company.
To Billy Graham and others like him :
You are in spiritual and intellectual default as frauds against Humanity/God for sucking up and idolizing the most corrupt and homicidal regime ever known on earth.See this date the following statements by Graham:

Billy Graham on the death of Satan's Own 'Jesse Helms':
11:59 AM Sat, Jul 05, 2008
"Jesse Helms, my friend and long-time senator from my home state of North Carolina, was a man of consistent conviction to conservative ideals and courage to faithfully serve God and country based on principle, not popularity or politics. "  More >

 "War Is Not The Answer"16 comments
picture13 Sep 2004 @ 00:58, by bkodish. Peace
Have you ever seen that bumper sticker?

I get much more inspiration from the Protest Warrior Guys--whose sign says "War Has Never Solved ANYTHING..."  More >

 Progress Report - Dimensions4 comments
picture22 Feb 2004 @ 18:38, by mre. Peace
A previous article, A New Heaven, has an overview of the voice of humanity concept.

Plans are very nearly complete; the next article, coming soon, will detail the awaited InterMix interface. This article covers "dimensions" -- a final element needed to complete the voh design. (Image can be found in startling full size detail at  More >

 Happy Solstice! and Merry Christmas!4 comments
picture21 Dec 2003 @ 15:00, by magical_melody. Peace
Matai Bay, Picture of Pohutukawa Tree taken on our honeymoon in January of 2003.

The New Zealand Christmas Tree!  More >

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