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 If you leave me
picture6 Nov 2005 @ 16:15, by judih. Shared Purpose
The word 'leave' is a loaded emotion. Loved ones leave. Friends who need to move on leave. Those who give up on a mutual path, leave.
Children leave.
Grandparents leave.

Leave, if you leave......

How threatened am I if another leaves?
How insecure am I if my social circle gasps a gap?

We are all related. We are all entangled as Ming brought up in a blog a while ago [link]
We are in this together.

Cecil Lee,[link] a painter and phar lepht zennist said:

"No man is an island nor should he attempt to live like one. We must connect. We must complete our journey."

We who are now together in this time and space intersect for this moment. Yet, sure as the eye blinks and the sound of a song fades away, we all must continue on our paths.

Our paths may grow distant, but our connection will never die away. Even as we each follow our individual destinies, as we travel the road that makes up our journey, we will always be joined at the heart.  More >

 An interview with Long Emergency author James Howard Kunstler1 comment
3 Jul 2005 @ 19:17, by raypows. Shared Purpose
Long Day's Journey Into Night

An interview with Long Emergency author James Howard Kunstler The end of cheap oil will lead to the collapse of modern agriculture, crumbling infrastructure, radical economic contraction, and -- after an extended period of political upheaval and violence -- the rebirth of a local, agrarian way of life. So says James Howard Kunstler in his controversial new book, The Long Emergency. He sat down with Grist's Amanda Griscom Little for a chat, after which she went to Costco and bought 200 pounds of canned food and a rifle. new in Main Dish: Long Day's Journey Into Night An interview with Doomsaying author James Howard Kunstler By Amanda Griscom Little 25 May 2005
"Check all of your assumptions at the door," James Howard Kunstler advises reporters before he commences an interview. "Don't assume that anything you think about the way we live today is going to be the same 10, five, even three years from now."

The author of the new book The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century, recently excerpted in Rolling Stone, Kunstler is an emphatic petro-pessimist who argues that civilization is about to enter a sustained period of economic, social, and environmental decrepitude triggered by the end of the cheap-oil era. He summarily rejects the possibility that renewable energy could forestall disaster, and predicts that spiking fossil-fuel prices will precipitate the collapse of the airline industry, the electricity grid, highway infrastructure, agribusiness, big-box retail stores, and suburbia itself. The majority of Americans, he says, will likely suffer bouts of violent upheaval and be forced to return to agrarian, small-town lifestyles. Understandably, his prognostications have raised some eyebrows.

A former journalist and sometime novelist, Kunstler in 1993 published The Geography of Nowhere, a much-praised jeremiad about the car-dependent suburbanization of America. Grist's Amanda Griscom Little sat down with him over lunch in New York City to get a first-hand account of his latest dark vision for the nation's future.

Tell us about the evolution of The Long Emergency. Where did these mind-boggling ideas originate?

The Long Emergency, by James Howard Kunstler, Atlantic Monthly Press, 307
pgs., 2005.

I really got into this when I was a newspaper reporter 30 years ago in Albany covering the OPEC oil embargo. I was living in the middle of it -- going through the gas lines and interviewing the people who were ticked off, motoring around a suburban metroplex where all the accessories of contemporary life were new. My office at the Hearst newspaper building was at the termination of a brand-new, heroic eight-lane boulevard of commerce with malls on either side and suburban sprawl in every direction. You couldn't fail to notice that this was a catastrophe -- a living arrangement that really had no future.

I've since been investigating suburban sprawl through works like The Geography of Nowhere. The Long Emergency is the logical sequel -- addressing the question of what will happen to this way of life when we get in trouble with energy.

Elaborate on how sprawl is inextricably connected to oil concerns.

Ever since the end of World War II, we've embarked on this project to build ourselves a drive-in utopia -- an economy based on suburban land development, eight-lane freeways lined with fry pits and hamburger shacks and a national big-box chain retail system. It has flourished because of two things: extraordinarily cheap energy and reliable supplies of it, and relative world peace. That has enabled big-box stores to develop 12,000-mile manufacturing and supply chains with the cheap labor overseas. Wal-Mart can move 4,000 TV sets from China to Wilkinsburg, Penn., and keep this tremendous stream of products going around the country with truckers who operate their warehouses on wheels. The system works only because it's cheap to transport stuff.

You also point out that the mainstream American diet is essentially predicated on "eating oil."

Yeah, industrial agriculture is another extremely problematical thing.

We've now consolidated all of our food production into a very small fraction of the population and our agribusinesses rely on pouring oil byproducts -- pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides -- on the soil. We've got this cheese-doodle and Pepsi-Cola form of agriculture where large companies like Archer Daniels Midland and ConAgra are producing huge amounts of corn and byproducts like corn syrup to create junk food. It's generally understood that most of the food we eat travels [about] 1,500 miles. So we've got all these 1,500-mile Caesar salads winging or wheeling around America to get to our dinner plates. That won't be able to continue when the cheap-oil era ends.

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 Winding down and getting reoriented to Life
21 Apr 2005 @ 13:32, by letecia. Shared Purpose
Clearly there is much more to the CSD process than meets the eyes and ears of a new comer. I spend much of my time listening to articulate language watching the faces of those also listening, some nodding in agreement or shaking their heads vigorously.

NGO representatives, sitting in the arena, high above the delegates pass notes, make faces and have side converstaions. Cell phones go off, with some evening having coversations in hushed whispers. Its a good thing there are those funny ear phones to listen through.

The realities of responsibilities, things set aside for this 2 week period begin to shake up my consciousness. I know the integration of all that has happened, the information I am bringing home with me. How I can share it, use it to inspire, conspire and motivate myself and others to stay connected to our deep values. It is here that we connect to all of life. life (smile) a phrase that has been repeated over and over again during these past days here in the CSD process. The United States has taken a position that Water is a moral issue, not a human rights issue. In using this language, the US - we as a country/government/world citizen, do not feel issues of water, access, pollution, etc are issues for the courts - meaning, one would not be able to bring legal action against business, corporations, governments or individuals who damage water sources by pollution, poor business practices, etc. Or would there be any recourse for individuals, groups, people in developing countries to require government to meet their commitments as stated in the MDG's [link] as
agreed upon by member states in the UN.

So often as I made my way to the UN and back, I wondered what my part in all of this is. LOL, well I will continue to share with you my awakenings. When I know, you will too..stay tuned for more...

picture9 Apr 2005 @ 18:04, by sprtskr. Shared Purpose
I've been contacted over the years starting when I was ten at least thats the earliest I remember. I wasn't sure who it was or what group of people that were making contact. Most of it has been through my dreams but some subtle signs that took me a while to notice has been another way. Lately I've had contacts that flow easier and not so blocked by my ego. Words pop up just before I need them or I get a feeling to wait that something is about to happen and it helps me prevent an accident, I even know what sometimes. Today I used that knowledge to wait until a car came behind me from another way which my vision was blocked by other parked cars. Sure enough within 2 seconds had I pulled out I would of been hit. Letting this flow threw me and heed the message can and will save alot of trouble. Below is a meditation that will help you get in contact with your higher self, it might not help you right away but somewhere down the road it just might. Theres countless other meditations that will work,sometimes just relaxing and let it flow is enough.


If you are speaking this to another person or recording your voice, make sure you talk slowly and clearly.

This meditation is very deep and uses a standard self-hypnosis induction process to bypass the conscious mind.. It will include special mental statements and techniques during the deepest part of the induction. WARNING: Do not operate an automobile or heavy machinery during this meditation.

In this meditation, your body and mind will be relaxed, yet you will remain awake and alert, sensitive to your feelings, aware of your thoughts, and in touch with the sensations in your body. When you are deeply relaxed, your intuitive mind is able to perceive the world in and around you with great clarity. While you are in a peaceful, relaxed state, you will be able to use the control center of your brain to reprogram undesired negative beliefs and integrate burdening emotional experiences from the past. At all times during this meditation, you will be control of your mental faculties. You will be able to accept or reject anything I say and you will be able to use the information for your benefit and the benefit of humanity. I will be giving you statements designed to increase your self-awareness. I will also be giving you affirmations designed to enhance your ability to access the superconscious mind -- that part of you that is all wise and all knowing.

Make sure you are sitting comfortably and wearing loose clothing. If you are wearing a belt, you might want to loosen or undo it. If possible, sit with your spine erect and feet flat on the floor. You can do this meditation lying down if you are not prone to falling asleep easily, but it may be less effective than sitting.

Begin by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Inhale slowly and deeply, then hold your breath for about one second, and begin slowly exhaling. When you reach the end of the exhale, wait about one second before beginning the next slow deep inhale. Continue breathing this way throughout the meditation. If you find yourself forgetting to breathe, gently bring yourself back into this breathing rhythm.

Try to let any persistent thoughts in your mind just drift away. Imagine that there is nothing to think about and nothing to do but relax and breathe. Know that each time you do this meditation, it will be easier to breathe deeply and relax. Everything I say is designed to help you improve your life. You are safe. You are completely at peace. Nothing can disturb you during this meditation. You will continue to listen to the sound of my voice as you relax.

Begin to notice the top of your head. Notice if it feels tight or loose, heavy or light. See if you can feel the weight of your head. Notice the weight of your eyelids. If your eyes are closed, let your eyelids drop naturally over your eyes. Do not try to force your eyelids shut. Feel the top of your head relaxing. With each breath, your head is becoming more relaxed.

Now focus your attention on your face. Notice if your cheeks are contorted or tense and if they are, relax. Let your mouth remain closed, but allow your teeth to separate. Do not clench your teeth. Feel your jaw drop a little from gravity.

Notice the back of your neck. How does it feel? If there is any tension, feel it draining away with each breath you take. Do not worry about your posture. Just hold your head up in the most comfortable way possible. Your neck is becoming completely relaxed.

Feel your head, neck and shoulders letting go and relaxing. Let your shoulders drop. Let the weight of your arms and hands pull your shoulders down. If there is any tightness or pain in your shoulders, feel it draining away with each breath. You are becoming more and more relaxed.

As you continue to breathe, remember to remain awake and aware, sensitive to your thoughts and feelings and in touch with any sensations in your body. Remember to breathe fully and deeply. Know that with each breath, you are relaxing more and more, yet remaining alert to anything that needs your attention.

Imagine a wave of relaxation moving down your spine, beginning at the back of your shoulders. Feel this warm, peaceful sensation moving one vertebra at a time until it reaches the base of your spine. If you find it difficult to sit erect while relaxing your spine, then let your spine slump a little just for this exercise. As you relax your spine, notice if there is any tightness or tension in your upper back. If there is, let it go with the next breath. Now do the same for the middle of your back. When you are sure your upper and middle back is completely relaxed, move down to your lower back. Your back and spine are now completely relaxed.

Now focus your attention on your chest. Notice whether or not your breath includes your chest or is restricted to your abdomen. If your inhale and exhale seem to be coming from your abdomen, gently bring the breath up to your chest area. Feel your lungs filling with air and expanding on each inhale. Feel your lungs contract and your chest subsiding with each exhale. Imagine any tension just drifting away with each breath.

Next, move down to your abdominal area. With each breath focus on a different organ relaxing. Begin with the stomach. Imagine that your digestion is working perfectly and your stomach has just the right amount of food in it. Now relax your stomach muscles and feel a wave of warm, peaceful energy moving over your stomach. On the next breath, do the same for the organs that are harder to feel. Your liver. Next, your spleen. Then your kidneys. And pancreas. If you are a woman, focus on your reproductive organs, uterus and womb. Next, move down into your colon area (below your stomach). Try to relax the muscles in this area. Notice whether or not your bladder is empty or full. If it is empty, relax it completely. If not, try to relax it as much as possible.

Focus on your hips and buttocks. Again, let your posture go. Do not be concerned about it. If you are sitting in a chair, your hips and buttocks should be resting naturally on the chair. Feel the weight of your body on the chair. Feel your self relaxing into the chair.

Imagine your relaxation continuing to move down into your legs, across your knees and down into your calves and lower legs. Notice how much your left leg is relaxing. Now notice how much your right leg is relaxing. Now relax both of them at the same time. Continue to breath and feel yourself entering a deep sense of peace and tranquility, while remaining awake and alert to any activity that requires it.

Imagine that all your tension has collected in a ball at your feet. Feel this ball rolling out of the bottom of your feet. All tension is draining out through the bottom of your feet. Go ahead and wiggle your toes to release the last of the tension.

Now do the same for your arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. Feel all remaining tension draining out through your fingertips. Go ahead and wiggle your fingers.

Take a deep breath, deeper than before, and with the next exhale, let out an audible “sigh”. Let gravity force the breath out. Do not force your exhale. Imagine you are breathing a sigh of relief. With the next breath, let everything go. Feel your entire body relax and let go. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. There is just this wonderful, peaceful, relaxed moment. Spend a few minutes now enjoying this peaceful moment. If any pain, tightness or tension arises anywhere in your body, release it with the next breath.

Now I am going to ask you to visualize being on the tenth floor of an office building. The floor is bustling with activity. People are sitting at desks, talking on telephones, using computers and meeting in conference rooms. This floor represents the surface level of consciousness. Each floor in the building represents a level of mind. Now imagine yourself walking to the elevator. The elevator door is opening and you are now entering the elevator. You are going to go down to a deeper level of consciousness in the elevator. See the door to the elevator closing now. You are in the elevator. There is a down arrow button indicating that the elevator is going down to the lower floors. Go ahead and push the button. Feel the elevator start to descend. Now I am going to count from 10 down to 1. With each descending number, you will descend one floor. We are starting on the tenth floor. With each descending number you are entering a deeper, more creative and aware state of mind, deeper than before. 10.....9.....8.....going down, going deeper....7....6.....5... the sounds around you and the sensations in your body help you to go deeper. 4....3.... watching the floors go by in the elevator.....2.....and 1. You are now at the bottom floor. This floor represents a very deep state of mind, deeper than before. You are now in a deeper level of mind than you have been in a long time. From this deep level of mind you have great creative power. You have the power to effect healing on your body, mind and emotions.

Now imagine that in front of you is a long tunnel. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will now imagine that you are walking through the tunnel toward the light at the far end. Imagine the sound of your footsteps echoing along the walls of the tunnel as you begin to walk toward the light. You are getting closer to the light. In a moment, you will reach the light. Now you are walking out of the tunnel and into the light, and you find yourself in a beautiful mountain meadow on a warm, sunny day. Fleecy white clouds are drifting along in a deep blue sky. You can hear the sounds of a gentle wind in the trees. There are birds chirping and bees humming. In the meadow are multicolored flowers swaying in the breeze. Imagine you are barefoot and walking along in deliciously cool soft green grass. Notice the vibrant colors of the flowers as you walk along, completely free, completely safe, completely at peace.

In the center of the meadow is a large boulder, and on top of the boulder is a wise person with long flowing hair, wearing golden robes. You can make this wise person a man or a woman, it doesn't matter. This wise person represents your inner self, your inner teacher, your wise self, your higher self, your soul self, or whatever you choose to call him or her. Now see this person welcoming you to the meadow and calling you by name. There is a sparkle in the eye, a softness in the voice, a knowingness in the demeanor. Walk slowly over to this person and make eye contact. See this person looking deep into you. This person knows all about you. This person knows what you need to be happy. This person knows what you need to be healthy. This person knows what you need to have satisfying relationships. This person knows how to direct you to fulfill your purpose in life. Now reach out and take this person's hands and hold them in front of you as you continue to make eye contact. [Pause]

The following statements are designed to help you improve your ability to contact your all knowing, all wise inner self. I will say each statement in first person so that it will be as though you are speaking to yourself. Regardless of whether or not the statements make sense, say them to yourself as if you really mean them. Pause between each statement.

I am now developing superior imaginative and creative abilities.

I now use my higher intelligence to see and end all conflict within myself.

I am now in touch with my all-wise, all-knowing self.

The answers to all of life's questions are within me and I am accessing them now.

I am now developing my higher mind and psychic faculties to perceive information my intellect is incapable of perceiving.

My imagination is a powerful tool used by memory and intelligence to perceive information and create reality.

I am now willing to look at the totality of myself.

I now take full responsibility for creating my own version of reality.

I am reprogramming my mind to create the things I truly desire in life.

I am letting go of old ideas and letting new ones in that better serve me.

With every breath I take, it becomes easier and easier to contact my higher intelligence.

I am now in complete communication with my all-wise, all-knowing self. [Long pause]

You are in a very relaxed state of mind. Know that all you have to do to relax is focus on your body and breathe deeply and fully. This meditation will get easier and easier each time you use it. This meditation is completely safe. You are completely safe. Everything is in perfect order. There is nothing to do, nowhere to be, but be right here, right now.

Now, I am going to count from 1 to 10. With each ascending number, you will become more wide awake and alert. You will feel refreshed and energetic, as if you had just slept for a full night. There will be no ill effects whatsoever, on this or any other level of mind. You will be able to recall everything said during this meditation and use it for your benefit and the benefit of others. 1....2....3.... coming out slowly now....4.....5.....6.... coming out of meditation.....7.....8.....9.....10.

Open your eyes and stretch your body, wiggling your fingers and toes. Get up from your chair and move your body around gently, shaking out any tiredness. You are now refreshed and energetic, feeling rested and calm, with a clear mind and heart.

End of Meditation.
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picture27 Mar 2005 @ 07:19, by sprtskr. Shared Purpose
My world peace tree. I love you guys! If you believe theres peace, so it is.

All living beings have the same basic wish to be happy and avoid suffering, but very few people understand the real causes of happiness and suffering. We generally believe that external conditions such as food, friends, cars, and money are the real causes of happiness, and as a result we devote nearly all our time and energy to acquiring these. Superficially it seems that these things can make us happy, but if we look more deeply we shall see that they also bring us a lot of suffering and problems.
Happiness and suffering are opposites, so if something is a real cause of happiness it cannot give rise to suffering. If food, money, and so forth really are causes of happiness, they can never be causes of suffering; yet we know from our own experience that they often do cause suffering. For example, one of our main interests is food, but the food we eat is also the principal cause of most of our ill health and sickness. In the process of producing the things we feel will make us happy we have polluted our environment to such an extent that the very air we breathe and the water we drink now threaten our health and well-being. We love the freedom and independence a car can give us, but the cost in accidents and environmental destruction is enormous. We feel that money is essential for us to enjoy life, but the pursuit of money also causes immense problems and anxiety. Even our family and friends, with whom we enjoy so many happy moments, can also bring us a lot of worry and heartache.

In recent years our understanding and control of the exter- nal world have increased considerably, and as a result we have witnessed remarkable material progress; but there has not been a corresponding increase in human happiness. There is no less suffering in the world today, and there are no fewer problems. Indeed, it could be said that there are now more problems and greater unhappiness than ever before. This shows that the solution to our problems, and to those of society as a whole, does not lie in knowledge or control of the external world.

Why is this? Happiness and suffering are states of mind, and so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. The real source of happiness is inner peace. If our mind is peaceful, we shall be happy all the time, regardless of external conditions, but if it is disturbed or troubled in any way, we shall never be happy, no matter how good our external con- ditions may be. External conditions can only make us happy if our mind is peaceful.

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 New Civilization Network, 10 years18 comments
picture 13 Mar 2005 @ 03:02, by ming. Shared Purpose
Today is the 10 year birthday of the New Civilization Network.

I suppose it is an impressive longevity for an online community. But I don't think I would have been surprised back then to know it would last more than 10 years. I would maybe be surprised to learn that it didn't really turn out as I imagined it. Then again, few things do. Groups of people tend to take on a life of their own.

Anyway, I hadn't really thought it through very much. I had identified some principles which I thought were key to growing a new kind of civilization from the bottom up. Oh, and they're still good. But I was probably greatly underestimating the amount of organization and effort that would be needed to do such a crazy and ambitious thing. And I failed to release a magical viral catalyst that would make it all just sort of organize itself.

Since sometime in 1994 I was running a mailing list called "Whole Systems", which was about systems thinking from a big picture perspective. It was a very active and stimulating place. But mostly people were talking and sharing ideas. So, I wanted to build something out of it that was more action oriented. So, all I really did was that a posted a message stating that intent. Which apparently hit a nerve, and it spread around quickly. So, within the week 100 people had joined. What exactly it was they had joined wasn't clear, but they were ready and inspired.

My vision was along the lines of a network of teams working on different important problems that needed to be solved to build a better civilization. A teamnet of self-selected teams who shared information and results. I imagined it as something that would self-organize and transform itself along the way. Nothing terribly wrong with that, other than that it isn't easy to start off like that. One can't just decree that that's how it is, even though I tried.

A sizable number of smart and inspiring people were attracted to that very loose vision, though. A veritable who's who of activists, explorers, visionaries, futurists, artists, inventors, leaders of organizations, etc. Just like I hoped for. That didn't mean that they knew how to work together, though. I had from an early point on asked people to fill in a myers-briggs type profile when they joined. Which showed that about half of these folks were visionary idealists. As compared with something like 3 percent in the general population. Which made it all very inspiring, but not particularly coherent or practical. Particularly when it turned out that many idealists really don't get along with each other, as they might have very strong, but conflicting, ideas about what needs to be done.

A vision of a new civilization is maybe inspiring, but vague. One can put all sorts of things under that heading. And I thought that was a feature rather than a flaw. I still do, in many ways. But it also means that people show up, and then find that they don't at all agree on the details. In principle that shouldn't matter, as the idea was that those folks who shared a specific aim or a specific approach would simply get together and do it that way, and if some other group wanted to do it differently, they'd just go do that. No need for everybody to agree on everything. A civilization isn't built out of uniform agreement on what it is. It is a collage of a diversity of currents that somehow get woven together.

But we're so used to living inside of organizations that share a coherent set of norms. So it turned out that some sorts of people simply wouldn't coexist with others. Like, the scientists just had no patience for having their project mentioned in the same listing as somebody working on astrology or healing or something. So, people would leave, or get into fights.

And, now, the idea was that these various teams would just pick their own mission and go to work. But most people didn't quite know how to do that, or they were sort of waiting for the master plan to be formed. And since I was the guy who started the thing, they were increasingly looking to me to come up with the plan. I was quite caught by surprise by that, as it hadn't at all been my intention to be some kind of leader who was calling the shots. On the contrary, I preferred being relatively invisible, and giving focus to the good things others were doing. That's of course all half impossible. How does one lead a new activity while being invisible. How does one organize a self-organizing network that will change the world. How does one best service a leaderless group that doesn't yet know what exactly to do.

The most vibrant period of time was probably while I regularly sent out various regular newsletters to the whole membership, with content aggregated from what people sent to me. Various news items, project updates, visions, and more. And each month I sent out the list of new members and what they said about themselves in their profiles. Which was always inspiring and illuminating, to see the diversity of activities and perspectives people were engaged in. All of it sort of created a shared atmosphere of constructive progress and sharing and networking. It also tied into various face-to-face activities, as people would meet, arrange events, etc. Like, the series of New Civilization Salons I organized in L.A. for years were consistently a great success. Typically around 100 folks at a time, and a combination of a networking event where everybody introduces themselves, and a party, with show and tell, performances, poetry, drumming, etc.

Oh, and a number of great projects almost happened along the way. Various ventures, plans, projects, activities. For a while it looked like some major funding would be available, and a group started constructing a framework for a New Civilization Foundation that would implement many projects.

Anyway, gradually, from a mixture of lack of tangible results, and bickering about details, most of the more prominent members that really were the target group, the ones passionately engaged in groundbreaking projects, drifted away along the way, as they didn't really have time for arguing about anything, as they had things to do.

Again, lots of stories to tell along the way, and various transformations, but still a continous flow of thousands of new members. Until, today, well, NCN is a website, with an assortment of community features. Weblogs, workgroups, chat rooms, etc. And it is a nice group of people who can be found there on a daily basis. Mostly to communicate and pursue their various interests, and to explore some of the dynamics that happen between people. It isn't to any great extent any network of teams building a new civilization. It is maybe a microcosm of some of the issues involved in building one. Which is all probably good, and I can't really complain about what it is. I sort of have to respect the path it takes. Which of course has a good deal to do with what I put on the website, and how I laid out the interactive features in the member area.

I have sort of shifted around between different views of it. Whether I should be happy or disappointed. Whether I should do it differently, whether I should just leave it alone. Whether I should take a lead again in trying to make it what it originally was meant to be. Or whether I should better support what it is today.

I don't really know. But, regardless, happy birthday, NCN! The future is still ahead of us.  More >

 The Foundation6 comments
6 Mar 2005 @ 23:24, by swanny. Shared Purpose
A New Civilization needs a blueprint
or a model.... does it really?
It would help perhaps though...
To have something to refer to...
A point of reference or an example...
Consider this....
Woodstock... no not Woodstock99
or Woodstock2
but the Original Woodstock
It is ironic that at the end of the
Directors Cut DVD...
They sort pronounce The Woodstock Nation
and Dream Dead....
Yet it is beyond that which can be killed
or turned off or ignored....
It is now part of the human dramha the human
pysche ....the global pysche... it can be
a thing denyed ie: as the resurrection...
a thing not believed in perhaps to...
but there is the reality of it...
the Woodstock Reality....
The Woodstock Globality...
For it was a event the circumferenced
the planet....that we know... that we
can't shut off or kill or ignore
only accept.... in its power of innocence...
It is a foundation then of innocence then
which is only proper and as such must be protected
and preserved and nourished...
if the New Civilization is to
have any value, truth or meaning
and why not.... for if we do not value such...
what else is there?
Do you have a better "real" example....???  More >

 CLEAN UP?0 comments
picture6 Mar 2005 @ 15:34, by sprtskr. Shared Purpose
I think about this often especially when I'm about to throw something away but not in its proper place. Who is going to clean this Earth up? Do we really believe God will cleanse the Earth all alone? What as parents to do we do when a childs room is messy? We may help them sort through the mess but the main cleaning is usually left to the one who made it,or at least it should be. Most of the time while raising my children I did the work for them. But there comes a time where you get tired of doing it for them. They continue to do the same things when they think someone else will do it. What do they learn by this? They learn they can do anything and that its someone elses problem. We're not teaching them respect,cleanliness,co-operation,responsibilty and love. This goes far beyond just cleaning after themselves. It helps them form a higher understanding of the world and its care. Included in this is the care of the animals,plants and air. The cycle of life on its own is a very well orchestrated system. Break any part of that system and chaos occurs. We all know the terrible condition that this world is in,this is nothing new,but do we honestly do something about it. We can start by cleaning up after ourselves,conserving,protecting,replanting. A little at a time is a good start but it is a start. I've seen neighborhoods come together to clean up yards,houses and give their time to projects that are needed. We all have at least one bad habit,it takes determination to break those habits. There are some shows on tv that helps people re-organize and prioritize their way of living. Less spending on items they don't need or have room for. Organizing the items they do have and donating the items they don't need or have room for. But not only this, they are given ideas on how not to do this in the future by finding out reasons why they let this go on in the first place. So now we find by cleaning up after ourselves we also clean up and clean out the non-physical as well. A clean body and a clean mind, or what many of us have heard before, cleanliness is next to godliness.  More >

picture23 Feb 2005 @ 16:44, by sprtskr. Shared Purpose
What happens to you when you take life too seriously or not serious enough? You become ill,physically,mentally,
emotionally and spiritually.So how do we get our lives on the right medium path? Below are some ideas I found on the internet, but some I came up with.

Take time out every day,a few minutes is all you need if thats all you have. Let yourself and others have some quality time together. Shut off the tv,sit comfortably,keep distractions out and really communicate. Ask questions to each other,ask them to elaborate on their answers. Feelings of each one is important,find out how their feeling about school,work,their projects, friends and family situations, etc.If you can take the whole family out to dinner,movie or just a drive once a week or a month depending on when you can get away. One hour a week isn't so much when you think about the importance of healing someone you love. Remember to tell them you love them,by talking,hugging and doing things together. For those who you can't see in person,send email or a real letter of love,encouragement and friendship. You just might get some of that right back!

Internet list:

Set goals and keep them but don’t be rigid. If you make a list of ten things to do in a day, be happy if you got the first three done.
Stand up for yourself when you know you are right. You never lose respect when you are willing to stand up for what you feel is right.
Never speak harsh words to those you love.
Volunteer your time to something you love or a cause you believe in.
Work at making and keeping your friends. Your work will be there waiting when you’re done playing.
You feel what you feel- happiness, sadness, anger. Don’t suppress them. Instead find a suitable outlet and vent them.
Never go to sleep angry.
Never eat when you are angry or upset.
Wear only comfortable clothes that you feel and look good in.
Be kind to animals and children.
Be sure to say I love you to all those you really do love.
Strive to be happy.  More >

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The Seed

The dusty field lay in a dormant death
Hushed by years of abusing carelessness
Man and woman stand silent and strong
They search the horizon  More >

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