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picture 23 Jan 2005 @ 20:20, by Marissa A Spencer

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The Seed

The dusty field lay in a dormant death
Hushed by years of abusing carelessness
Man and woman stand silent and strong
They search the horizon

The plain is before them devoid of life
A solitary soaring bird passes over
Clasping hands, soiled already from toil
They seek some answers

He grasps the shovel and raises it high
A thrust of his might bores into the dirt
A sigh is heard within the earth
It is now time to begin

She reaches into the satchel she carries
Grasping a single seed in her hand
The bird cries above as it circles them
The seed is now sown.

© January 23, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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24 Jan 2005 @ 17:58 by martha : I love seed poems
and enjoyed yours Marissa. I can see the seed now sprouting....  

1 Feb 2005 @ 23:40 by jerryvest : Your poetry is Beautiful
Thank you, Martha. The seed, bird, hand, shovel, human and earth are so together and united in your verse.


thank you very much Jerry  

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