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6 Mar 2005 @ 23:24, by swanny

A New Civilization needs a blueprint
or a model.... does it really?
It would help perhaps though...
To have something to refer to...
A point of reference or an example...
Consider this....
Woodstock... no not Woodstock99
or Woodstock2
but the Original Woodstock
It is ironic that at the end of the
Directors Cut DVD...
They sort pronounce The Woodstock Nation
and Dream Dead....
Yet it is beyond that which can be killed
or turned off or ignored....
It is now part of the human dramha the human
pysche ....the global pysche... it can be
a thing denyed ie: as the resurrection...
a thing not believed in perhaps to...
but there is the reality of it...
the Woodstock Reality....
The Woodstock Globality...
For it was a event the circumferenced
the planet....that we know... that we
can't shut off or kill or ignore
only accept.... in its power of innocence...
It is a foundation then of innocence then
which is only proper and as such must be protected
and preserved and nourished...
if the New Civilization is to
have any value, truth or meaning
and why not.... for if we do not value such...
what else is there?
Do you have a better "real" example....???

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7 Mar 2005 @ 12:34 by gea : Yes
The Harmonic Convergence of 1987. :-)  

7 Mar 2005 @ 13:16 by swanny : Yes
Yes very good....
How about both
Woodstock69 and the Harmonic Convergence was it 86 or 87?  

7 Mar 2005 @ 18:43 by gea : 87
Quite sure about it! :-)  

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