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 Soil sterilizer! solar cooker use?1 comment
1 Jun 2002 @ 21:56, by gaiatech. Energy Sources
I have had it in mind for a few months to put on a web page about this but my free site limits are shrinking fast. In spring I was experimenting with an 11 by 9 inch magnifing plastic sheet and using it to heat a small bottle of water.. Just to see if it could get it to70 degrees C. It did!
(Once, I used to bring in soil, wet it down and bake it in the oven for a half hour or so to kill weed seeds.
Then when sowing vegetables, I spread a 2 inchdeep (by 4 inch wide) layer of this soil on the ground first and weeds did not grow close to my veg! Wouldnt this be an ideal use for a solar cooker? Could we design an automatic empty and replace mecanism to reload the cooker when the batch of soil is cooked?
I have some thoughts on it but wouldnt mind hearing others! Solar cooker makers take note! And this would be an alternative to weed killers that didnt affect a huge area, and this would be good too.
Brian white  More >

 Kamen working on Stirling engine0 comments
15 Apr 2002 @ 14:02, by ming. Energy Sources
Dean Kaman, the inventor who introduced the Segway Human Transporter, a self-balancing motorized scooter, seems to have come up with a way of mass-producing Stirling engines. A Stirling engine can draw its energy from just about anything that can produce heat, and produces next to no pollution. It has so far been extremely expensive to produce and has only been used in places like submarines. See New York Times article (registration required).  More >

 Free Energy - Dangers to Earth1 comment
picture31 Mar 2002 @ 15:02, by ming. Energy Sources
Here's an article by Dan Winter about the potential dangers of some proposed free energy devices. Although I don't get all his math, it does make sense. Of course the energy comes from somewhere, and it could be catastrophic to be blind to that. That's the same mistake as when we previously assumed we could just pump oil out of the ground and release waste gasses into the air without any consequences. Just because we might switch over to scalar energy, we still can't ignore where it actually comes from and how it ought to be replenished.  More >

 Power Via Coastal Wave Motion0 comments
picture20 Mar 2002 @ 15:18, by ming. Energy Sources
Scottish company Ocean Power Delivery has developed a sectional-torpedo-looking-thing as a means to transform the raw fury of the sea into electricity! They just secured a 8.6m (usd) in funding to continue research and build a large scale prototype. The company has won a contract to produce a 750kw "plant" off of the scottish coast and might be doing a 2Mw project off of the coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.  More >

 Russia and Europe's electricity nets might be linked0 comments
3 Feb 2002 @ 15:56, by ming. Energy Sources
There has been talk at the World Economic Forum about linking the Russian and European electricity networks. See article. This kind of thing was something Buckminster Fuller was talking a lot about. There are great advantages in linking the world's electricity networks. In short, the surplusses can be used elsewhere, rather than being thrown away, and cheap energy can become available to areas that couldn't afford it otherwise. See the Global Energy Network Institute.  More >

 Jasker free energy device0 comments
30 Jan 2002 @ 17:18, by ming. Energy Sources
Reuters has a story about a free energy device. That in itself is unusual. It off course has to be qualified by the requisite set of "experts" who say that it of course is all impossible. I don't know if this one is real or a hoax, but I think it is better to keep a record of it. It is a apparently a dishwasher size device that can run indefinitely and power a small home.  More >

 New Generator0 comments
8 Jan 2002 @ 02:26, by maxtobin. Energy Sources
Here is an interesting one to check out. BUT please be warned the "gentleman' behind this technology is a twisted genius with paranoid tendencies. Still that doesn't detract from the interesting technology and its many potential applications.
[link] Have a look but DON"T under any circumstances try to buy shares in the company. Only attempt to have a business relationship if you are ready to 'dance with the devil'

 Hydrogen Micro Turbine0 comments
picture26 Nov 2001 @ 19:18, by ming. Energy Sources
A team at Columbia University Microsystem Engineering Laboratory has developed a 20W electrical generator powered by a hydrogen turbine just 4mm in diameter. For more details, read the Wired article or an older Popular Science article. The tiny generator is more efficient than any battery.  More >

 Bright Future for Solar Power Satellites0 comments
picture16 Nov 2001 @ 00:30, by ming. Energy Sources
studies indicate that new technology makes solar power satellites practical. has an article  More >

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