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 Soil sterilizer! solar cooker use?1 comment
1 Jun 2002 @ 21:56, by Brian White

I have had it in mind for a few months to put on a web page about this but my free site limits are shrinking fast. In spring I was experimenting with an 11 by 9 inch magnifing plastic sheet and using it to heat a small bottle of water.. Just to see if it could get it to70 degrees C. It did!
(Once, I used to bring in soil, wet it down and bake it in the oven for a half hour or so to kill weed seeds.
Then when sowing vegetables, I spread a 2 inchdeep (by 4 inch wide) layer of this soil on the ground first and weeds did not grow close to my veg! Wouldnt this be an ideal use for a solar cooker? Could we design an automatic empty and replace mecanism to reload the cooker when the batch of soil is cooked?
I have some thoughts on it but wouldnt mind hearing others! Solar cooker makers take note! And this would be an alternative to weed killers that didnt affect a huge area, and this would be good too.
Brian white

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1 comment

2 Jun 2002 @ 01:52 by jazzolog : Bushman, What Do You Think?
Good luck with this, Brian, and let me know if anything comes of this idea!  

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