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picture 2 Nov 2004 @ 01:01, by Alana Tobin

As a Spiritual Intuitive I tune into the galactic and earthly patterns emerging, for occasional energetic weather reports, (helps one not to take it all so personally), and as a conscious Navigator working to keep balance as I fly strong through the dense, it tease, I am committed to bust a move through the spells here and to create from a higher heart dream, a conscious life where Essence reigns supreme.

Current-ly as I gaze into the maze of the collective soup, I can tell ya troops, that the mental plane is a bit wierd - it takes BIG discernment, fair amount of groundedness, clearing the ole aura some, and deep breathing to keep the centredness and balance right now. That darn pendulum likes to swing, and it doesn't help that astral entities take great pleasure in pushing people's buttons to exaggerate the triggers, the lows, and oh the blows, that come, you know, to push you through the winds of change. Yeah and that trickster loves to trick the mind until the heart doth find the drivers seat again. Oye! All opportunities to get more clear and bust a move to higher plane.

Best to breathe with positive intention through the spaces of contraction. Humour is important to balance the SERIOUSness of it all as with all that is coming up for folks during the past week and onwards - Seems many are feeling the crazies, elations and drops into sorrowful spaces, challenges in relations, and various intensities, heaviness, spins, confusions, some intermittent AHAs, looks in mirrors at fears, and GRRR go the bears, then back to another polarity dance between the high/low, heaven/hell and every other kind of density dance that can be done in the dance of light/dark. WHEE!

Lots of extensive activity on the astral as well as the earthly, many are a bit mad (ha ha ho ho!) as they pass through the angst of key spaces that contrast their heart desires. I hear a huge FREEDOM bellow in the background with I WANT IT NOW in high voice in the foreground. Hmmm, seems there are some levels and layers pushing up BIG TIME NOW for us all.

I find that to the degree to which we are attached to a particular thing happening, or limited by something that is not happening - will determine how frustrated or pained we are with a particular issue or circum-stance. Yeah circum - is that like going through or walking around something, gees whatever WORKS man, woman!. Many are experiencing big energy as their physical crystals and the illusions of 3D are amplifying in the emergent sea of life. Are we moving out of survival mode YET? and into THRIVAL? Our relationShip(s) will carry us through these choppy waters as we open to the rainbow path that lifts the tread to higher grounds.

Probably a good time to take a break now - afternoon or evening, to take a walk, dance, sing or do whatever brings balance, joy and rejuv-a-NATION!

Blessings to all,

Alana Tobin
Spiritual Intuitive
Transition Facilitator
Website coming soon with updates akin to this.
(This is the short version)

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2 Nov 2004 @ 15:54 by astrid : There's Something....
....about Rainbows....that touches the core of my Being!.... Thank you, Alana, you are so beautifully "Wild" -at - Heart. I'm working on it again....  

10 Nov 2004 @ 07:00 by magical_melody : Yeah, wild is right!
I appreciate the comment Astrid. Yeah, I love rainbows too. They are so beautiful and magical!  

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