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10 Mar 2004 @ 19:26, by sharie

Economic theories, scientific theories, psychological theories, socio-political theories, you name it, they get published and passed off as fact.

But *theories* are not *fact*.

Here's some theories I don't believe:

1. The Earth is four and a half billion years old.

What proof is there?

2. Carbon-dating is proof.

Prove that carbon dating is accurate. What proof is there that carbon dating is reliable beyond a few thousand years?

3. The Earth is millions of years old because fossils and bones prove that a variety of life forms have emerged and become extinct. Likewise, the huge mountain ranges and huge canyons are proof of millions of years of geologic changes.

The truth is that this *evidence* is accompanied by written testimony of horrendous cataclysms brought on by forces in our solar system... such intense heat that the mountains melted and the rivers boiled. This could be the cause of the biological mutations which *modern science* attributes to millions of years of evolution. For more info, read "Earth in Upheaval" and "Worlds in Collision" by Immanuel Velikovsky. The Earth as we know it may be closer to 20,000 years old. I see no *proof* otherwise.

3. The universe is the result of a big bang.

Prove it. There's more evidence against this theory than there is in favor of it, and yet people accept this as truth.

4. The ancient cave paintings at Altamira and Lascaux are 25,000 years old.

Prove it.

5. The Bohr Theory of the atom... electrons orbit around a nucleus (because planets orbit around the sun).

No, not true. Planets don't orbit the sun, they are on a spiraling trajectory away from the sun. Likewise, electrons do not orbit protons. For more info, do extensive reading on the chemical science of Dr. Walter Russel.

6. Fossil fuels power our human culture.

This is a ridiculous *theory* that BLACK OIL comes from the decayed remains of prehistoric animals. Evidence abounds against this, and curiously goes hand-in-hand with the mystery of that other luxury... GOLD.

7. Gold

Testimony from several ancient cultures around the world corroborate, authenticate, and endorse a strange idea... that gold comes from Jupiter. Ask the geologist and they'll say that yes, gold does not come from the earth. Gold was found in ancient cultures laying on top of the earth, which confirms the ancient testimony that gold was sprinkled upon the earth by a passing comet. "The golden fleece?" This phrase comes from gold dust that was found scattered upon the sheep's wool.

Likewise, black oil, seems to have poured over the earth from some comet, asteroid, or some other similar source. The black oil then seeped down into the earth and is pumped out and used as fuel.

And one other *theory* that I find particularly revolting:

8. For a healthy economy, we rip out the earth and trees, and install a toxic factory.

This results in a sick planet and sick people, and shifts our personal wealth to doctors and corporate executives.

The theories go on and on... as modern science creates a world gone mad.

Tossing this all aside, I wonder, "What is true?"

1. Without the air, water, and rocks - without the iron,
magnesium, etc. - we would all be dead.

2. Because of this, I cannot be separate from the Earth.

3. Likewise, the Earth, without the sun, would not exist.

4. The sun, without the universe, would not exist.

5. I cannot be separate from the water, rocks, air,
separate from the Earth, the sun, or the universe.

6. The Earth abounds with intelligent life. The universe maintains an intelligent balance.

7. The Earth's natural economy is healthier than that contrived by those blinded by greed.

What is the Earth's natural economy?

Our Mother Earth freely gives us water, air, minerals, food, and materials for clothing and shelter. I embrace this as a healthy way of life.

8. Since the mainstream culture is self-destructing, I turn my back on the theories of man, and instead embrace the truth of life and all I am, happy and free, and happy to share.

9. What is the result?

A miracle.

Could I have *created* a better result in my life by slaving away for *the American Dream* like so many, drowning in debt, stressed by the problems of modern life? I look at my neighbors and give a resounding "no".

My friends are my friends because they don't buy the lie, they live the truth, and the result is a Miracle.

10. If your experts had the answers, would we be in such a mess?

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