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picture picture 22 May 2008 @ 06:24, by magical_melody. Energy Sources
A letter from Dr. Steven Greer

- Imminent scientific breakthroughs - will eliminate your monthly energy bills (and the world's) FOR LIFE!

Keep reading to learn how YOU can be a part of this exciting opportunity!)

Steven Greer is certainly one committed individual. I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and be involved with Steven's CSETI project over 6 years in the states during the early 90's. To know more about this issue see: an Exclusive Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior published in Hustler magazine's November 2005 issue. Then Steven evolved his work to initiate the Disclosure Project. His current Orion project is involved with getting energy technologies out to the public.

You can view a google video that was filmed in 2002 about the initiative entitled: The Disclosure Project, May 19th, 2001, National Press Club

Dr. Steven Greer is tackling some of the most controversial issues; extraterrestrial presence and what the implications are in terms of cultural advancements as well as addressing the hot issue about the production and release of energy technologies which will soon revolutionize our lives. This has been an ongoing aspect of the co-creative reality, the issue of suppression of life enhancing and liberating technologies and resources.

I personally invite you to get involved either through a donation to the Orion Project, or your support in educating others around you. You may even consider becoming more politically involved thru contacting your local representatives and providing them with some of the research about these technologies and letting them know about the Orion Project.


Alana  More >

 A Major Energy Revolution Brewing
6 Sep 2007 @ 10:33, by anandavala. Energy Sources

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There are technologies that could replace our dependence on oil, coal, gas and nuclear but for financial and geo-political reasons they have been suppressed. However the motivation is growing amongst various power structures to release these technologies.

This is where AERO comes in.

From the website:

"Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO), LLC was founded by Steven M. Greer, M.D., in July 2007. AERO is a new research and development group which will develop and strategically protect new energy and propulsion technologies that will completely replace oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power

AERO is the group that is most strategically ready to develop, disclose and establish the long-suppressed technologies that will enable us to establish a truly sustainable civilization on Earth.

It is time that humanity move on to its next level of development. This cannot happen with the internal combustion engine and fossil fuels. Time is short. Indeed time - and obscurity - are elements that must be overcome for success to occur."

This is the latest initiative by Steven Greer, the founder of The Disclosure Project. Quoted from its website: "The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

See this video of a recent (2007-08-20) presentation by Steven Greer about AERO and the imminent disclosure and large scale development of energy technologies and the social impact of this, it is well worth watching:

For other related videos see the sidebar at google videos.

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 Notions of Expenditure2 comments
11 Nov 2005 @ 00:10, by raypows. Energy Sources
Notions of Expenditure

April 11, 2005 06:42 AM -

Think about it. We go to the gym every day, get on a machine and expend great amounts of energy. Multiply that by everyone in your gym, in all the gyms in all the world and what have you got? a lot of power! This project is a request "for speculative proposals to re-design exercise equipment to generate and store energy; and/or to retrofit gyms to function as local power sources linked to the grid." It envisions a redesign of gyms into power hubs and a linking together of the power hubs into a massive power network. All this and get fit too.  More >

 My First Solar Car1 comment
7 Oct 2005 @ 13:36, by swanny. Energy Sources
Well after 5 years without a car
I finally broke down and purchased
a "semi-solar car" .
It a conversion model and converts
some sunlight into 12 volt battery power
so I guess I'm doing my bit.
Its not much true but I had to wait quite
awhile until the technology came out.
I didn't really want to get back into that
scene without seein some constructive change.

I suppose I built my first solar log cabin
back in 1978 and then in about 2000
I bought my first solar watch and walla
now my first solar car....
well steady as she goes I suppose

carry on...

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 Energetic Weather Report2 comments
picture 2 Nov 2004 @ 01:01, by magical_melody. Energy Sources
As a Spiritual Intuitive I tune into the galactic and earthly patterns emerging, for occasional energetic weather reports, (helps one not to take it all so personally), and as a conscious Navigator working to keep balance as I fly strong through the dense, it tease, I am committed to bust a move through the spells here and to create from a higher heart dream, a conscious life where Essence reigns supreme.  More >

 Sustainable Biodiesel4 comments
30 Apr 2004 @ 13:42, by raypows. Energy Sources
Sustainable Biodiesel
By Tim Castleman

Biodiesel is great, but there are a few things we should include in every conversation about Biodiesel:

1) Imagine if just 10% of the people using petro-diesel switched to biodiesel - that would create demand for twice as much as the supply of waste oil available. While it is a great idea to process waste vegetable oil and use it again, promoting biodiesel as a replacement for petro-diesel with no modification in consumption is unsustainable and socially irresponsible.

2) In that case, (even now already), oil formerly grown for food will be used for fuel instead. Example: a company named World Energy provides biodiesel to the Marine corps that is made from virgin soy oil. The military can afford it, regular folks can't. Using food as fuel to preserve overconsumptive lifestyles is unsustainable and socially irresponsible.

3) America already consumes 6 to 10 times per capita the amount of energy consumed in the rest of the world, teaching people they can keep this up is unsustainable and socially irresponsible.

4) It would be foolish to burn biodiesel in a stationary generator - it would run fine on vegetable oil with no processing beyond filtration. To promote biodiesel for generating electricity is unsustainable and socially irresponsible.

5) Conservation. Again, western culture simply consumes too much. Devising alternative sources of energy to support unsustainable living is unsustainable and socially irresponsible.

To be clear, biodiesel is far superior to petro-diesel in many regards, and will in fact help reduce climate change. However, to offer it as a replacement for petro-diesel at current consumption rates would be a disaster. It is imperative that consumption is reduced significantly, otherwise the legacy we will leave our descendants is unsustainable and socially irresponsible.

Tim Castleman  More >

10 Mar 2004 @ 19:26, by sharie. Energy Sources
Economic theories, scientific theories, psychological theories, socio-political theories, you name it, they get published and passed off as fact.

But *theories* are not *fact*.

Here's some theories I don't believe:

1. The Earth is four and a half billion years old.

What proof is there?

2. Carbon-dating is proof.

Prove that carbon dating is accurate. What proof is there that carbon dating is reliable beyond a few thousand years?

3. The Earth is millions of years old because fossils and bones prove that a variety of life forms have emerged and become extinct. Likewise, the huge mountain ranges and huge canyons are proof of millions of years of geologic changes.

The truth is that this *evidence* is accompanied by written testimony of horrendous cataclysms brought on by forces in our solar system... such intense heat that the mountains melted and the rivers boiled. This could be the cause of the biological mutations which *modern science* attributes to millions of years of evolution. For more info, read "Earth in Upheaval" and "Worlds in Collision" by Immanuel Velikovsky. The Earth as we know it may be closer to 20,000 years old. I see no *proof* otherwise.

3. The universe is the result of a big bang.

Prove it. There's more evidence against this theory than there is in favor of it, and yet people accept this as truth.

4. The ancient cave paintings at Altamira and Lascaux are 25,000 years old.

Prove it.

5. The Bohr Theory of the atom... electrons orbit around a nucleus (because planets orbit around the sun).

No, not true. Planets don't orbit the sun, they are on a spiraling trajectory away from the sun. Likewise, electrons do not orbit protons. For more info, do extensive reading on the chemical science of Dr. Walter Russel.

6. Fossil fuels power our human culture.

This is a ridiculous *theory* that BLACK OIL comes from the decayed remains of prehistoric animals. Evidence abounds against this, and curiously goes hand-in-hand with the mystery of that other luxury... GOLD.

7. Gold

Testimony from several ancient cultures around the world corroborate, authenticate, and endorse a strange idea... that gold comes from Jupiter. Ask the geologist and they'll say that yes, gold does not come from the earth. Gold was found in ancient cultures laying on top of the earth, which confirms the ancient testimony that gold was sprinkled upon the earth by a passing comet. "The golden fleece?" This phrase comes from gold dust that was found scattered upon the sheep's wool.

Likewise, black oil, seems to have poured over the earth from some comet, asteroid, or some other similar source. The black oil then seeped down into the earth and is pumped out and used as fuel.

And one other *theory* that I find particularly revolting:

8. For a healthy economy, we rip out the earth and trees, and install a toxic factory.

This results in a sick planet and sick people, and shifts our personal wealth to doctors and corporate executives.

The theories go on and on... as modern science creates a world gone mad.

Tossing this all aside, I wonder, "What is true?"

1. Without the air, water, and rocks - without the iron,
magnesium, etc. - we would all be dead.

2. Because of this, I cannot be separate from the Earth.

3. Likewise, the Earth, without the sun, would not exist.

4. The sun, without the universe, would not exist.

5. I cannot be separate from the water, rocks, air,
separate from the Earth, the sun, or the universe.

6. The Earth abounds with intelligent life. The universe maintains an intelligent balance.

7. The Earth's natural economy is healthier than that contrived by those blinded by greed.

What is the Earth's natural economy?

Our Mother Earth freely gives us water, air, minerals, food, and materials for clothing and shelter. I embrace this as a healthy way of life.

8. Since the mainstream culture is self-destructing, I turn my back on the theories of man, and instead embrace the truth of life and all I am, happy and free, and happy to share.

9. What is the result?

A miracle.

Could I have *created* a better result in my life by slaving away for *the American Dream* like so many, drowning in debt, stressed by the problems of modern life? I look at my neighbors and give a resounding "no".

My friends are my friends because they don't buy the lie, they live the truth, and the result is a Miracle.

10. If your experts had the answers, would we be in such a mess?

 Neil Young's Greendale tour runs on biodiesel5 comments
picture 4 Mar 2004 @ 09:12, by raypows. Energy Sources
Neil Young's Greendale tour runs on biodiesel
Singer had fleet converted to new fuel Reduces chemical emissions up to 80%


MILWAUKEE—Saving the family farm, helping the Earth and reducing America's dependence on foreign oil — they all go together for Neil Young on his Greendale tour.

The veteran Canadian rocker rolled into town yesterday with a fleet of buses and trucks running on biodiesel, an environmentally friendly fuel made from renewable resources such as soybean oil and recycled cooking oil.

Young said switching to biodiesel was his idea.

"Rather than talk about it, I figured just do it," he said, noting there is an environmentalist character in his new show, which includes performance as well as music.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Young said he can still be a capitalist and embrace the environment.

"I'm just trying to make a point. There are other ways to be self-sustaining," he said.

Young, who clearly has done his research, recited the reasons why biodiesel makes sense: It releases no ozone-polluting chemicals and reduces emissions by 60 per cent to 80 per cent; it's entirely renewable and doesn't require major exploration to extract; American farmers could produce it for a living wage; and it would probably save a tree or two slated for demolition in Alaska.

Alternative fuel has caught on in some places. More than 400 fleets across the U.S. now use it, including the U.S. Postal Service, Yellowstone National Park, public utility companies and school districts, according to the National Biodiesel Board. Its use in Canada is also catching on.

But Young said ignorance holds many people back. His longtime trucking company turned him down when he first approached them about switching fuels. He switched trucking companies, too.

"I'm sure a lot of people who consider themselves to be conscientious would use it if they knew more about it," Young said.

"The people who have enough money to buy an Escalade or something like that are the ones who can afford to pay a bit more for this ... SUVs could be offered with a diesel option."

Young said as a member of Farm Aid for 18 years, he's always looking for ways to help the family farmer. He said there are millions of acres of unfarmed crop land in the United States and Canada that could be tapped for renewable energy.

But Young knows it's a struggle to persuade people to end their reliance on fossil fuels during the pro-oil tenure of President George W. Bush.

"You can't change the Bush administration with this. I mean, to them, I'm a tree hugger," he said.

"But I think to affect change you first have to have examples. If the children out there who have a conscience about this planet see this, they might be inspired."  More >

 Querie2 comments
17 Feb 2004 @ 21:26, by justin2. Energy Sources
This is an enquiry only. I have visited the Cold Fusion site and cannot make head nor tail of it. I have a forum with Energy as one of the current topics. Can anybody please give me a basic picture of what Cold Fusion is about. I need it in terms that can be understood by the lay person. I can't understand mathematical formulae so any information has to be couched in terms way below the understanding of such people as Prof. Hawking et al.  More >

 Adventures with the Mind-Machine PK(?)3 comments
picture13 Feb 2004 @ 11:16, by craiglang. Energy Sources
I posted this in the PSI room, but after thinking about it overnight, I thought that it might be interesting for general consumption.

The last week or so has been very interesting from the point of view of (unintended) mind-machine interactions. I have had a couple of instances where the computer locked up when I started using it (Yes, I know - it's Microsoft...). Both of these times were when I felt quite stressed and in a hurry.  More >

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