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11 Nov 2005 @ 00:10, by Raymond Powers

Notions of Expenditure

April 11, 2005 06:42 AM -

Think about it. We go to the gym every day, get on a machine and expend great amounts of energy. Multiply that by everyone in your gym, in all the gyms in all the world and what have you got? a lot of power! This project is a request "for speculative proposals to re-design exercise equipment to generate and store energy; and/or to retrofit gyms to function as local power sources linked to the grid." It envisions a redesign of gyms into power hubs and a linking together of the power hubs into a massive power network. All this and get fit too.

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16 Jan 2006 @ 05:01 by Norm @ : fitness center energy generation
I've been spreading this idea around in the hopes that someone would steal it.I think it has enormous environmental and commercial potential. Please let me know if this goes anywhere as well as any enrrgy-generating fitness equipment that is available now.  

2 Jan 2016 @ 09:06 by Jeux Gratuit @ : telecherger jeux
On peut définir le jeu comme une activité de loisirs d'ordre physique ou bien psychique, soumise à des règles conventionnelles, à laquelle on s'adonne pour se divertir, tirer du plaisir et de l'amusement.  

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