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picture31 Mar 2002 @ 15:02, by Flemming Funch

Here's an article by Dan Winter about the potential dangers of some proposed free energy devices. Although I don't get all his math, it does make sense. Of course the energy comes from somewhere, and it could be catastrophic to be blind to that. That's the same mistake as when we previously assumed we could just pump oil out of the ground and release waste gasses into the air without any consequences. Just because we might switch over to scalar energy, we still can't ignore where it actually comes from and how it ought to be replenished.

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20 Apr 2002 @ 23:53 by gaiatech : Free energy dangers
There are many dangers associated with cheap energy. Cheap fuel means wider roads to accomidate more cars and this effectively devides the world into islands. Islands carry fewer species (some statictial rule is invoked) and creating these islands directly reduces the number of species in the world. Many scientists ssearch for the holy grail of cheap boundless energy. However the bounds are biological and we and all biological life is adapted to live in a lower energy environment.
Brian White  

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