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 First Human Embryo Cloned1 comment
picture26 Nov 2001 @ 15:55, by Flemming Funch

U.S. scientists have succeeded in cloning the first human embryo. Meaning, they managed to put the full DNA of an existing person into an egg cell and stimulate it to continue growing as an embryo. The point doesn't seem for this to grow into a baby that will be born, but to be a source of stem cells, cells that have not yet become specialized, and that therefore potentially could be used anywhere in the body. Of course this is all VERY controversial. Article here

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27 Nov 2001 @ 05:48 by nomadarchi :
We all know that once something has been achieved that going back on this type of technology will be impossible we can only go forward ,so what is going to be next I ask? They tell us it is for a particular reason but reasons change over time as we will see It breaks my heart & puts a tear in my eye to think of the possibilitys  

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