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16 Jun 2002 @ 10:37, by Brian White

I invented (or perhaps reinvented) the pulser pump about 15 years ago. I call it the worlds simplest water pump. It is powered by a small stream or river and there are various uses. It has no moving parts! Usually I have used it to pump water to sheep and cattle in a shed or to water vegetables in a garden. But I have used it to
Wash and clean sand for mortar
Take waste heat from a chimney into a room
Make vacuum to try to quickly sundry vegetables
Make mist in a greenhouse
Power a "geyser" in a pool
Rot cow slurry quickly with better aeration.
Please look it up online. a google search will bring up my homepage
I would really appreciate it if anybody made a basic model and email me or reply to this posting (because a lot of people doubt that it works). The pulser pump has not yet been tested by scientists (but it works and has done so for 15 years
Brian White

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1 comment

17 Jun 2002 @ 08:04 by jazzolog : Pumped Up
Thanks Brian. His URL is  

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