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 Are preachers today teaching Anti Moshiach doctrines?1 comment
3 Feb 2004 @ 08:47, by Mike Night

When a preacher does not recognize the context of prophecy or context of their own books like that of Revelation which have already took place in Johns' day and age (the 3rd John from Patmos) then is this error causing people to be anti Moshiach and anti Jewish. Does this mistake cause people to hate peace or hate the coming Temple or coming Moshiach because they are taught to expect in our day and age a false Messiah in the Temple and a false worship in that Temple (which is not Biblical)?
Ask yourself this question: You teach your kids on one hand to inspire to bring Peace, Inspire to bring and see Moshiach to his Temple then turn around and teach them to thwart or watch out for that very same thing (Peace, Temple, and Moshiach). This double sided twist makes people damn and thwart the Jewish Moshiach and expectations making for a no win situation since you want peace and gathering and building of the Temple but also want to prevent and thwart it as well, which makes no sense. The reason it makes sense to these twisters are because they don't see the events occured in the day of John of Patmos in which he was warning from therefore they expect to see these events occur in our day and age. If a Jewish Rabbi comes to the Temple to come would you dare condemn or try and thwart the Jewish Procession? Then isn't that saying Jews have no right to return to their heritage and devotional inspired Temple which acts as a central outlet for spiritual awareness? Aren't you condemning the Torah? Aren't you anti Moshiach and anti Judaism?
Therefore a little error has caused many preachers to teach anti Moshiach and anti fulfillment of the Prophecy of the returning kingship of the Davidic Lineage.
COntext of Christian revelation shows the time of the Roman revolt whereby John of Patmos (not to be confused with other Johns of your bible) was warning of Romes adversary set up mocking the Jewish worship by placing an icon of a man for people to worship as their G0d while taking away their authority by replacing it with their own which stood on the seven hills (Vatican). Daniel's prophecy already took place with Antiochus so when preachers use John's revelation with Daniel which already occured they totally distort expectation of future events and thus become anti Temple and anti Moshiach (anti Jewish).
Proof these things in your book of Revelation took place in that era can be found by combining Luke 21:24 & Romans 11:25 which by history of that era, shows that Revelation 11:1-3 occurred in aprox 70ad.

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1 comment

4 Feb 2004 @ 01:52 by jazzolog : An Important Opinion
Thanks for setting this up and getting out the word.  

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