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picture2 Aug 2006 @ 23:32, by Rudy Melster

Dan Brown's phenomenal novel has recently been released as a Hollywood blockbuster creating a furore of religious boycotts, distraught parishioners and an upheaval of interest. Jesus Christ is depicted as having married Marie Magdalene, a former prostitute who became his avid follower, if not a disciple as well. She absconds to France after his crucifixion carrying his unborn child. Mystery and intrigue follow a colourful series of events as the bloodline of Jesus, the true Holly Gail, continues until this day. Another conspiracy theory where this information has been systematically removed and ignored by the overseeing officials of the clergy for almost 2,000 years? That Leonardo Da Vinci, a forbearer of the Enlightenment that ushered in the conventions of Science, was privy to this knowledge and surreptitiously exposes it in such objects such as his painting of Christ's last supper. The Da Vinci Code, a supposedly fictional dramatization interlaced with lesser know facts, continues to escalate in controversy. If this is just a 'load of old cobblers', why is there so much concern and conflict. What does it all mean?

On the surface, not that much. If there is an active bloodline of Jesus Christ alive and present to this day, its benefactors have failed to demonstrate anything in the way of his 'Christ Consciousness' with any noteworthy impact on humanity that I am able to observe. However, it does bring many things into question and causes a healthy debate over several issues that wouldn't have surfaced otherwise. It is high time that people, as a course of their spiritual development, began to question traditionally accepted ideas, started to think for themselves, and came to their own conclusions about such matters.

Why such controversy? The commonly accepted view that Jesus was/is God incarnate, being absolutely divine and above reproach, may have been accepted without forethought by followers some 2,000 years ago, doesn't particularly jibe with many of us anymore, somehow feels out of place among modern thought? Now we have a story that Jesus may have fathered a child; actually had Sex and a carnal relationship with a mere mortal of a human being! How outrageous? The concept of the Virgin Birth further emphasizes this mindset that a deity could never have been conceived through this natural human act. I can see a deliberate attempt to mislead in the depiction of the Garden of Eden, where the realized significance of procreation is portrayed as a consequence of 'The Fall of Man'. Not being a follower of Christianity, or any other religion, I have the view that Jesus Christ must have been an incarnate human, just like you or me. That we each have the capability to attain his levels of awareness with the potential to perform those miracles he is said to have performed, and even more? The biblical references to being Born Again and the entry into The Kingdom of Heaven, have many meanings. The Da Vinci Code may be a catalyst where people are coming to terms that such ideas, that now feel more comfortable, rather than simply to accept the authority about anything a religion puts forward, without question?

What is truth, The Truth? You can always find scholars and confidants all giving their treatises of research and elaborate proofs in order to convince yourself. In the end it can boil down to your biases and what you've prepared to accepted as your pet ideas over a lifetime, and are probably unprepared to re-evaluate, closing the mind to anything that may dislodge habitual thought. Unravelling the Truth can become quite a formidable task; much more difficult than what you may have expected. I can look back to times in my life when I have felt completely lost, muddled, totally confused, confronted with a dilemma, and yet was able to find my way. In these situations the pertinent question I found asking myself is: "Have I observed, felt, or experienced what I am being told for myself, in person?" If the answer is 'No' I am prepared to take a stand, and refuse to Believe It! It can take a great deal of courage to stand up in a crowd of people, unsure of yourself; and no matter how convincing they appear to become - talking themselves blue in the face, you remain in your conviction that you are right and everyone else is wrong. You later come to realize, some time after, that miraculously you had really made the correct decision at that time. I can fully empathize with the victims of such events as the Jonestown massacre, Guyana, where in 1978 913 people committed suicide as the followers of the People's Temple. How perplexing that decision to drink the cool-aide mixed with cyanide and join their leader, Reverend Jim Jones, in heaven, would have been. The Truth, like most other things, is in the eye of the beholder. For the most part it is unknown; and yet it is sprinkled anywhere and everywhere, and can readily change. It has to be sought, discovered and earned on an individual basis, and can therefore be uncommon to someone else. The Truth is something I believe I will recognize when I experience it.

PS: The book of Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints) depicts Jesus as continuing his ministry, throughout the Americas, after his crucifixion. Before his final departure he mentions the continuation of his mission in other, alien, worlds. and figures.htm

Did you know you can visit Jesus Christ's grave? Where! In the village of Shingo, Honshu, Japan. According to the teachings of Sukyo Mahikari (a Christian religion founded in Japan) Jesus never died on the cross, but was switched with his brother before the event. He later returned to Japan where he lived out his life to the ripe old age of 106. Japan is also perceived as the true holy land and the Japanese are the lost tribe of Israel.

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3 Aug 2006 @ 00:22 by bushman : Hmm
I do think Jesus, had kids, and as watered down as the DNA is these days, some people do carry the DNA. I think this DNA or abilities it gives, is conditional, in that one must truly need the magic, for it to happen and be a mirical. Then again theres people like David Blane, and its totaly posable Jesus did use magic as such, like the blind guy, maybe it was a simple cure he used for that peticular case, we only know he cured one guys blindness, brought one guy back from the dead, maybe we need to see if David Blane can walk on water instead of him holding his breath under it for 10 mins, lol. Somewhere theres one place with all the truth in its proper order, and one day we will find it and truly know the truth. :}  

16 Aug 2006 @ 14:00 by rayon : Mary Magdalene
Was a woman of substance, intelligent. She was from the Hill of Magdala and a property owner. It is pure myth to continually mention the profession she apparently practiced to survive. She may not have been married off or betrothed at the age of 12 or something as was the Jewish custom (I believe she was not Jewish and that this is cause of perennial problem of reputation, not anything else). From my reading, she was a sort of ruler in her domain in Magdala, that would be without family elders to do arranged betrothal, or political betrothal!

In the age of the Greek city state villages and towns ruled themselves, it was a sort of continuous mayhem full of sculduggery. One had to be clever to survive, and if she was accepted amongst the apostles, she could have provided safe haven in places with her contacts, for people like the apostles with food and water.

It is easy to imagine a woman like this, in this age, falling for a peaceful loving beautiful person like Jesus.  

18 Dec 2006 @ 07:43 by vaxen : Migdal
Migdal means ''Tower'' in the Hebrew tongue. Jeish refers to one small tribe, Yehuda, who likes to think of themselves as ''rulers'' over all...

There were/are 13 tribes who've mostly been assimilated worldwide so...Jewish refers to the re-ligion of Yehuda-ism, that is does NOT refer to race. Need proof? No problem but that will have to come on a via via our priviate comm. channels.

Thanks Madam Nikola for all you do and all you have attained. The elixir of life is ready, shall we shoot it into your veins? Prepare for the time is near for the new heavens and the new earth to arrive...

We are the builders, the engineers, the flyers and the krewes, of the new ship Lolli-Pop...

Snap! Crackle! Pop! Be in touch console mode for we are coming home nikola. Thatsa PROMISO.

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12th GUMO

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